Are Melamine Cabinets Good? [Are They Durable]

Melamine is a nitrogen-based chemical compound usually used by manufacturers to create numerous plastic products such as plastic dishware etc. Melamine is also used in the manufacture of cabinets due to its properties. Are melamine cabinets good? This is a question that has been asked quite often.

The melamine cabinets are the perfect choice due to their unbreakable features, fire and heat-resistant properties. Melamine is composed of different things such as wood particles, glue, resin, and paper. Compared with other cabinet materials such as MDF, they are more reliable and offer a wider range of product options at an affordable price point.

Melamine-based plastic dishware and wood cabinets offer the homeowner a low-cost option with a wide range of variety of any imaginable color.

This material delivers a good finishing which gives a home the best and fine look. It is heat, moisture, and stains resistant. Similarly, plastic dishwares which consist of melamine resin are unbreakable and more reliable than simple plastic products.

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Are melamine cabinets good

Are Melamine Cabinets Durable?

Melamine resin-based cabinet’s durability is quite high. As they are composed of particles of wood, resin, and glue, such materials make melamine cabinets strong, long-lasting, and reliable. Melamine cabinet features heat, moisture, and fire resistance makes homeowner first option.

Also, melamine is a famous plastic material used in recent home cabinetry. It is very durable and has a wide variety of tints and patterns. The melamine material is a retardant; it releases nitrogen when burned. It has a higher heat-resistant capacity than others materials.

Moreover, it is harder to scuff and scrape. It is stain-resistant and easily cleanable. Melamine is being produced using paper and resin just like laminate, but an extra ingredient to its production is wood particles, making it low cost and affordable.

So, when deciding the priority of durability and affordability, melamine became a better option for a homeowner. The stable finishing of melamine makes a great choice for modern and customized designs for a customer.  

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Which Is Stronger, Plywood or Melamine?

Plywood is a bit stronger than melamine as it is light in weight compared to melamine. The strength of bearing a screw is the same, but the heavyweight of melamine makes it a small doubt. Melamine is far more resistant to water than ply.

Plywood wood is stronger than melamine. Melamine has a core made of condensed wood particles which are offset with paper and adhesive finish. Plywood facade made from a layered sheet of wood which makes it hard and strong.

Also, plywood is known as a multilayered board made from thin sheets of wood and synthetic adhesive under different pressure and temperature. Multilayered wood layers make plywood a little bit stronger than melamine.

 In the plywood sheet, ply layers are stacked together. The glue is being placed in every layer, making it more strengthening but does not show resistance towards water penetration. In comparison, melamine is quite resistant to water penetration.

The usual con of plywood is that it dents on the facing of the sheet as it is considered real wood, but melamine is free of such con.

Melamine Cabinets

What Is the Best Way to Clean Melamine?

The best way to clean the melamine is to use a wet cloth, duster, soapy water, and vacuum to clean the surface. Melamine can easily be cleaned by giving a try to a homemade cleanser, giving better results for removing dirt. One can also clean it by spraying it from inside and outside of the cabinet.

The most important part of cleaning is making sure that your cabinet is free of dust and food particles. You can remove dust and food particles through a vacuum; when you have done it, go for the wet duster.

If you are trying to remove difficult strains, then the recommended is vinegar or lemon syrup in water. In the other case, if there is ink, try to remove it when it is fresh, or if it gets dry, you need a professional to remove it.

To clean melamine surfaces, use a moist cloth or sponge and a lenient soap and detergent. Use a homemade cleanser to remove stain mix warm water with a soap solution in a spray bottle and spray on stains.

Heavy stains can be removed with a household cleaner and baking soda mixing. Some stains which do not clean with the above method can be removed with household bleach or nail polish remover.

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What Kind of Paint Do You Use in Melamine?

Many of the paints work on melamine, such as high-quality latex, acrylic, and chalk paints. Still, the most durable paint is interior enamel paint which would enhance the reliability of melamine cabinets. The best idea for painting melamine is to apply a thin layer of paint with a sponge.

The first thing you have to make sure of is that the cabinet is free of dirt or any such thing that could affect the cabinet’s surface. Apply the thin layer using a sponge, let it dry for about 12 hours, and then apply the paint for better and long-lasting results.

The accurate paint and brushes help you get flourishing results when you paint melamine, thermo foil, and laminate surfaces. Many paints work effectively on these materials, including latex, acrylic, and chalk paints, but mostly need priming.

If your laminate or melamine kitchen cupboards have to repair wipe off the damaged area with tri-sodium phosphate. Secondly, use paintable filler to remove notches; after that, you use any paint on it.


Melamine is a chemical compound of nitrogen that manufacturers of plastic and wood-type materials use. Melamine resin is manufactured by wood particles, glue, and paper resin. It is durable but is quite heavier than plywood, but the ability of screw resistance is the same.

It is resistant to heat and fire. As its wide range of variety makes it’s a good option for home or kitchen beauty. The paints which are usually used in melamine are chalk paints and high-quality latex. Melamine is the best option for affordability and reliability.