6 Best Craft Tables For The Home | 2023 Review

Trying to find the best craft tables? then you’ve come to the right place. After spending hours in research online and testing I have shortlisted the top craft tables available in the market that you can buy right now.

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Crafting is an incredible hobby that is not only rewarding but also allows you to express your creativity with individuality. Also, the crafters do need a dedicated space to promote their creativity while developing their skills and working in an effortless manner.

Since crafting tends to get messy, you must think about investing in tools and a craft table with storage to make things work in your favor. If you are thinking about working on your regular desk, which is not a bad idea altogether, but know that a craft table is different. Also, the farmhouse mackinzie craft room table is famous nowadays.

However, it is specially designed with storage and shelves to keep your crafting essentials organized as well as incorporates adjustability features to tilt and angle your table according to your convenience.

So, if you are looking for a magnolia home craft table with storage to take your home workstation to the next level, then you have come to the right place as we bring you a rundown of the top 6 craft tables for home.

Whether you love drawing, are into sewing, or love origamis, you can let your creativity run wild with these craft tables with storage. Let’s check out the reviews of the 6 best craft tables that are versatile and sleek to help you choose the right one for your needs:

Best Craft Tables For The Home

Best Craft Tables For The Home

1S D Studio Designs Comet Craft TableAngle Adjustable Top
2Zeny Height Adjustable Drafting TableMulti-Purpose Table
3YAHEETECH Adjustable Craft TableAdjustable Tabletop Angle
4Sewing Desk Multi-purpose Craft TableHeavy Gauge Steel Body
5Sauder Miscellaneous Sewing Craft CartTwo Adjustable Shelves
6Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Corner TableEasy Metal Glides

01. S D Studio Designs Comet Craft Table

Size: 23.75 x 50 x 29.5 inches | Color: Black/White | Material: Steel | Weight: 50 Pounds | Shape: Rectangle | Furniture Finish: Alloy Steel

Let your creative juices flow with this SD Studio Design 2 Piece Comet Art, Hobby, Drawing, Drafting, Craft Table set. You will love this table because it is made to adjust to your needs. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

Also, it comes with storage drawers and pencil/ brush organizers so that you can get the most out of your crafting time.

Moreover, the durable steel frame and the rubber feet make sure you get the sturdiest support while you create your masterpieces. This is one of the best table for crafting that is easy to use.

This large craft table with storage has a tilting top. The tabletop is 36 inches wide that can be titled from flat to 20 degrees. Its 24-inch pencil ledge keeps your supplies safe from falling while you tilt the top according to your preference with ease.

Besides the tilting table, it also has storage drawers on the side with a tabletop that you can also use for placing your essentials while you work on the tilted top.

The craft table comes with three drawers and shelves below the tilting top. It means you have enough storage space to organize all your supplies and get your hands on them conveniently. Also, this best adjustable height craft table for the home is a good choice.

The steel construction of the table makes it very sturdy and durable. It comes with rubber feet that make sure the table has a great grip while you work on it. The table comes as a set with a very comfortable 20.5-inch long stool that is padded.

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  • Spacious countertop.
  • Tiltable top to make drawing and painting easier.
  • Storage for supplies and a pencil ledge.
  • Sturdy design and built.
  • Comes with a comfortable padded stool.


  • Some users have found the assembly challenging.

Our Verdict

The SD Studio Design Craft table is totally recommended with its sturdy yet compact metallic build. Go for this desk if you need an elegant table with storage and tilting top, but be ready to focus while assembling it.

02. Zeny Height Adjustable Drafting Table

Size: 23.75 x 50 x 29.5 inches | Color: Black | Material: MDF+PVC+Metal | Weight: 60.6 Pounds | Shape: Rectangle | Furniture Finish: MDF

If you are looking for craft tables with a lot of storage for your pencils and brushes, then Zeny Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk is the right one for you. This table brings stability to your workstation with its rubber feet. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

It also incorporates adjustability features so that you adjust its height and angle to your desired position and work with absolute convenience.

This elegant-looking craft table has a medium-density fiber top with an iron frame. It comes with rubber feet to ensure the stability of the table while you get lost in your world of creativity.

The tabletop can be inclined up to 45 degrees allowing you to tilt it to the right angle making your drawing and painting easier. Also, the height of the table is also adjustable between 28 to 35 inches to suit your height and comfort.

The design also includes two drawers and a metal shelf to help you keep your supplies and essentials organized and decluttered.

Moreover, the pencil ledges help you keep your pencils and brushes safe while the tabletop is locked, and you work at your pace conveniently.

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  • Multipurpose fiber top with an iron frame.
  • Enough storage for pencils/supplies and two storage drawers.
  • Adjustable height and inclining adjustable table.
  • Rubber feet ensure stability.
  • Easy to install


  • The top for some users arrived damaged.

Our Verdict

The ZenyCrafting table is a worth buying table with all the storage and its amazing adjustability features.

03. YAHEETECH Adjustable Craft Table

Size: 50 x 23.62 x 44.88 inches | Color: Silver | Material: Steel, Wood | Weight: 41.9 Pounds | Shape: Rectangle | Furniture Finish: Black

The YAHEETECH adjustable drafting table that comes with a stool and storage drawer is really worth considering as this is an amazing craft table that can be used for painting, drafting, sketching, and as well as a computer table, writing/reading table, and workstation. This is up to you to use it the way you like. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

The craft table has an adjustable tabletop that can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees to allow you to freely adjust the top at an angle that suits you. This tabletop has a pencil ledge at the bottom to provide support to your paper or working sheet. 

Adjacent to this tabletop lies a small table surface that is available for placing the art accessories, brushes, or any other stuff that you like laptops, files, etc. There are three non-woven drawers to provide you the extra space for keeping various things.

There is a bottom shelf also so that you have enough space to arrange all your stuff. A sturdy metallic frame stool with a comfortable seat is also a part of this contemporary craft table design to provide you all that you need.

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  • Adjustable tabletop to allow you to work with ease.
  • Storage for supplies and a pencil ledge.
  • Sturdy design and built.
  • Comes with a comfortable padded stool.
  • Fabric drawers that are easy to clean
  • Easy assembling


  • Some users have recommended making the stool seat a bit more comfortable.

Our Verdict

The YAHEETECH Adjustable craft table is worth spending money on as it makes your drawing more convenient and easy. With storage spaces and a stool, it is a complete craft table set to buy and keep in your room and enjoy your creativity.

04. Sewing Desk Multi-purpose Craft Table

Size: 45.5 x 23.5 x 30 inches | Color: Black/White | Material: Alloy Steel | Weight: 37 Pounds | Shape: Rectangle | Furniture Finish: Alloy Steel

Do you love to sew but get tired quickly as you don’t have a proper positioning of the sewing machine? Well, we recommend you the comet sewing table by studio designs to make your sewing experience an easy one. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

The studio design sewing table is affordable with great design to make sewing an easy and fuss-free experience. Let us give you an overview of the design as to how the sewing desk multipurpose built-in craft table would make your life easy.

This durable steel construction table has an adjustable platform for the placement of the sewing machine. The platform is easily adjustable to different heights so that you can level the height of the platform with the tabletop to allow your fabric to easily glide over the table to allow smooth sewing.

This table has a bottom shelf so that you can put boxes of threads and needles down there and all other relatable stuff on the table shelf; so that everything you need for sewing is at one table.

The comet sewing craft table is lightweight so that you can move the table around your home to choose the corner where you want to sit, sew, and enjoy. The design is simple, and you can easily assemble all the parts together by following the instructions that come with the product.

The tabletop surface is smooth, and the legs and grips of the table are strong enough to handle your sewing machine very well. To get to know the exact dimensions of the table, do click the link shared to get more information.

Since the name tell you that the table is multipurpose. You can also use this as a computer table and place your computer over the table. The simple design of the table allows you to be creative and use the table the way you want.

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  • An adjustable platform allowing different height levels for your machine.
  • The lower shelf allows you to organize your sewing supplies.
  • The parts are marked for easy identification making it easy t assemble.
  • Sturdy legs with adjustments to keep the level of the table right.


  • Some parts of the table for some users arrived damaged.

Our Verdict

The studio design sewing desk multipurpose craft table is a good addition to your home as the table allows placing and adjusting the sewing machine to your needed height to enjoy sewing.

Not only a sewing table, but the design allows it to use it as a multi-purpose table, making it a handy addition to your home.

05. Sauder Miscellaneous Storage Sewing Craft Cart

Size: 19.45 x 40.08 x 28.5 inches | Color: Cinnamon Cherry | Material: Engineered Wood | Weight: 83.2 Pounds | Shape: Rectangle | Furniture Finish: Cinnamon Cherry

Just click on the above link, and you will be amazed by the unique intelligent design of the sewing craft table by Sauder. We are sure you have been looking for a sewing craft table that has great storage space, is moveable and compact in design. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

The Sauder sewing and craft table cottage home collection, not only has the defined qualities but has more to offer. This is one of the best craft table with storage available on market.

The cinnamon cherry finish-colored wood table is perfect for your home. It has been designed intelligently so that it serves as a sewing table in your craft room when you want to work, and it serves as a décor table when you are not using it for sewing.

The craft table has wheels so that you can easily move it anywhere in your home. It looks like a simple craft table with storage, and the storage cabinet door opens up with a tabletop providing extra space for sewing purposes.

The cabinet door has two storage bins to put all your stuff there so that you find it easily at the time of need. 

The table shelves are adjustable so that you can adjust as per your convenience. The hidden shelf at the back of the craft table is for placing the sewing machine and storing it inside the table. This is one of the best craft tables for small spaces.

The table with its leaf closed serves as a décor table, and you can place it in any corner of your house. The wood is treated, making the table durable and safe. It is heat, stain, and scratch-resistant. This craft table is worth buying as its amazing compact design makes it an ideal sewing craft table.

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  • Perfect fit for small homes and spaces.
  • Lots of space to keep your stuff safe and in one place.
  • Simple, intelligent design with easy assembling.
  • Strong caster wheels supporting the table, making it easy to move.


  • The height of the table is fixed, so the user has to adjust according to the height while sewing.

Our Verdict

The Sauder sewing cart is one of the useful investments that you will never regret. You are not sewing every time, and you want all your stuff stored in one space while you are not sewing, then this is the best sewing craft table for you.

This is surely the best quality table with a unique design and amazing color that fits any home.

06. Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Corner Table

Size: 60 x 47.25 x 29.5 inches | Color: White | Material: Engineered Wood | Weight: 135 Pounds | Shape: L-Shape | Furniture Finish: White

Looking for a computer desk or hideaway craft table that is well designed and stylish to add beauty to the interior of your home? You have landed at the right link. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

Monarch specialties present you with an elegantly designed L-shaped computer desk with ample space to let you arrange your computer, laptop, files, diaries, and all important documents in an organized way.

The hollow core left or right facing corner computer desk has a spacious tabletop and multiple drawers to provide you with enough storage for all your important stuff.

The table has a special drawer for files so that you can arrange your important document files easily and can easily locate each when needed. One end of the table has drawers and the other end spacious shelves to give you the freedom to arrange your stuff the way you like.

This computer desk is a great choice for people who work from home. The table provides an ideal comfy setup for those who love to work in an organized way even when they are at home.

Set up this computer desk at one corner of your room and give yourself a feel of office set up while being at home.

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  • Great storage space and ample surface tabletop makes it an ideal computer table
  • Sturdy design and built.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The table is made up of engineered wood that makes it durable.
  • A drawer dedicated to file storing makes it even more special and worth buying.


  • Some users have found the assembly challenges.
  • Some parts were found broken upon arrival.

Our Verdict

The hollow core left or right facing computer desk is totally recommended with its sturdy yet sleek and contemporary look that adds elegance to the interior of your room.

Go for this desk if you need a computer table with storage and want to work in an organized manner with all your important stuff placed at a single desk.

Craft Tables FAQs

Here are a few FAQs answered to make the whole selection process smooth for you:

Can You Assemble A Craft Table On Your Own?

The craft table assembly isn’t very hard; however, the more the storage of a craft table, the more complicated its design. This implies that if you get yourself a craft a large craft table with storage, it may take you some time to put it together. It might be a good idea to ask for help from your partner or a friend.

Why Choose A Crafting Table Instead Of A Desk?

The craft tables are much more functional and practical as compared to a regular desk. Since these tables are designed for the craft, they have enough storage for your supplies and additional bins for scraps, etc. to keep your workstation clean and organized.

You can also go for a craft board that comes with space for equipment like die cutting machine, sewing machine, or other similar equipment that you use for your crafts. You can choose a table depending on your storage needs as you can find every size of storage for rolls of paper/fabrics, shelves, or spindles.

Do Crafting Tables Require A Lot Of Space?

Craft tables usually require space as they have storage for your supplies as well as space for your equipment like a sewing machine, serger, die cutting machine, etc. Most of the crafting tables are larger than a regular desk. However, if you have any space issues, you can always opt for the folding craft table with storage.

Can Your Sewing Machine Be Fixed On A Crafting Table?

Some craft tables are specially designed that fit in your sewing machine and make your work effortless. These craft tables have larger countertops to accommodate your equipment, so you may want to think about all the space they will take up.

What Features To Look For In A Great Craft Table?

1. Enough storage for your craft: drawers, shelves, and cabinets.
2. Rubber feet if you need great support for your work.
3. Wheels if you want to keep your workstation mobile.
4. Adjustable height.
5. High-quality material and sturdy built to ensure stability and durability.
6. Foldable features if you want a compact table.

How Much Does A Craft Table Cost?

The price range varies from $50 to $1000, which means that you will definitely find one that suits your budget. And, from craft tables with wheels to folding craft tables with storage to industrial craft tables, the market is loaded with a plethora of options.

How to Build a Craft Table?

Check out this video for the craft table project.

Ron Hazelton YouTube Channel


In this post “6 Best Craft Tables For The Home”, we have put together the ultimate list of craft tables for your home so that everyone can find a suitable table that caters to their needs. These tables bring you various features and specifications in elegant and functional designs.

All you have to do now is look into them and finalize which features you require while comparing all these products. We are sure that you will find one that will suit your needs best and bring value to your money.

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