Bathroom Layout Mistakes (14 Things You Must Avoid)

Choosing the right bathroom layout will not only save you money but will also make the bathroom look elegant. Therefore, you need to avoid layout mistakes in order to create a better bathroom design.

Here is a list of bathroom layout mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Selecting an Oversized Fixture
  2. Choosing the Wrong Mirror Height
  3. Equal Height for All Sinks
  4. Placing the Toilet in Front of the Door
  5. Incorrect Placement of the Shower
  6. Towel Hanger Placement Next to the Shower
  7. Not Keeping the Bathroom Divider
  8. Lack of Good Lighting
  9. Ignoring the Door Swing Space
  10. Same Floor Traps for Shower and Toilet Area
  11. Insufficient Storage Space
  12. Keeping the Toilet Sprayer on the Left
  13. Incorrect Placement of Ventilation
  14. Uneven Floor Level
Bathroom Layout Mistakes 14 Things You Must Avoid

The overall standards for bathroom layout are the same, but some rules and standards differ based on the country. If the rules and standards are followed, the chances of making mistakes can be reduced. Keep reading to find more details about the bathroom layout mistakes and the solution.

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Bathroom Layout Mistakes – 14 Things You Must Avoid

Bathroom Layout Mistakes 14 Things You Must Avoid pinterest

1. Selecting an Oversized Fixture

The first thing to take into consideration is the fixture size. A common mistake is to choose oversized fixtures and not keep enough distance between them to move easily in the area. Make sure to choose the right fixture size for the bathroom by avoiding the oversized ones. 

The standard space required for a human body to pass by is around 60 to 65cm.

In general, the width of a sink is between 26 inches and 28 inches. In addition, the distance between the vanity and toilet should not exceed 6 inches when planning the bathroom layout.

2. Choosing the Wrong Mirror Height

The height of the mirror above the sink should be (kept in normal height) standard, not higher or lower. Depending on the finish floor level, the starting position of the mirror ranges from 47 to 63 inches

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3. Equal Height for All Sinks

It is important to consider the height of the sink when designing the bathroom layout, as it varies according to the type and size of the sink. 

Some modern bowl-type sinks are wall-mounted and others are totally isolated bowls that are made to be placed on sink-top, made of concrete and marble or porcelain material. 

The top level of the bowl height must not be more than 40 inches. In the kid’s bathroom, the sink height can be kept around 30 to 34 inches

4. Placing of Toilet in Front of the Door

One of the most common mistakes in bathroom layout is installing the toilet in front of the door. While the toilet does not need to be hidden, it should not be placed too close to the door to be visible to everyone. 

On the other hand, a toilet width should not be less than 28 inches

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5. Incorrect Placement of the Shower

The shower should be located in a corner or at the end of the Bathroom. The shower cabins must have a seat inside at a height of 18 to 20 inches from finished floor level.

The actual width of the cabin must be 36 to 40 inches and no less than that, otherwise, it will create difficulties for users to turn around and widen their shoulders.

6. Towel Hanger Placement Near Next to the Shower

After a shower, it is not pleasant to use a wet towel; rather, a dry towel is preferred. The placement of towel stands close to the shower is something one should avoid when designing a bathroom’s layout. 

A towel stand should not be located on the same wall as the shower, but rather on the opposite wall. Similarly, the standard height of towel stands is about 63 to 71 inches depending upon the user’s height.

7. Not Placing The Floor Divider

To divide the bedroom floor from the bathroom floor/ bathroom floor, a thin tile floor divider is necessary. 

Dividers are typically pieces of marble tile that are about 1 to 1.2 inches thick and installed at the bathroom/bathroom door entryway. 

So that water will not enter the Bedroom floor when cleaning the Bathroom/bathroom.

8. Lack of Good Lighting

Light intensity and color temperature should be kept neutral. Moreover, some people follow the conventional rules based on LUX calculations as provided by professionals. For others, the standard is to keep lights natural and don’t go beyond the standards defined for specific types of lights. 

Lighting plays an important role in areas where you have installed mirrors, such as dressing areas or bathrooms. There are two types of lights commonly used in bathroom / Bathroom layouts, the Ceiling lights and the Wall lights. 

9. Ignoring the Door Swing Space

Occasionally, the space for swing doors in bathrooms is ignored and we are unable to open the door at a certain angle. In some cases, fixtures are installed in front or behind the door, which takes up space. For this reason, it is important to keep enough space for doors to swing easily.

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10. Same Floor Traps for Shower and Toilet Area

It is important to keep the floor traps separate for both the bathroom and the shower area. A floor trap must be placed under the washbasin in the bathroom and next to the shower in the shower cabin.

The shape of floor traps varies from rectangular to square depending on the interior design and layout of the bathroom.

11. Insufficient Storage Space

One of the other mistakes homeowners make in bathroom layouts is not providing enough storage space. It is important to have enough storage options in the shower cabinet and bathroom area for your toiletries and other items. In the shower cabin, you can keep a shelf on the wall. 

Similarly, in the bathroom, near the washbasin, you can keep a shelf. Depending on the wall’s layout design and cladding, you can position the shelves 12 inches above the wall and 28 to 40 inches in size.

12. Keeping the Toilet Sprayer on Wrong Hand

Another mistake in the bathroom layout is keeping the toilet sprayer on the left. is The toilet sprayer is placed on the right side of the toilet seat as a standard. Somehow, people still make the same mistake when designing a bathroom. 

The hand should be on the right hand, as it is natural and traditional. Otherwise, it will appear awkward if it is placed on the wrong hand.

13. Incorrect Placement of Ventilation

Having proper ventilation in a bathroom is extremely important, and we often fault the location of the ventilation on the wrong wall or the height in which it is placed, so we do not have enough air crossing. 

The standard height for a ventilator starts at about 24 inches at finished ceiling level, with an exhaust fan or opening. The Ventilator width can be adjusted according to the total width of the wall where it is located.

14. Uneven Floor Level

If the floor level is not right, the water will flow in the wrong direction and you’ll always have a wet bathroom floor. The locations and sizes of floor traps play an important role in keeping your bathroom floor dry and clean.

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