Are Samsung Kitchen Appliances Good?

When buying a kitchen appliance for the kitchen, Durability will be the top priority of everyone. You would be sure that these appliances will last long as you invest a large amount in them. In this blog, we look at Samsung brand Kitchen appliances, which are highly famous in the US.  

Are Samsung Kitchen Appliances good? Samsung is one of the leading kitchen appliances brands and due to its smart technology features and unique design it has an edge over many other well-known brands. These smart kitchen appliances can be operated with your cell phone or through your voice command. 

Today’s Samsung innovative kitchen appliances can be compatible with other devices. Many of their kitchen appliances have high-tech smart technology features integrated on the same Samsung platform. 

Is LG or Samsung Better for Kitchen Appliances?

Today, LG and Samsung are both pioneer kitchen appliances brands in the market. Both brands provide a wide range of unique and functional appliances, especially their influence is in refrigerators, and laundry is so obvious. But we see that Samsung is superior to LG because of its quality and innovative designs. At the same time, LG is better than Samsung in advanced features.

LG is famous for its technology, variety of appliances, durability, and price range. LG provides kitchen appliances that give you a sense of safety and comfort in your daily usage. But their spare parts are not available easily, and service charges are also too costly.

On the other hand, according to a survey, Samsung kitchen appliances ranking is 3rd on the list of top 10. Like LG, Samsung is also famous for its innovative and unique appliances. Samsung is a top-selling brand in the USA, and the reason is that its kitchen appliances come with technology that can integrate with your TV or smartphone.

Samsung headquarters is in Seocho, South Korea, and its annual revenue is 208.5 billion dollars. It is the best kitchen appliances brand in 2020 by revenue. Its reliability rating is 10.04% and is on the 5th ranking list. 

Samsung Appliances Warranty Claim

When you buy any expensive kitchen appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, or ovens, It is a mixture of fear and excitement. Because of the sensitive nature of appliances, many customers are curious about the durability of the appliance’s warranty. 

What is covered under the Samsung warranty claim? Samsung warranty covers the appliances if they break because of normal conditions. If an appliance needs a replacement or repair, this plan saves you from paying service costs.

Samsung provides 2 types of extended warranty. One is provided for accidental breakdown, and the other doesn’t provide this warranty.

  • Accidental damage: This damage include liquid spills, cracks, and drops
  • General damage:  This warranty covers appliances failures due to normal use.

It is easier to select a warranty plan when a Samsung appliance is bought. Better Business Bureau has given an A+ rating in terms of the warranty. Samsung does not have cost plans on its website. It provides only one appliance coverage.

Samsung extended appliances warranty is the extension of the company’s warranty, which comes with purchasing Samsung appliances. Samsung offers this extended warranty after the manufacturer’s warranty is over.

Samsung provides this extended warranty on various kitchen appliances such as Washers, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Ovens, Dryers, Cooktops, and Dishwashers. 

The above kitchen appliances have different types and features. Each model has its own extended warranty, which depends on your appliance’s model and age duration. Samsung provides an extended warranty duration between one to five years. 

Samsung Appliances Customer Service

Samsung provides service before, during, and after purchase. This year, Samsung customer service took 4th place in the ranking. If you need any help regarding your Samsung appliance, there are several ways you can contact through live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and phone. 

Samsung customer Service overall score is 71 out of 100. Web score is 50 out of 60, and the phone score is 21 out of 40.

Social and Web Support

Samsung has many consumers’ presence on the web, so I searched inside the Samsung community. The interface is direct and simple to explore, and it doesn’t need to sign in to look for a troubleshooting solution. 

Phone Support

Samsung care picks up calls in the Dominican Republic and the Philippines from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 12 AM. On Saturday and Sunday, you can call Samsung’s toll-free 1800 number 24/7 to contact a Samsung service professional.

Bottom Line

Samsung call agents are friendly and helpful as their knowledge about products and their features is accurate. They give you instant responses and accurate guidelines, and troubleshooting solutions.

Samsung Appliances Parts

You have many Samsung home and kitchen appliances when they are out of order; it will cause a big disturbance for your kitchen or home. So it is important to know the right way of troubleshooting Samsung appliances 

Samsung Appliances Repair

When your home and kitchen appliances last for a decade, then they require periodic maintenance and repair. Consumers look at the potential problems and fix them immediately to avoid any disruption or excess costs.

Samsung also provides repairing services, but it is cost-effective. The cost depends on the problem. Besides, professionals will assist you in how to install any Samsung kitchen appliance and fixing it. 


Samsung kitchen appliances are a vital part of a daily routine life that provides multiple appliances that are used every day. Nowadays, there are many appliances brands in the market. Still, if you want innovative technology that meets your daily household tasks and you can control them with your smartphone, then Samsung is the ideal choice for your home and kitchen. All types of Samsung kitchen appliances are available online, and you can also buy them from your nearest outlet. 

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