Top 13 Bathroom Accessories for Senior Citizens (2023)

Bathroom accessories are very essential for everyone. But especially senior citizens require extra care and ease. Due to their age factor and health issues, old age persons feel difficulty in moving. That’s why bathroom accessories are being used.

Bathroom Accessories For Senior Citizens

13 Best Bathroom Accessories for Senior Citizens

What are the Bathroom Accessories for Senior Citizens? The important bathroom accessories for senior citizens:

Here are my top picks for the best bathroom accessories for senior citizens:

  1. Automatic night lights & lightning
  2. Grab bar
  3. Flexible high-grip tape
  4. Bathtub safety grab bar
  5. Toilet seat with arms
  6. Sliding transfer bench
  7. Non-Slip Bathtub & Shower mat
  8. Wall-mounted grab bars 
  9. Handheld shower
  10. Toilet safety frame
  11. Weighted shower curtain
  12. Non Slip bathtub & shower chair
  13. Use Walk-in tub

Another reason for using bathroom accessories for senior citizens is to avoid an accident. The bathroom is a particularly dangerous place for the elderly, hard surfaces, tight spaces, lots of rough edges, and smooth water provides an ideal stage for accidents and falls.

Due to the excessive water usage in the bathroom, the floor, walls, and other things become slippery which is not good for everyone.

Accessories provide more support and safety. Also, accessories make it easier for your seniors to meet their daily needs, reduce the risk of falls, and help them stay independent.

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How to Make the Bathroom Safer for Your Elderly Parents? 

By using bathroom accessories that are specially made for senior citizens you can make the bathroom safer and more comfortable for your elderly parents. But only accessories are not sufficient for making the bathroom safe. Because some tips are necessary to improve bathroom safety for seniors.

  • Make sure the floor is clean and free of dirt or clothing that can cause danger or fall
  • Keep the bathroom floor dry by doing this you can make your bathroom safer for older adults
  • Put the essential item in a place where older adults easily pick these items without having to stretch or bend

These simple tips are crucial for senior citizen bathrooms. By adopting these tips and using accessories you can make the bathroom safer and user-friendly for older adults.

01. Automatic Night Lights & Lightning

Automatic night lights can help older people identify their travel routes and reduce the risk of falls when going to the bathroom at night. Ensuring adequate light in the bathroom is key to avoiding falls or other injuries.

Keeping the room well-lit will make it easier to see if there are objects on the floor that can cause damage. Lighting is especially important for older people with impaired vision or balance.

Try MAZ-TEK Night Light

02. Grab Bar

Grab bars make movement easier. Due to the support of the grab bar older adults simply enter and can exit the bath or shower. This can reduce the chance of slipping and/or falling while bathing. You can also install the water wand near the toilet for balance.

Try Moen Bathroom Grab Bar

03. Flexible High-Grip Tape

This flexible and thin high-grip tape provides better gripping. Even if your adult hands are wet, or greasy, or the grip is weak, you can still get a more secure grip. The design is also easy to remove. You can easily use the tab and remove it when you want.

Try this Heavy Duty Anti Slip Grip Tape

04. Anti-Slip Bathtub Coating

This clear, non-slip treatment for bathtub and shower floors has a high rating and is better than adhesive products that will eventually fall off or get moldy and slippery.

By anti-slip bathtub and shower coating, you can make the bathroom safer for senior members of your home. This coating prevents accidental slips.

Try INSL-X Anti-Slip Coating Paint

05. Toilet Seat with Arms

A toilet seat with arms provides extra support whenever your old family members go into the bathroom. It makes sitting and standing easy on a toilet seat. The toilet seat with arms reduces the chances of falling or being unable to get up from the seat.

Try Vive Toilet Safety Rail

06. Sliding Transfer Bench

Mostly the old-age person man’s problem is bathing. They face many problems if sitting in a bathtub. This bench facilitates them in bathing. This sliding transfer table makes it easier for older people to access the standard bathtub.

The sliding transfer bench is particularly suitable for people with limited mobility or physical weakness. The opening makes it easier to clean body parts while seated.

Try DMI Tub Transfer Adjustable Seat

07. Non-Slip Bathtub & Shower mat

It’s important to put a non-slip bath mat in the bath or shower that can add traction to your feet as you move. When you get out of the bathtub, dry your feet with a sturdy bathroom mat, and prevent the floor from getting wet. 

Non Slip bathtub & shower mats save you and your senior family members from accidental slips in the bathroom. So, make sure the bathroom mats and carpets are non-slip and get non-slip bath or shower mats that will adhere firmly to them when wet. A microfiber mat is a good choice

For areas other than the tub, place a non-slip mat in front of the shower/tub, toilet, and sink. These are the places where older people in the bathroom are most likely to fall.

Try ENKOSI Non Slip Bath Mat

08. Wall-Mounted Grab Bars

Wall-mounted grab bars provide safe support. It prevents slips and falls. You can mount them wherever you want in the bathroom according to your facility. An aged person needs support for walking and sitting. In the bathroom, they can easily grab wall-mounted bars and move easily.

Try ZUEXT Bathroom Balance Bar

09. Handheld Shower

In addition to the bathtub seat, you can also purchase a handheld shower handle for a stress-free and safe shower. The shower handle improves the safety of the bathroom and has various settings so that you can optimally relax and enjoy yourself in the shower or bathtub.

Due to the moveability, you can easily control and minimize movement. Plus, if you use a tub or shower chair, you can easily wash hard-to-remove stains with more flexibility without worrying about slipping or falling. So a handheld shower is good for you and older adults.

Try Moen Handheld Showerhead

10. Toilet Safety Frame

The Toilet frame easily gets adjusted on the toilet seat. The toilet safety frame provides useful guidance and support for the elderly in using the toilet.

Try This Toilet Safety Frame

11. Weighted Shower Curtain

A weighted shower curtain is also an important accessory for bathrooms. Because while bathing or showering, water may splash outside of the bathtub. It is, therefore, best to use a weighted shower curtain to avoid wetting the bathroom floor!

Most of the time in the bathroom accidents occur due to the reason for the water. That’s why the weighted shower curtain absorbs the water splashes and the floor doesn’t get wet.

Try Ambesonne Shower Curtains

12. Non-Slip Bathtub & Shower Chair

There are many types of bathtubs & shower chairs available in the market. But a nonslip chair is very important for senior citizens. This chair easily gets fits in the bathtub and shower. Due to the nonslip quality, it is safer for aged persons. 

Try Vaunn Medical Shower Chair

13. Use Walk-in Tub

Using a wheelchair-accessible walk-in tub in the bathroom is another must-have accessory for senior citizens. These tubs save elder people from the slip. Also, this tub has a door for in and out which is easier to use for the older adult. 

Try Empava Walk-in Bathtub


Senior citizens require extra care as compared to youngsters. Due to age, senior citizens are facing many health issues so it’s not easy for them to walk and sit actively. Most older adults face many problems when they go into the bathroom. 

The main aim of 13 Bathroom accessories for senior citizens is to provide extra facilities to the user. By using bathroom accessories, you can make your older adults’ life easier and safer from accidents. So, if you have older adults in the home must use bathroom accessories that are specially made for senior citizens. 

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