Are Cotton Comforters Good? [Are They Durable]

Cotton is one of the widely used fibers in the world, which is known for being the most comfortable and soft material for comforters. Cotton’s feather-like touch is effective at absorbing moisture and sweat, making it a pleasant material to sleep on. However, if you are still confused and questions arise in your mind like, 

Are Cotton Comforters Good?

The cotton comforters are breathable and made with natural fibers that make them better than other comforters. The filling material makes these comforters more insulating and warmer. Featuring moisture-absorbing properties and a soft texture, these comforters ensure a restful sleep.  

Furthermore, cotton material comforters tend to provide the highest level of comfort that you would not find in comforters made from any other material. Cotton comforters have a pretty soft and smooth feel. The result is that it’s a good choice for anyone who would like to have a hassle-free winter.

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Keep reading to learn about the tips and suggestions about the cotton comforters. In addition, the pros and cons of cotton comforters and a comparison chart between cotton and polyester.

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Why Cotton Comforters?

Are Cotton Comforters Good

Low Maintenance: 

The price tag of cotton comforters tends to be higher compared to other material types of comforters. However, you will be happy to know that the maintenance cost of the cotton comforter tends to be relatively lower. 

This is because you don’t have to do the hours of ironing, drying, and hand washing of cotton comforters. Apart from that, cotton comforters don’t require a detergent or heavy chemical to perfectly clean.


Cotton comforters tend to be quite long-lasting or durable in terms of usage compared to other material types of comforters. The price tag of the cotton comforter, as said earlier, tends to be higher in price. 

However, the cotton comforter provided all of the factors inside that can make it relatively high in quality. It retains the usage time of the comforters a bit longer, which is an impressive thing.

Environmental Friendly: 

The cotton comforter is environmentally friendly compared to other material types of comforters available in the market. 

The reason behind this is that the material used in the cotton comforters is natural. Due to this, it retains all the environmentally friendly attributes, which is great.


Another fantastic thing about the Cotton comforter is that its natural and pure material makes the product breathable. 

At some point, the body changes its temperature in the mid-night while you sleep; the cotton comforter gives cool air and prevents you from feeling desperate and sticky.

Temperature Regulation: 

Since the main purpose of a comforter is warming, temperature regulation is one of the major factors while considering a comforter. 

The cotton comforter is made with moisture-wicking, breathable material that helps to regulate the temperature according to the body and provides you comfy sleep without overheating.  

Pros and Cons of Cotton Comforters:


  • Cotton is an outstanding choice when you prefer natural products over hand-made.
  • Cotton comforters don’t come with any sort of chemicals. 
  • Cotton comforters are hypoallergenic.
  • On hot water settings, you can easily wash and dye the cotton comforter.


  • Cotton comforters tend to come in thin fiber.
  • Compared to polyester, cotton comforters are not as durable.
  • The production cost of cotton comforters makes them expensive.

Cotton vs. Polyester Comforter:

Cotton tends to be a natural fiber that has to undergo a lot of hard work to grow. Then, it has to be processed, therefore, it comes with significant benefits. Conversely, polyester is a synthetic fiber made through a whole process, and its fabrication takes a short period of time.

For a quick idea, a comprehensive table about the comparison of polyester and cotton comforters is given below.

Cotton ComforterPolyester Comforter
Hypoallergenic productHypoallergenic product
Medium weightLight in weight.
Washable in MachineWashable in Machine
Great in winter & summer.Not recommended for winters
Filling is durable The filling can fall off
Breathable FabricNot Breathable
Thickness remains the same for yearsThickness reduces with time

Cotton comforters have a smooth texture, it tends to keep your skin cool. Moreover, it can quickly absorb moisture, and it’s highly breathable. On the other hand, comforters made of polyester tend to be less absorbing. 

As a result, when you use a polyester comforter, the nights will be uncomfortable as you will feel sweaty the whole time. Moreover, since it is not absorbent, you will feel that it traps moisture.

Apart from that, cotton comes with a lot of hassles when it comes to usage purposes. Yes, it usually comes with a lot of benefits. The cotton comforter, however, tends to be more susceptible to normal wear and tear. Also, it slowly loses its quality when you wash it many times. 

Polyester comforters tend to be durable and last longer, even after being washed and used a lot. However, the more you use polyester, the more it will lose its softness. On the other hand, cotton keeps its softness for a longer time and you won’t experience pills with a cotton comforter.

Care tips for Cotton Comforters:

Care tips for Cotton Comforters

Read the Label: 

You have purchased the Cotton comforter for the first time. As a result, you are making sure it remains as safe and durable as possible. For that reason, you will see the labels on the cotton comforter. 

They help customers follow the instructions on the labels in order to keep them safe from any damages or other issues. On most labels, there is information about which chemicals or powder shouldn’t be used for effective cleaning. 

Hence, it would help if you read the label of the Cotton Comforter every time you purchase it so that you can easily keep it safe for a longer time without any hurdles.

Use of the Right Machine: 

When washing a Cotton Comforter, make sure to use the right type of machine. Therefore, you should use a washing machine where a cotton comforter can easily be dipped from spare to spare. 

Remember, giving a bit of room to a cotton comforter would be ideal for you to wash it. This will compress the machine, and the comforter will not easily be cleaned completely if there is not enough space.

Use Covers: 

Purchasing the cotton comforter is possible due to the daily usage in the winter season. Therefore, you have to work a lot on keeping the comforter safe from dust and other stains. Otherwise, you have to keep washing the comforter, which can quickly lose its quality. 

Although washing the comforter is a good thing, doing it quite rarely would be a better option. Thus, it is best to use covers on Comforters and to keep them as clean as possible.

Never Sit on Comforters: 

Sitting or lying on the comforter is another major factor that can destroy the quality of the cotton comforter along with its appearance. 

Therefore, it would be a good thing if you tried to avoid sitting on the comforter every time. You should not lye or sit on it because the clusters of cotton will crush down when any heavy thing imposes on it. 

Thus, the fluffiness and warmth of the cotton comforter will be compromised. Later, it will lose its quality and purpose of use as well.

Put Some Air In:

You may have seen that many old people used to place their comforters outdoors during the day so that the comforters could get proper sunlight and air. 

Generally, this method preserves the quality of comforters. Therefore, you should do the same for your cotton comforter to make it as long-lasting as possible.

Store Properly:

The season has off now to use the Cotton Comforter. Now, you need to store it to where it can be used for the next season. Here, it would help if you didn’t keep it in plastic. 

Instead of that, try to wrap the comforter to anything that keeps it dry. Also, never wrap it just after you wash the comforter, as it can also damage the comforter.

Are Cotton Comforters Warm?

A 100% cotton comforter is ideal for the warm cold weather, in fact, they are great for both the spring and autumn seasons. Since these are made with breathable natural fibers, they are soft and hypoallergenic. Also, best for sensitive skin by keeping their body sweat-free in cold weather. 

In terms of Warmness, the cotton comforter has many positive attributes that are not easy to neglect. However, the other important factor that makes it a good option in the winter is that the product is breathable and provides the highest comfort and softness.

Things to Consider: 

When you buy a cotton comforter for winter:

  • The fiber quality of the comforter
  • The thread count and construction
  • Yarn size of comforter
  • The weight of the comforter
  • Maintenance of the comforter

Most of the properties can be found in all-cotton comforters, but the most important aspect is your preference. 

Choose the size of the comforter carefully according to your need. Unless you wash them carefully and keep them in good condition, cotton comforters stay warm and durable for years. 

Are Comforters Decorative?

Usually, comforters do not need decoration, they mostly come in simple white colors. Since they are light colors and weight, it is not easy to clean them regularly so decorative covers are required to keep them safe from stains. 

These days, comforter covers come with matching pillowcases that decorate not only the comforter but your whole bed.  

Whether you want a simple or decorative comforter depends on your preferences. Depending on your bed size and the pieces you want, there are a variety of covers available in the market. 

These coves allow you to change them from seasonally and get fit on your comforter easily. The washing of these decorative covers is far easier than washing the whole comforter. 

Choice of Decorative Covers:

There are plenty of options for the comforter covers like the comforter covers king, comforter cover queen, kids comforter covers, single comforter covers. (Put the link from Amazon) Keep reading to get a complete idea about the comforter before buying. 

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Is Cotton or Polyester Better for a Comforter?

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, breathable comforter then a cotton comforter would be your best choice. On the other hand, when you consider a comforter that will last longer even if you wash it harshly, polyester would be the best option.

When choosing a comforter between cotton or polyester, it completely depends on your preference and needs. Whether you want hand-made comforters or machine-made, the properties you required are the breathability and softness of the comforter. I consider cotton comforters to be the best because they are soft and breathable. 

To give you a comprehensive idea about cotton and polyester comforters, a basic phenomenon that is used for making comforters is mentioned below that will help you to decide which comforter will suit you the best.

Fill Power:

The quality of any comforter directly relates to its fill power, which is an extremely important factor in any comforter selection. Specifically, it refers to the distance between the materials of the comforter filling. 

In simple words, how much air is present between the feathers? The higher the fill power, the more comfortable the comforter will be. 

You can learn more about filling by following the guide below. In general, the more filling in a comforter, the warmer it will be.

Fill power (ounces)Comforter
300-400 For summer use, especially for those who get overheated in sleep
400-600Versatile fill power can be used in AC or for a whole year
600-800Warm comforter, appropriate for winter or cold nights.
Above 800Extra warm comforter for extreme winter conditions.

Do Cotton Comforters Make You Sweat?

Cotton comforters are most well known for their natural fiber material filling, which keeps the body dry. Hence, you will never feel sweaty at all while sleeping with a cotton comforter. The fiber in cotton comforters allows the skin to breathe, so your skin remains cool and free of moisture.

A comforter makes your bed cozy, but it can also add heat. For sure, you do not want to make your bed hot. Hence, cotton cooling comforters are best in this way. They are designed to maintain a neutral temperature for your body and absorb moisture. 

The cooler comforters are made with materials that can regulate temperature. For most of the users, sweating is the main issue, due to overheating at night that makes sleep uncomfortable. Hence, cotton comforters are considered best to wick away moisture from the body.

Do Cotton Comforters Shrink?

Usually, cotton comforters shrink when they interact with heat (If water temperature is above 130 F), either from the dryer or direct sunlight. By preventing the heat factor, you can easily prevent it from shrinking. You can simply wash it with cold water and then air dry it.

If you use water temperature below 130 F, your comforter will not shrink. The use of hot water can shrink your comforter up to 20%. It is recommended to wash your comforter in cold water to avoid shrinking. 

Cotton Comforters shrink

How to Avoid Shrinking?

There are a few ways to avoid shrinking the comforter:

  • Dry the comforter without using the heat cycle or fluff – this method may take some time and be done in a few rounds, but you can safely prevent the comforter from shrinking.
  • Spread the comforter for drying in the shadow, or under the fan. The sunlight could cause the shrinking of the comforter.
  • Drape the comforter over a couple of chairs or any couch. this will let the air pass underneath the comforter and dry it fast. 


We have endeavored throughout this article to provide you with the most basic and in-depth information about cotton comforters so that you can make an informed decision about cotton comforters. 

Cotton comforters are the most popular comforter in the world because of their durability. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will give you a cozy sleep without sweating during the winter or summer, cotton comforters are perfect.

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