Best Wood Wall Shelves to Organize Your Home

Choosing the best wood wall shelves for your home is not an easy task as several choices available for modern wall shelves design. The modern wood wall shelving designs do not give only the finishing touch to your home décor, it has a range of benefits too.

Whether it’s a big house or a small apartment, wood wall shelves with brackets are great. Wooden wall shelves are versatile and stylish to decorate any room in your apartment. It gives an elegant look to your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom but also adds storage and helps you to organize things.

But the most important feature of having floating shelves is that they keep your things organized and making their retrieval convenient. None is denying that an organized room presents serenity and peace.

There is a wide range of shelves available in terms of their use, shapes, colors, and designs. Here we mentioned the 5 best wood wall shelves for your home.

Shabby Chic Shelve

Very few types of furniture can gracefully display timeless beauty as much as shabby furniture pieces, particularly shabby chic shelves.

For people who would like to add a classic touch to their home, shabby chic is for them.  These shelves are versatile enough to set a classic theme or blend with the background.

The shabby chic shelves, iron, and wood wall shelves are particularly durable. You can easily arrange heavy items within the cells that won’t be a problem.

The appearance of shabby chic furniture makes the shelves ideal for homes. The classic themes, wood, or light-colored schemes are great. These shelves are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. The wall-mounted wooden box shelves carrying a mix of decorations and household items, like books, cups, and china.

Natural Shelve

These wood wall shelves are great whether it’s a big house or a small apartment. If you want the convenience of keeping things then they can be easily accessed and displaying your personal possessions.

You can use idle vertical space that is always available along the walls of some room of your home, and thus proving helpful in organizing your personal items, such wall shelves contribute in bringing a neat look to the surroundings, making your room all the more inviting.

Made from natural barn wood wall shelves decor with very practical designs, these are perfectly suited for a mudroom, an entryway, or a child’s room for keeping hats, scarves, and gloves, etc. The best online dealers offer lines of shelves produced by renowned manufacturers.

Corner Shelve

Normally, people forget about the corners of a room when needing more storage or display space.  However, an excellent way of taking advantage of corners is with corner wall shelves. The corner floating shelves are attached to the wall with bolts.  The result is a clean look that creates a perfect space-saving solution, white wall shelves with wooden brackets.

On the other hand, if you want something simple, safe, and affordable for a child’s bedroom, you will find corner floating shelves made from plastic. If you want to use corner floating shelves in a formal dining or living room, you might consider glass and metal materials.  Of course, wood is always an option with corner wood wall shelves, available in a variety of species

If you think you want to use floating corner shelves, make sure that you purchase the materials based on the weight of display items.  If we talk about the most supportive shelves, it is important to understand that typically, corner floating shelves do not hold as much weight as traditional shelving designs.

Elegance Shelve

The wooden shelves made from dark pine, look very elegant and classy. Shelves having a smooth hand finish with rounded corners and open at the top make a good piece of wall art which surely augments the looks of any dining or living room or a master suite.

It is an important thing to install the corner shelves properly. However, the installation is not difficult but it does need to be done right.  When installed properly, wooden wall shelves living room are also strong and stable

Victorian Shelves

These shelves are related to the victorian period which was named after the Queen of England. The core characteristics have remained the same until today.

If you want to add class and elegance to any room victorian style shelves are great. The intricate designs and laborious details exude a chic aura. A victorian-style shelve can add so much beauty whether you are reinventing your living room, bedroom, or above windows.

The wood wall shelves for the kitchen wall with victorian designs remind you of that special era. This design can work with almost any kind of décor including traditional, country, transitional, and contemporary.

As a result, the advantages of floating shelves make them very popular to use as compared with disadvantages.

  • Worthwhile – Economical as compared to cabinets.
  • Save Space – You can save your floor space by using wall floating shelves
  • Easy to Install – The installation of wall shelves is very easy, you can quickly do this task.
  • Easy to Remove – Very easy to disassemble the floating shelves
  • Available in Variety – wood, metal, glass, and plastic handy to choose according to your needs.
  • Size Limitations – You have to follow some limitations.
  • Heavy Load Limitation – Not suitable for heavy items.
  • Wall Holes Required – To make holes in your apartment wall could be a permission issue (landlord not cool with this stuff ).


Wood wall shelves are an excellent medium to organize your frequently used items. These are available in a large variety of designs and shapes. It is important to choose the best wood wall shelving for you, as they may be quite costly to replace immediately. Carved wooden wall shelves are ideal for kitchens in French style or countryside design.

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