How to Select the Dining Table for Small Spaces?

The selection of a dining table can be difficult if you are living in a small apartment and already have tight space problems. I was learning about how to manage things in tight spaces, so I did some research and decided to share it by writing a helpful post.

How to Select the Dining Table for Small Spaces?

These four steps will help you to choose the best dining table for small spaces.

The size of the dining table depends on the number of people and the available area in your kitchen or dining room where you want to place the dining table.

Another important point is the chair selection, for small spaces, the design of chairs really matters. Some dining tables come in a set of chairs that are manufactured in such a way that fits with the dining table.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing a dining table separately, then select the chairs that occupy less space and are easily movable underneath the dining table. 

Standard Sizes of Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Number of PersonsIndividual Table Size Round Table SizeOval Table SizeSquare Table Size
One Person60cm x 60cm
Two Person70cm x 70cm74cm to 76cm75cm x 105 cm75cm x 75cm 
Four Person90cm to 92cm75cm x 150 cm90cm x 90cm

Dining Tables for Small Spaces

The dining tables are available in different shapes like squares, rectangles, and round. Also, the selection of the right shape of the dining table depends on your room shape. The seating arrangement also plays an important role in dining table selection.

If you’re an individual, then you can select a 60 x 60cm size dining table, that is small enough to fulfill the requirements of a person. If you have some extra space in your room, then you can choose a bigger size of around 70 x 70cm.

Round Dining Table

The round dining tables are ideal for tight spaces and look good in the kitchen, dining room, or any other shape room. Another benefit of having a round dining table is that you can easily walk around the table because of its round edges. 

For small spaces I consider only two sizes, the ideal diameter of a round dining table:

  • For Two Person: 74cm to 76cm 
  • For Four Person: 90cm to 92cm

There are many benefits of having round dining tables, and you can easily use chairs during the meal, seating is comfortable and easy to adjust in a small space.

Square Dining Table

The square dining tables are suitable for a square shape dining room. This table is ideal for your dining requirements, and if you are two people, the placement of the table beside the wall can save much space.

For small spaces I am considering two sizes, the ideal dimensions of a square dining table:

  • For Two Person: 75 x 75 cm 
  • For Four Person: 90 x 90 cm

The square dining tables are a good solution if you have fewer people and a small space in your room. If you like modern designs, then a square table is a perfect solution.

Oval Dining Table

The oval-shaped dining tables are different from the traditional round and square-shaped tables. Also, the modern shape of the oval dining table provides an elegant look to the room.

The standard size of an oval dining table for the small room:

  • For Two Person: 75 x 105 cm 
  • For Four Person: 75 x 150 cm

The oval shape dining table is a great option for small spaces; the top of this table takes very little space as compared to round and square-shaped dining tables.

Folding Dining Table

Folding dining tables are a good option for small space areas. Also, the folding tables are easy to use and portable, these are also great for outdoor activities.

In small or studio-type apartments where kitchen size is tight, the folding tables and folding chair works great. You can use a folding table and save space instead of using a standard dining table.

There are many benefits of having folding dining tables; you can easily fold them and store them anywhere in the house. Moreover, this type of dining table is portable and easy to transport due to its lightweight. If we talk about the price as compared with other traditional dining tables, its price is affordable.

Are Round Dining Tables Better for Small Spaces?

The round tables are ideal for small spaces, and if you have smaller and square-shaped rooms, then you should buy the round dining tables.

The round dining tables give you extra space and give a stylish look to your room. The round dining tables look great in any shape of the room, whether it’s square or round. 

How much space do you need around a dining table?

You should leave at least 130cm of space around the dining table. This amount of space around the dining table is good enough to use the chairs easily during the meal.

The space around the dining table is generally considered as the distance between the edges of the dining table and the wall.

If this space is tight, then seating will be difficult; however, you can manage this according to the available area in your room and the selection of dining table sizes.

How do you maximize space in a small dining room?

There are several things that you can do to maximize your small dining room.

What is the dining table best for a small space?

A small size round table is best for a small room or kitchen. The round tables look perfect in square-shaped small rooms, and the round edges of dining tables provide extra space to walk easily around the area as compared to square tables.

If the room is square-shaped and there are empty corners, then you can also use a square-shaped table. However, if you want to keep the table in the middle of the room or beside the wall, then you should use round tables.


Finally, you can select the small size dining table by considering the room size, the number of persons (two or four), dining table, and chairs shape. Also, after a lot of research, I found that the best dining table for a small size room or kitchen is round or oval-shaped that will provide some extra space as compared to the square tables.