5 Best Dresser Organizer with Drawer | 2023 Review

Organizing your drawer is one of the most important things in the daily life routine. You need to use so many things daily; therefore, its placement needs to be in the right way so you can easily find them in the meantime.

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Apart from that, sometimes you may forget to place things in the home area where you wouldn’t easily find them later. Hence, you would have to buy an additional product even you already own it.

Therefore, organizing them is a good thing so you wouldn’t need to purchase any additional products in the future.

Besides that, when you organize things in the right way, the room’s entire look looks beautiful. Hence, you would also feel good at the same time. But wait, what are the easiest ways to organize your things? Well, the best way to organize clothes in drawers is to buy the dresser organizer for yourself.

5 Best Dresser Organizer With Drawer

5 Best Dresser Organizer with Drawer

Today, we will be going to talk about the best dresser drawer organizer for nursery or adult clothes in this article. All of the products that we will talk about have so much potential to make your life easier. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about it in the below section.

Top 5 Dresser Organizer with DrawersWeight
01. WLIVE 5 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom Organization and Storage23.7 lbs
02. Kamiler 7 Drawer Dresser, Bedroom Furniture Storage Organizer23.2 lbs
03. Sorbus Dresser with 8 Drawers – Furniture Storage Chest Tower31.5 lbs
04. KINGSO Fabric 5 Drawer Dresser Storage Tower Organizer21.4 lbs
05. CubiCubi Dresser Organizer with 7 Drawer, Furniture Storage25.1 lbs

01. WLIVE 5 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom Organization and Storage

Size: 39.4 x 11.8 x 21.3 inches | Color: Grey | Material: MDF, Iron Frame, Non-woven Fabric | Weight: 23.7 pounds | Number of Drawers: 5 | Static Load Capacity of the Table Top: 33 pounds | Static Load Capacity of Each Drawer: 6.6 pounds

First of all, WLIVE is one of the famous brands producing the best organizing products to make the customers’ lives easier. If we talk about WLIVE 5, so it comes with an easy assembling feature. Therefore, you don’t have to hire anyone to fix this drawer for you. It’s so easy, and anyone can do it by their selves. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

The second outstanding thing about this drawer dresser is that it comes with a five-drawer chest. All of them are foldable and removable. Hence, you can easily adjust the drawer without any hurdle. Also, the opening and closing of the drawers are easier for you by just pulling the handle. Also, it comes with Plastic feet, which are adjustable and available to protect the floor from scratches.

You can use these drawers for a long time due to the sturdy structure it offers. The wood used in the drawer’s production is waterproof, and the frame is made up of Steel. If we talk about the fabric, the manufacturer has used high-quality non-woven, which are very easy to clean.

The storage of this Drawer is efficient. Therefore, you can put any accessories you want like Blankets, Clothes, Socks, Scarves, and many more. Also, you can display glasses, books, clocks, and lams on its hard surface.

You can use it for almost multiple Purposes. These drawers are best for entryways, playrooms, nurseries, bedrooms, and closets. It’s beneficial for you because you can have a considerable amount of storage space.


  • Great for Small Apartments.
  • Ideal for Kids Accessories.
  • Good in quality.
  • The assembling of the dresser is easy.
  • It has a beautiful appearance.
  • The style of the drawer is functional.


  • The drawer looks wider in pictures but not that wider.

02. Kamiler 7 Drawer Dresser, Bedroom Furniture Storage Organizer

Size: 31.5 x 11.4 x 30.9 inches | Color: Cream, Brown | Material: Metal, Polyester and MDF Board | Weight: 23.15 pounds | Number of Drawers: 7 | Tabletop Weight Capacity: 66 pounds

Kamler is another best dresser organizer under 100$ that you can use for organizing the clothes or anything else in your bedroom, drawing room, living room, or anywhere else. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

First of all, you will get three different sizes in the drawer to help you sort the items depending upon the type. Also, it has seven different drawers that are foldable and is separate from each other.

The second most important thing about this drawer is its portability properties. You can place it anywhere you want inside the room due to its lightweight and practical design. Also, the same purpose allows you to assemble or disassemble the drawer for yourself easily.

The handles are made up of good quality wooden. Hence, it makes it easier for you to open and close it easily. The bottom side is adjustable, which keeps protecting it from scratches. Also, the wood top area is water-resistant, and you can use it for a longer time.

Also, you can buy a dresser organizer online, the one for yourself depending upon your needs. Also, it comes with all the necessary tools and accessories that make the entire installation procedure of drawers convenient for you.

As said earlier, this Drawer is efficient to keep your house look Tidy than ever. The storage drawer comes with all the functions that help you use it for entryways, Playrooms, Nurseries, Living Room, and bedroom. Also, the benefit of using this best dresser organizer with drawers is that it’s portable due to its lightweight. If you change the house, you can easily transfer to the new place.


  • Non-Toxic Material is used for this Product.
  • It comes with Synthetic breathable fabric, which is easy to clean.
  • Safe for children.
  • Durable.
  • Sturdy.
  • Provides a better and safe place for putting clocks, plants, glass, and cups.


  • Over Priced (Customer Review).
  • Faulty Lineup.

03. Sorbus Dresser with 8 Drawers – Furniture Storage Chest Tower

Size: 34 x 11.5 x 36 inches | Color: Brown | Material: Medium-Density Fibreboard | Weight: 31.5 pounds | Number of Drawers: 8

The Sorbus Dresser comes with an outstanding and trendy design. The developers have used non-woven fabric, durable MDF wood, and a strong steel frame to produce these dressers. Hence, it becomes a one-time investment, which you can use for a long time. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

The de-cluttering and display of this dresser are designed with a hard surface. Therefore, you can easily store any category or material of clothes on this dresser. Meanwhile, it’s efficient for any category of beauty or care product. Also, you can put the kid’s products like toys and any other household item inside the drawer.

Apart from home usage, you can also use it for office purposes. We understand that office files need proper storage not to misplace them. For that purpose, the eight-drawer system can help you sort out the papers depending upon your needs on this drawer.

The drawers are foldable and removable for you. The entire unit is lightweight and provides a sense of portability to make good use of it. If you want to relocate, then it’s also possible for you.

The Sorbus Drawers are pretty much efficient to use for houses, DORM, or offices. You can place clothes, Toys, Grocery items, or anything else to organize them in a single place. It’s beneficial for you because of the foldable and removable drawers that can easily help you relocate it whenever it’s required to you.


  • Durable due to the sturdy material used for its manufacturing.
  • Come with a neutral color that can easily match with any room color combination.
  • It has deep drawer storage, so you can easily store a lot of things in one compartment.
  • Easy opening and closing of drawers due to the Pull Handles feature.


  • It Looks like more than a nightstand.

04. KINGSO Fabric 5 Drawer Dresser Storage Tower Organizer

Size: 32.9 x 11.8 x 30.3 inches | Color: Light Grey | Material: Polyester, Medium-density fibreboard, Iron, Steel, Fabric | Weight: 21.4 pounds | Number of Drawers: 5

KINGSO Fabric 5 Drawer Dresser Storage

First of all, the Assembling of KINGSO is outstanding for any user to understand. It comes with a detailed guide that you can easily follow to implement the assembling procedure. Apart from that, the manufacturers offer you a one-year warranty for the product. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

If you face any issue, the manufacturer will also help you within one day, depending upon the working hours.

This drawer dresser’s construction part is good in quality due to using no deformation steel frame, Thick MDF tabletop, MDF board, Non-woven synthetic fabric, and the adjustable bottom side.

You can use this drawer dresser on any side of the room due to its wide applications. The product is outstanding for both adults and children due to the universal designing implementation. Also, it comes with a five-drawer chest, which makes it the best dresser drawer organizer for nursery or adultery users.

The finishing of the product is outstanding due to the intense work, along with the top-quality color combinations. It’s also the major reason you can use it for multi-purpose without any issues.

The handles of this best dresser organizer with a drawer are made up of aluminum, bringing quality control to the product. Moreover, the drawer’s furniture is lightweight and slim in design, which makes it easy to transfer from one place to any other by even women.

You have so many options to consider whenever considering this top dresser organizer with drawers for yourself. In general, it provides you an organizer unit with a steel frame that makes it super convenient to use in the living room, guest room, bedroom, drawing room, and anywhere else.

If we talk about the benefits of this product, so the most common one is the lightweight. Hence, even a lady can transfer it from one place to another if the male is not home. Also, the detailed guidebook comes with a product that can easily make it possible for anyone to assemble the product.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdier than expected.
  • Functional and attractive for the lower-end storage.
  • Multi-purpose drawer dresser.
  • Perfect for small and wide spaces.


  • Missing Screws in the package (Customer review).
  • It comes as damaged (Customer review).

05. CubiCubi Dresser Organizer with 7 Drawer, Furniture Storage

Size: 17.7 x 11.8 x 31.3 inches | Color: Black | Material: Fabric drawers, Metal, Particle Board| Weight: 23 pounds | Number of Drawers: 7 | Style: Modern

First of all, the non-woven fabric used in the dresser organizer is easy to clean with a wet cloth. Also, the cardboard used in the making of this Dresser is of Solid MDF. Hence, it makes the entire dresser waterproof for anyone. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

For a better appearance, the dresser comes with a modern design. Therefore, you can easily use it for nurseries, closets, entryways, hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms purposes. It keeps only a small area of a room, but the deep compartments help you store as many items as possible.

For floor protection, the manufacturers of this Dresser have included the adjustable feet and the protection of plastic. On top of that, its steel frame is of high-quality material, which improves the product’s durability.

It has three dimensions along with seven drawers. Therefore, you can put different items by category in one drawer and never forget an item for your whole life.

Before using this product, watch a tutorial video containing all the information about its assembling. In this way, you will never break or damage any of its components. Without any idea, the installation procedure might get you in trouble, and all of your money will waste.

This product’s benefit is that it takes less space to stand and provides more space for storing a considerable amount of items.


  • Good in quality.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Affordable.
  • Requires less space to adjust.
  • Deep Storage capacity.


  • You can’t put the TV on top.
  • The middle drawers have alignment issues.


What is the best drawer Organizer for Nursery?

What is the best way to organize clothes in drawers?

There are lots of Dresser organizers with drawer products available online. You can look at different products and choose the one that meets your requirements.


Organizing your Clothes, Groceries, or whatever else that is mandatory to use on daily basis is very important. Sometimes the things you need deliberately would not be found easily as you forgot to recognize where you have placed them. Due to these reasons, you need perfect support that can help you in organizing things.

In this article, we have talked about the ‘5 Best Dresser Organizer with Drawer‘. All of them are unique and offer the same benefits from different angles. So, check them out and resolve the hassles of organizing your important items.

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