How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet? (8 Helpful Tips)

In Kitchens, the most critical area that is primarily used is the Faucet area. Also, it’s considered the room’s focal point when the design is treated in the best way.

In general, giving your kitchen a beautiful appearance and extensive space is possible due to the faucets—meanwhile, it’s considered the economical and more accessible way for everyone.

How to choose Kitchen Faucet? When choosing the perfect kitchen faucet, you should consider the faucet types, size, installation location, material, design, and features. If the kitchen faucet provides you better functionalities but normal looks, then you should go for it.

The functionalities also play an essential role at the time of choosing a kitchen faucet. You do need it to confirm easiness in your daily life tasks.

However, if the kitchen faucets provide you both things, it would be a treat for you.

When you go for a beautiful Faucet design in the kitchen, it will change the whole appearance of the room. In other words, you will get the results out of the box depending upon your needs.

But, getting adequate results out of it is only possible when you are doing the whole process more smartly.

For that reason, you need to understand the whole process and the essential things that go behind it.

Therefore, we are here with this article that will tell you the entire thing in detail. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Considerations for Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

how to choose a kitchen faucet

There are important considerations before you make a final decision to choose a kitchen faucet. Therefore, we are here to elaborate the whole thing for you in categories. In other words, below will be the road map for you that you need to consider at the time of purchasing Kitchen faucets.

Types of Kitchen Faucet

In general, you will get to know about the two significant types of Kitchen faucets in the market. Surprisingly, the use of both types is different from each other.

So when you want to select one out of it, you should understand the primary purpose or reasons to choose the significant kitchen faucet type.

Counter Mounted

The common installation type of faucet in the market is Deck or counter mounted. In this type, you will be happy to know that an extensive amount of variety is available.

You will get three-hole, double-hole, and single-hole mounts in these Kitchen faucets, which bring you a considerable amount of varieties.

Hence, the counter-mounted Faucets tend to use any kitchen with extensive counter space and numerous facilities.

Wall mounted

The wall-mounted Faucets tends to use rarely by people. However, it doesn’t mean that their usage is not evident. Some people have limited counter space and smaller kitchens; therefore, these faucets will work brilliantly for the same kitchen owners.

At the same time, if you are looking for a modern style, industrial, or clean kitchen, then the same wall-mounted Kitchen faucets will be the best consideration for you.

Faucet Size

Size is always an essential thing at the time of selecting whether a counter or wall-mounted faucets. Without the sizes, you are unable to make the right decisions.

When you are pretty much sure about the faucet size, it will help you fit perfectly with the sink. The handling of the kitchen faucets depending upon the size matters a lot. When you select the right size, it will help you to handle it easily.

Meanwhile, you have to identify that there will be enough space for the installation place.


After the installation types, the next important thing in the Kitchen faucet selection is understanding its features. Here, the most important one is the spray heads.

You have to give importance to the spray head feature as it brings you major focal points like it fills the pots and pans on a larger scale conveniently.

Meanwhile, the cleanup factor is also evident and more accessible in this regard.

Touch less Options

The touchless option is another critical feature that you should consider when purchasing a kitchen faucet. With this feature, you can use the kitchen easily along with maintaining its cleanliness. Why?

Because it won’t allow you to touch the knob or handle and works automatically. Therefore, the spread of bacteria or germs is limited.

While Touchless options provide you with outstanding capabilities, it’s essential to know about its installation cost. In general, you will get this feature between $300 and $400. If you are capable of covering or bear the cost, then you should go for it.

At the same time, more complex touchless options in the kitchen faucets come at more rates. Meanwhile, the installation of the technology is also complex and requires a professional person.

Filtration Features

After Touchless technology, Filtration is an additional component that comes separately for the kitchen faucets. It is usually installed under the sink area.

Therefore, it’s essential to include touch-less technology. The benefit of the Filtration feature is that you will get water that comes with good taste and zero chances of health risks.

The filter individually installs with the sink that helps to remove the contaminants and chemicals from it.

At the same time, your sink will produce delicious tasting, clean, and pleasant water.

Faucet Design and Finish:

When purchasing Kitchen Faucets, you will have to look upon two major other things, such as the design and Finish. So, let’s start talking about them individually.

Faucet Designs

  • Ball Faucets: When you plan to purchase a faucet for the kitchen, a ball faucet will be a common and important consideration for you. It’s a washer-less faucet, which is mainly used for the kitchens. The rounded cap is attached above the spout area in the ball Faucet, along with a single handle attached to it. The flow of water controls with the help of a metal or plastic ball, which will be inside the body controls.
  • Disc Faucet: The Disc faucets tend to be advanced designs with a wide cylindrical body and have a single lever over them. The cold and hot water tends to mix in this faucet with the help of a pressure balance cartridge.
  • Two Handle: The two-handle Kitchen faucet design is also known as the cartridge faucet. In this faucet, the water flow control is possible due to the movable stem that goes up and down.
  • Compression Washer Faucet: The last faucet design tends to be the older one you would see mainly in the homes.

Faucet Finishing

In terms of Faucet Finishing, you will get a tremendous amount of options such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, chrome, nickel, matte, gold-played, oil-rubbed metals, and many more.

Faucet Material

Understanding the faucet material is also an important thing to look upon when considering the Kitchen faucet. Therefore, you need to know about the common material types that are used for the faucets.

In general, the most common materials are stainless steel and brass. As it’s common, therefore, the rates of these material types of Faucets are higher. If the budget suits you to install these Faucet material types, then you should go for it.

On the other hand, zinc alloy is a material that is very rare to use by kitchen owners. Hence, the rates of this type are slightly less expensive.

Short Tips for Choosing Kitchen Faucet

Practical factors play an essential role other than looks. Therefore, you need to give it a lot of importance. For your convenience, we have mentioned a list of tips below.

  • At the time of buying a Kitchen Faucet, make sure to spend enough. At least $100 is the minimum to consider for the kitchen faucet. Anything that Is below that will bring you low-quality, which is not an ideal practice.
  • Long term durability and convenience of Kitchen faucets should be your primary priority. The majority of the people consider the looks, which is not a wrong thing but also leads you towards major mistakes and harsh experiences.
  • When looking for Faucet Finishes, makes sure it matches better with the other objects of your Kitchen.
  • It’s better to go with Ceramic values type of Kitchen faucets because it restricts the drips.
  • Make sure to buy a kitchen faucet whose reach and height of the spout are ideal.
  • Go with the kitchen faucet that comes with a single handle as it’s the convenient option for you.
  • Counting the number of holes is essential for you when you are switching the handles quantity.
  • As compared to the old side sprayers, make sure to go with the pull-down sprayer type.

Kitchen Faucet FAQs

Which brand of Kitchen Faucet is best?

  • For high-end consumers, Moen is the best brand.
  • Kohler is ideal for those who consider the faucets in terms of better design.
  • Pfister is the best for those who are looking for a variety of options.
  • For commercial-type faucets, considering Kraus is an ideal option.

How much should I spend on a kitchen faucet?

For a kitchen faucet, you should spend at least $100.

Does Kitchen Faucet need to match the Sink?

The kitchen faucets don’t need to match the sinks at all. It never supports the functionality aspects; however, it does support the visual aspect. You can have different styles, materials, finishes, or colors without any issues.


Finally, whether the design is good or not, look out at the finishing of the faucet. If it’s worth it, then it would be easy to go with it. But, at the same time, you have to check out the reach and height of the spout, which is also an important consideration throughout the time.

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