Are Kitchen Bay Windows Outdated?

Bay windows can provide space to your kitchen though they also look stunning. Bay windows were a popular feature on rustic and older homes of the 1970s.

Bay windows are still popular in the modern era, where properties are limited in size. However, the kitchen is much smaller in these buildings. The general purpose is to create more space in the kitchen for seating and storage. Besides extra space, they also offer visual appeal to the house as they are made from glass.

Bay windows are polygonal in shape, featuring three panes. Bay style windows featuring multiple panes often provide a small seating area, adding extra space in the kitchen. Bay windows also allow natural light to pass into the buildings.

Nowadays, bay windows are less commonly seen on new properties, but they are still as fashionable as ever. They are still popular on northeast and Midwest properties.

Are Kitchen Bay Windows Outdated

Do kitchen bay windows add value?

Bay windows increase the house’s market price and ultimately increase the real estate value of your home. Surely, the aesthetic value alone is worth the extra cost.

By installing Bay windows, you can increase the aesthetic and monetary value of your home. These windows can also give a modern look to your kitchen. They provide large views of the natural surroundings, more sunlight, and increased ventilation and airflow to your kitchen. As the Bay window consists of two windows that can be shut and open, more breeze can come from any angle.

Bay windows can add extra square footage to your home, especially if there is more than one installed in your home. This extra space can increase the value of your house. Bay windows provide an architectural touch to your house, improving the value and desirability of a home.

Another benefit of the bay window is that it can save you from extra heating bills. This fact appeals to customers interested in buying a house, and you will surely make extra money from the deal.

Can you put curtains on bay windows?

Curtains are the best way to decorate your kitchen Bay windows. Also, the curtains provide a contemporary and aesthetic look to your kitchen. Regardless of your window length, hang the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible, and the end of drapes should brush the floor.

Following are the types of curtains you can drape over the windows:

  • Cellular Shades
  • Modern Roman curtain
  • Sheer curtains
  • Woven wood curtains
  • Shutters and faux wood blinds
  • Vinyl roller shades of any fabric

The location of your window is important to decide the type of curtains you can hang there. For example, if the window is above or near the sink, your curtains may get wet or dirty. If they’re near the stove, they might get greasy.

The faux wood blinds, vinyl roller, or faux wood shutters shades are better at this place. These curtains are highly durable and you can clean them easily with a damp cloth.

But if your window is in a safer location, you can use Roman or sheer curtains, woven wood curtains, and roller shades. Cellular shades provide more comfort.

How to decorate kitchen bay windows?

bay window

You can decorate the kitchen bay windows by using the following ideas,

  • Set a Breakfast Corner
  • Make a Space to Grow Kitchen Herbs
  • Add Drapes or Curtains
  • Add Panels of Pattern

Bay windows are a fascinating feature of a kitchen, but decorating them is very much of a challenge. Usually, these spaces are too limited to store something, but the area may look messy. But if you leave the window as it is, it may appear as extra space and tapped potential.

Hence, it is essential to check out the right style and substance for these windows to maintain balance. Here are some ideas to decorate the Bay windows:

Set a breakfast corner:

The bay window in the kitchen is such an amazing and calm corner to set for breakfast or coffee time. Place a small table and dining chairs next to the bay windows to create a spot for breakfast or coffee breaks. 

A table with a couple of comfortable chairs will enhance the beauty of this corner. You can also place a small cabinet alongside the table to utilize this space and store extra napkins and salt and pepper shakers.

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Make a space to grow kitchen herbs:

Bay windows are ideal for storing kitchen herbs or small planters. As they let lots of sunlight slide into your kitchen, you can place your plants there. Merging both the cooking and planting seems perfect for a small kitchen.

You can place small pots and grow some edible herbs and fresh green vegetables there. It makes you refreshed while cooking and provides a beautiful look outside the kitchen. Plants like mints, coriander, and green chilies and herbs grow well even in small places with proper sunlight.

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Add drapes or curtains:

The decoration of a bay window in a kitchen with curtains is such an architectural treat in a house. For this, the curtains must be graceful and stylish to enhance the beauty of this corner. Generally, curtains represent the outward window space of a bay window in a kitchen or whole building. 

The choice of the best way to curtain is really a tricky task to do. Here are a few ideas that can be dressing your kitchen bay window. If you are choosing one curtain, then it must be more appealing and have the same color as the kitchen interior. For instance, you can choose plain white curtains in contrast with the blue window. 

If the bay window is in a curve then you can choose the flexible curtain in contrast with the kitchen door or window color. These curtains are so useful and enhance the small kitchen bay window.

For the smart bay window hang long drapes and curtains. It can provide vertical emphasis to the window and make the room slightly bigger.

Add panels of pattern:

You can also use different patterns to decorate the window. The kitchen bay window must be smart and soothing to enhance the beauty of that corner. You can choose the panel in contrast with the kitchen interior and cabinets.  

The small pattern panel with light color seems more appealing. The window panel can easily hang on the curtain rod so no other accessories are required to hang them.

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What are the types of kitchen bay windows?

Bay windows are manufactured in different styles. The types of bay windows are traditional bay windows, box bay windows, bow windows, garden windows, and oriel windows. But regardless of the style or type, all Bay windows have one common thing i.e; they project outside the exterior wall of your kitchen.

1. Traditional Bay windows

When talking about an updated window with long-lasting features- such as the window in the kitchen- there are many reasons to choose a traditional window material. This design is perfect to maintain a classy appearance in your kitchen. But the choice of traditional window material is a little tricky.

A traditional or true bay window consists of three adjoining window panes. The middle or fixed pane is parallel to the wall while the side two windows form an angle. While considering its style, the tilt and casement give a modern touch to your kitchen. Otherwise, the traditional option like sash gives a historical touch to your home and kitchen.

Furthermore, the multi-sided regency-shaped window is mostly traditional and goes exceptionally well if placed in the large kitchen. If you add some incorporating color it gives an extreme traditional feel. You can set a more comfortable corner in your kitchen by placing a table for breakfast or tea time there.

2. Box Bay windows

The side windows are instilled at an angle of 90° to the middle window. Contrary to its name, box bay windows are more like a rectangle than a box. They can be deeper as compared to traditional bay windows. From the home exterior, these windows give a flat look. The boxy-shaped window panels have a small overhang roof that gives an amazing look.

Furthermore, these boxy-shaped windows are flexible bay windows that can perfectly adjust anywhere in the home. Since you would not want to move the wall, these types of bay windows are less expensive and installation of these windows is quite easy than other bay windows.

3. Oriel windows

Oriel is a Latin word and related to ancient Latin words used for porch. Once you know about its history you will never forget about Oriel bay windows. These types of windows are mostly installed at the entrance-usually where the porch starts, not directly related to the can say the oriel windows are the oldest type of Bay window.

They first rose to fame during the English Renaissance period. They are installed into the side of a kitchen, and there is usually a decorative bracket or corbel of wood, stone, or masonry underneath the windows for support. These windows basically add much-needed light and the sense of being in the kitchen. In your kitchen oriel window, you can place a nice soft cushion in it and enjoy a hot cup of coffee here


Contemporary designs of Bay windows are fresh and fascinating. Bay windows can boost your home’s livability and visual appeal with sleek curves, sharp lines, and trendy highlights. They provide many benefits beyond aesthetic appeals, such as extra seating, additional space, and a perfect area to grow kitchen herbs.

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