A Comprehensive Guide to Select the Foldable Dining Table

Whether you love outdoor BBQ or any event at home, you need a dining space to place items. Indeed, a folding table is a functional product in this regard, depending on the intended use.   

What is a folding dining table? A compact and convenient table that doesn’t occupy a lot of space can be appropriately folded to have ample space in a small room. 

Furthermore, a folding table looks amazingly smart in the dining room or outside for a picnic or BBQ. It is effortless to transport or store; its legs have non-merging tips that won’t scratch the floors. Also, featuring a comfortable handle to carry and legs collapse inwards.

The surface is easy to clean and available in different materials like wood, metal, plastic, particleboard, and resin, which have their features regarding weather or conditions. When the table is not in use, it can easily be locked into place for free space. These are also available in various designs, shapes, colors, and sizes.   

So, let’s look at some different types of folding dining tables Perfect to accompany you on all family events and daily routine life.

Folding Dining Table for Small Space

Most of us don’t have the luxury of unlimited space in the dining room, So dining furniture should be practical and to arrange in a stack when needed. We’ve tracked some foldable dining tables that are suitable for small spaces.

Square Folding Table: Size matters in small dining rooms, so this 80cm table is neat and best suited. These are available in wood and a combination of aluminum frame and laminate upper. It is stable and requires minimal space, as well.

Round Folding Table: With its creative moveable paired legs design, this dining table has a 150 cm diameter with a maximum capacity of six to eight chairs. It is made of tropical Asian timber trees, featuring a reliable hidden place for parasols, so you don’t need to worry about a separate base.

Outdoor Foldable dining Table: The outdoor dining table is neat and clean, for stability and design comes in a grey color. This 80 cm folding table is made from Polywood and resistant to Ultra Violet and moisture.

Garden Butler Table: I need a substitute for the main table; then, this butler folding table tray is best. It is suitable for an afternoon tea party and a makeshift bar. This small table is strong enough to hold small items, bottles, and other eatables. It is made from forest-based organic materials like eucalyptus.

Foldable Dining Table Set

Often you find dining rooms with a big traditional table that is too large for the room. Sleek and folding tables will look better but also allow you to expand your lifestyle.

Garden Bistro Table Set: These tables are suitable for minimalist spaces (even put in into the balcony). This folding table set comprises two chairs and a round table. Besides,  the whole dining set is foldable and easy to store and transport. This attractive set is made of durable steel. 

Five Piece Wooden Dining Table Set: Add some extra budget for this traditional wooden dining table set, comprising four foldable chairs and a 90cm octagonal table. This durable dining set is made from Malaysian hardwood, and for extra protection, teak oil is added.  

Flora Metal Dining Table Set: Compact and reliable, suitable for small size dining rooms, gardens, and balconies. Light-weight by look but strong and sturdy, easy to fold and store. This set is so tiny that you can keep them in your car for a picnic.

Hardwood Bistro Table Set: This high-quality square table and chairs are made of durable acacia wood and oiled by hand for extra protection. If you love traditional styles, this dining table is neat and discreet. Cushions are also available for this set.

Extendable Folding Dining Table

What is an extendable dining table? An extendable dining table is made of hardwood such as maple, and the upper side is not big enough to make the entire top. It can be extended in length by inserting a leaf.

It is glued with 2 or 3 other pieces. Two of the elements become permanent, and other parts are gathered when the need arises. 

  • Extendable tables can maximize their size  
  • Convenient – easy to fold and unfold
  • Other parts are also durable and resistant.

Selecting Perfect Dining Table 

A dining table is a spot where friends and family gather over delicious food. Many people buy a suitable table according to their needs, but you should consider the size, shape, and style before purchasing the folding dining table.

Style: The first consideration for buying is where and how you will use the dining table. If your table is an extension of the kitchen or any room, you will use it for homework, craft, and food preparation; in this case, you need a reliable surface that won’t damage easily.

Size: It is also vital to have chairs and tables that fit the measurement of the room. Follow these guidelines for a suitable dining table for your dining room. 

  • Allow 38 inches space between wall and table for walking. 
  • Leave 24 inches space between each seat to avoid elbow hitting.
  • The maximum width should be 48 inches. And 36 should be a minimum.
  • If you have enough space, extend the table size according to the number of persons.

Selecting the Right Shape: Creating a brilliant and convenient scene shape of the table is also essential. Dining tables can be rectangular, square, round, and oval.

  • Rectangular:  This shape is suitable for rectangular rooms, and also ideal shape for more than four seating. Besides, it comes with leaves that extend the length of the table.
  • Square: It is best for square dining rooms and small guests. For special events, put two square tables to make a rectangular for large guests-list.
  • Round: A smaller square-shaped-room or a small room round table is perfect as it creates an inward and comfortable look. A larger group of guests choose a round table with leaves to make it into an oval.
  • Oval: This table is similar to a rectangular dining table, but it takes less space beside the rectangular table. So it is also suitable for smaller or narrow dining rooms.

Round vs. Rectangular dining table

The essential element in a dining room, without a doubt, is a dining table, such as a vital role in a drama. Some people choose a round table, and others need a rectangular one. Both have their cons and pros. 

Now, it is up to you to decide which one is suitable for you to help you in this regard. Here are some disadvantages and advantages of both tables.

Related Questions:

What is the best folding table?

The best folding table fits in the room, is made of hardwood, is sustainable, and won’t sag over time like other wood furniture. 

The extended folding table is best in my opinion as people need them occasionally, and they need a table they want a fixed option. 

Those who need space on frequently extendable folding tables are the best solution, as they are easy to use and can easily be folded or unfolded.

What are the best folding chairs?

Suppose you have a picnic program or are experiencing a seating shortage. In this case, foldable chairs are the best option. These dominate and underrate additional seating space on a picnic or outdoor BBQ, providing a compact and comfortable way to enjoy. 

When these chairs are not in use, fold up until they are needed. You will be glad to have reliable and versatile folding chairs.


A foldable dining table is an essential and functional item in the dining table. While round and rectangular, both are surprisingly decent. There is a big difference in terms of function. So,  you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of these dining tables.

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