The Complete Beginners Guide to Corner Dresser for Bedroom

The most neglected areas in the bedrooms are corners; these narrow spaces can be filled with a corner dresser. They maximize the small bedroom storage capacity and create an outstanding look in the smallest of spots. With this blog, you will find a suitable corner dresser for your bedroom perfectly.

What is a corner dresser for a small bedroom? A corner dresser is a piece of furniture that ensures that you have enough storage space in your small bedroom and takes less space in the bedroom.

Corner dressers are a trendy and stunning piece of storage space furniture, a combination of style and function. They include a lot of additional storage capacity and creates a satisfying scene for your bedroom.

Here are key points to consider when buying a corner dresser for the bedroom.

  • Bedroom space
  • Size
  • Color
  • Design
  • Material quality

Selecting the correct corner dresser will help keep your home maintained and increase the usage of the ignored corner spots. Moreover, you will also be able to reduce the clutter in your bedroom.

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Types of Corner Dresser

In particular,  the first consideration in choosing a corner dresser is the design. This will filter your choices and give you a clean approach to your decision. The design of a dresser is an essential feature that gives way to the style, builds, and other features.

Following is the classification of different corner dressers by size, durability, material, and design. 

Modern Corner Dresser

Modern style dresser is given to a specific strain of configuration, so if you are looking for a modern look for your bedroom, Black Sonoma Dresser is a perfect choice as it has a modern vibe yet the features are quite practical 6 drawers which provide you with enough space for linen and delicate clothing. 

The top shelf is so large that a mirror or some decorative pieces can easily be set up to beautify bedrooms. 

Moreover, pinewood is made for the drawers; this adds durability to the furniture and increases its aesthetic appeal. The dresser has a challenging assembly, as there are many pieces to put together.

We recommend this Safavieh Modern Retro Walnut Dresser:

Safavieh Modern Retro Walnut Dresser

Traditional Corner Dresser

Traditional dresser includes a definite look, with wood structures, a touch of embellishing, and general shape and lines. Traditional fresser comes with six drawers and gives a sophisticated look to any small bedroom.

It’s a versatile natural color match for the bedroom, no matter what the motive is. It also goes well with other furniture pieces and helps organize clothes and other items with ease. You will definitely love this functional and chic dresser.

However, we don’t recommend it for those who prefer a slim design for a dresser because it is rather bulky. If you need more storage space, this dresser is a steller. 

We recommend this Ashley 6 Drawer Dresser:

Ashley 6 Drawer Dresser

Corner High Dresser

The high dresser has five drawers to store anything that you need easily. This includes attractive and functional design, straight lines; furthermore, its knob gives a modern look though it is a classic dresser. 

It’s a solid piece that works well in small bedrooms because of the vertical high vertical shape you can easily manage space for, instead of a large horizontal dresser that often needs a large space to be set against. So this dresser is an ideal choice for small spaces.

Similarly, it is an integral piece of furniture; you won’t be able to manage a small bedroom without it. Available in a few different colors makes it even easier to match it to your room and make sure that it becomes an essential element of your room. 

Safety first, and this corner dresser comes with a fall-over refrainment, so don’t worry about your kids trying to climb on it and accidentally pulling it over on themselves.

We recommend this Henf 5 Drawers Dresser:

Henf 5 Drawers Dresser

Corner Hutch Dresser

For your room, having a hutch dresser is a great idea. Even though a hutch can be useful for extra space for clothes and other wear, this includes six drawers that have a classic look due to large size and easy to access drawers, surely you will love it. 

It has a round knob that never goes out of style, As well as every drawer operates on plastic glides, using this drawer in silent mode. You can display anything like a table clock, potted plants, or jewelry chest on the large top.

We recommend this MilanHome 6 Drawer Dresser:

MilanHome 6 Drawer Dresser

Types of Corner Dresser by Materials

Corner Dressers are one of the few pieces of furniture that are made of wood. Beyond tradition, wood construction in corner dressers is the most universal and durable material. While the majority of dressers are made of wood, there are some exceptions. Now, dressers are also available in metal, leather, and wicker material.

Wood: You will get a full world of choices and designs, as the wood has experienced every design change in the dresser’s history. From small to large to expand contemporary styles, wood is used in various corner dresser designs.

Woven: Woven materials like rattan or wicker are crafted from plastic or fibres. This type of material has a strong resistance to stains and dumps and also lightweight. This material gives a cottage appearance and style, also used with wood in drawer making.

Metal: Certainly, metal is less used material than wood or woven; metal corner dressers are available in various designs. From fully metallic to hybrid dresser incorporated with wood, the metal used to provide a lightweight and innovative frame for dressers.  

Leather: While the dresser’s whole structure is made from wood, some of its pieces are fully boosted with a leather surface to give a delightful textural look. This type of corner dresser has button tufted drawers.

Designs of Corner Dresser

By structure, the corner dresser has a different variety according to its structure. The following are a brief description of those corner dressers.

Corner Dresser with Mirror: This standard corner dresser is one of the oldest pieces of furniture. These dressers are oriented horizontally, containing two columns of drawers, a half size mirror.

Corner Mini Dresser: A special minimalist frame corner dresser, this dresser features a single column of drawers, sometimes short frame, these have a plain surface for writing, but nowadays, they have horizontal surfaces.

Corner Clothes Dresser: This type of dresser is a configuration of a drawer column paired with a large cabinet door. This dresser has a large capacity to hang suits, pants, and other clothes.

Corner Dresser with Desk: Most people use a corner dresser as a vanity, this dresser made out of particle board, with letterbox drawers, 

Corner Dresser for Nursery

In a nursery, the corner dresser works as a changing table, too, by placing a changing pad on the top, And I’m sure there is no need to buy a new one. It is very convenient to store all clothes and other items in drawers. So, it is best practice to have everything in one place. 

The best position for a corner dressed in a baby’s room is the doorway, so when you need a napkin for your baby, you can easily access it. Ensure that the dresser is far enough from the cot, so that baby’s little hands won’t reach the products on the table.

Likewise, if you want a nursery dresser that will satisfy the needs of babies. Consider the following tips from the pros.

  • Choose a funky arty theme and stick with it.
  • Always take a minimalist approach.
  • Think safety first
  • Avoid such items that won’t grow with your baby.
  • Color-coding

We recommend this Storkcaft Alpine Dresser for Any Kids Bedroom or Baby Nursery:

Storkcaft Alpine Dresser Any Kids Bedroom or Baby Nursery

Men’s Corner Dresser

As usual, a men’s dresser is used for storage space, as it has plenty of room for random things, also attached with a huge mirror, which is great for hair when you go out. Storing them out of season clothes could take more storage space. But additionally consider other storage options, like to vacuum pressing clothes. 

Men’s dresser can be used as vanity and store cosmetics and other essentials like a lamp, a mirror, and a storage tray; choices may differ, but these products enhance dresser display.

Above the dresser hang a photo, artwork, or mirror, centered on the furniture. For a large dresser, Place an art or mirror and balance it with boxes or tall vases.

Follow these guidelines for styling:

  • Add height with a vase, lamp tall flower box.
  • Add medium size pieces to balance the gap between low and high.
  • Mix shapes and materials mirror, ceramic, or lacquer bottles.

We recommend this WLIVE Industrial Corner Dresser Organizer for Men:

WLIVE Industrial Closet Organizer


If a home has built-in storage spaces, there are still chances to purchase a corner dresser for a small bedroom to store your items and clothes and reduce clutter. So consider these specific points when purchasing the best dresser for your bedroom.

  • Materials for functional corner dressers
  • Types and styles of corner dressers
  • Measurement of your bedroom space and size of dresser

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