Are Marble Dining Tables Good? Are they in Style?

Dining tables made from marble are beautiful and stylish, with a classic yet modern look. While learning and researching online about marble dining tables, one question comes to mind, are marble dining tables good? so, I decided to write a post that could be helpful to others.

Marble dining tables are good and stylish but they require special sealing to keep them sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. For a dining table, marble’s beautiful crystalized design always creates a very pleasing appearance, this makes marble a suitable option for dining tables. However, marble dining tables need special care to avoid stains and to maintain them. 

In most dining tables, manufacturers use faux marble to reduce costs, but that compromises the quality of real marble. Keep reading to find helpful information about faux and real marble and also to learn everything you need to know while selecting the marble dining table.

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Are Marble Dining Tables Good

How Marble Dining Tables Are Made?

The marble dining tables are made from the marble stone that has been processed in a marble factory. Marble comes from the rocks in the form of big stone blocks that are processed in the factory into several marble sheets. 

During the process, the marble sheets are coated with a mesh structure material to improve the quality and life of the marble. The marble sheet is further processed into the specific sizes required for the countertop of dining tables, and after sealing and polishing.

Because marble is a natural stone, it has porous properties, making it easy to stain, scratch, and chip. A polishing process is conducted on it and then afterward, it is sealed.

These marble tops are then used with dining table frames, which may be made of metal, wood, or other materials.

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Real vs Faux Marble Dining Tables

Whether you’re looking for an elegant dining room table or a functional countertop, there are two types of marble: real and faux. This faux marble is not naturally occurring marble, but a design created using faux painting to create the illusion of marble.

In addition to their various features, marbles of each type have their benefits as well.

Real MarbleFaux Marble
Softer surfaceHarder surface
It can be scratchedDifficult to scratch 
Catches stain easily, sealing for surface required to avoid scratchesNot catches stains

Marble vs Granite Dining Tables

In order to be used in houses for dining tables and countertops, marble and granite need to be polished and sealed. Honed surfaces are not suitable for use because they easily stain.

To determine which is more appropriate for a dining table, let’s contrast the features of marble and granite.

Marble is a natural stoneGranite is also a natural stone
Easily get stains, special sealing required to avoid hard stainsDifficult to stain as compared with marble, also need sealing to avoid stains
Less durable than graniteMore durable than marble
Porous stone like limestoneLess porous than marble
Good heat resistant but care required for lighter colorsGood heat resistant material

Are Marble Dining Tables in Style?

Marble has a lot of plain styles, so most people prefer white and plain dining tables in their homes. The modern and contemporary look of marble will also enhance your dining room decor. 

Marble dining tables are not outdated and are liked by many people who want natural products. However, marble dining tables are much heavier in weight than faux marble tables. These dining tables are versatile and always seem to be stylish.

In addition, the natural look of marble tables makes them suitable for any color theme. Even antique marble pieces never become outdated just like marble dining tables will never become out of style and will never lose their modern and contemporary appearance.

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Are Marble Tables Expensive?

The marble dining tables tend to be quite expensive because marble is a natural stone, also the cost depends on its color, type, and quality. The average price of the marble dining table varies from 150$ to 3000$.

In addition, other materials like wood and metal that are used with marble countertops also affect the price of these tables. A marble top dining table’s price also depends on its size; the bigger the marble, the more expensive it will be.

Another factor that impacts price is the design and finish of the table. The more elegant and high-quality the design, the more expensive it will be. 

Moreover, marble quality also affects the cost, because marble comes in different colors depending on where it comes from. Italian marble is considered to be the most suitable for dining tables by some experts.

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Pros and Cons of Marble Dining Tables

Plain and beautiful appearanceSoft surface, easily get stains
Shining look after polishPorous material, sealing required
Natural unique patternExpensive
Environment friendly as natural stoneSpecial care is required to maintain
Durable structure

How to Take Care of Marble Dining Tables?

  • Marble surfaces can be cleaned with soap and water
  • For dining tables, avoid using marble with a honed surface
  • A chemical is used to seal marble after every few years, so the stone becomes less porous and stain-resistant. 
  • To maintain the marble dining table, it is important to polish the surface and seal it. Make sure the countertop is dry before applying the polish.
  • In case marble gets stained, then you may use baking soda and water by wiping it with a paper towel. This will help you remove the stain.
  • There are also many products available at marble and granite outlets to remove marble stains.
  • If the marble surface starts to get stains, it means that sealant is needed. 
  • Additionally, there are many cleaning products available on the market that can also be used as a sealer, so as long as you’re using them, no additional sealing is necessary for marble. 

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