How to Select the Right Bedroom Design for College Students?

The bedroom design impacts college students’ studies and performance. If the bedroom has less space than you should think about, there are bedroom decorating ideas to make the student bedroom more space-worthy.

The student’s bedroom design consists of a small bed, a bedside table with drawers, a customizable open bookcase, a computer table with enough space for assignments, and a movable chair.

The student bedroom decor also affects mood and performance. There are several factors to consider that will make the bedroom design perfect and improve students’ productivity.

What Makes the Student’s Bedroom Perfect?

Designing a bedroom for students is always a difficult task. Students have many study materials, including books, notes, assignments, and managing all these things is not an easy task while you have less space in the bedroom.

The second important thing to consider is the basic bedroom items like bed, side table bookshelf, and wardrobe. The student’s bedroom design should be well organized so that it doesn’t impact their studies.

If you have difficulty managing things in your existing bedroom, you should think about upgrading the bedroom for more space.

The bedroom measurement is essential to get the exact idea of space to finalize the design. You can use the measuring tape to get the exact measurements of your bedroom walls and areas. It will help you to estimate the sizes of your bed, study table, and bookshelf.

The following points are crucial to consider while designing a bedroom for students.

  • Relaxing
  • Organized
  • Space Worthy

Right Bed Size for Students

If you choose a little higher bed than the typical bed, it gives you extra storage underneath. The bed is the main item of your bedroom, which takes a lot of space, so you should choose the right size to save some extra space from utilizing other important items.

If you’re designing the bedroom for one student, then a single bed with a 90 x 190 cm size is perfect. On the other hand, you can also select a small double bed if you have little extra space in your bedroom.

If the bedroom design is for two or more students, you can consider twin or bunk beds.

Here are some sizes for different beds,

  • Single Bed: A single bed with underneath storage is the best option for student’s bedroom design. The typical single bed size is 90 x 190 cm.
  • Twin Bed: If the bedroom has some extra storage, then a twin bed will be perfect for a college student’s bedroom. Typical single bed size 96 x 203 cm.
  • Small Double Bed: Similarly, for the large bedrooms, you can go with a small double bed if you don’t have issues with room space. Typical single bed size 120 x 190 cm.

Side Table for Night Study

A single bedside table with multiple drawers will solve the storage problem and a place to keep your alarm clock, mobile phone, books, table lamp, etc. This is also a good option for your night study. After reading, you can keep your books and tablet or laptop on it.

For additional storage, you can utilize the drawers, as some of the students use them to keep their casual clothes, i.e., socks, t-shirts, and other items.

There are different sizes of bedside tables available, and these side tables also come in a variety of materials, like wood, metal, and plywood.

Open Bookcase

For the student’s bedroom, you need a customizable open bookshelf to keep your books and all other daily-use items. This kind of open bookcase is easily adjustable, and you can customize it according to your smaller and bigger things.

A wall bookshelf is best for the student’s bedroom to provide extra storage and save a lot of room space. The bookshelf is a perfect place to keep the books, notes, and other everyday use items.

A customizable bookcase is a great option for a student’s bedroom. It will provide plenty of options to change the shape of a bookcase according to their needs. It also provides a unique look to your bedroom in terms of design, function, and storage.

Movable Chair

A movable chair is a must-have item for students to sit for a long time, whether preparing the assignments or doing research work on a PC.

As nowadays, students are spending more time on their computers for studies, so it’s crucial to select a good quality chair. A movable comfortable chair is a great option that will keep the students moving and stop them from getting tired.

The adjustable chairs are famous these days as they are perfect for computer work and as well as for study on the table.

Study Table

The perfect study tables for students have enough space to manage the computer and books during the study time. Some study tables come with features of the attached storage and are available in different materials.

Most of the study tables have metal frames and wood tops, while the traditional tables are 100% wood. There are some tables available in synthetic materials like plastic.

Another important item is the study table, and the size of the table is an important factor to consider. There should be enough space to manage your PC and study material like study notes and books etc.

There should be a decent amount of space on your study table to work freely, and it will also save your time to manage the table items again and again.


Finally, the bedroom design affects the performance and engagement of college students towards their studies. I would recommend the best bedroom design for students is that which is flexible and space worthy. If you have less space in your existing bedroom with old furniture, you should consider upgrading the bedroom for more space.

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