How To Decorate A Dining Table When Not In Use? (12 Chic Ideas)

Good food is an excuse to bring people together. Your dining table witnesses all those cries and laughter, happiness and sorrow you had on it while having a meal. But when you are not there, it feels like being abandoned. 

The place where you had enjoyed good times while sitting together with your friends and family is there lonely waiting for your next gathering. You may be thinking of how to make your dining table look appealing while it is not in use. 

The following is the list of our 12 chic ideas to decorate your dining table when it is not in use.

  • Cover It with a Lovely Tablecloth
  • Vases or Vessels
  • Candle Pillars
  • Planted Pots
  • Ocean Water Vases
  • Fruits Baskets 
  • Add Texture with a Tray
  • Aesthetic Pottery Decoration
  • Use of Cutlery Holders
  • Mix Multiple Ideas
  • Fake or Real
  • Stack of Your Favorite Books
How To Decorate A Dining Table When Not In Use Pinterest

Besides accommodating festive meals, your dining table can be a good piece of furniture to decorate and spruce up with different embellishments. It is an integral part of dining hall furniture and must get some attention even when you are not using it to serve meals. 

If you are not sure how to maintain your dining table, we will give you a handful of ideas to decorate it. So now, instead of leaving it barren, you will have some nice things to grace the empty table. 

Some Chic, Realistic, and Affordable Ideas For Dining Table Décor

1. Cover It With A Lovely Tablecloth

Buying a tablecloth is the most functional and smart way to get a 2-in-1 solution for your naked dining table. It will prevent dust particles from accumulating on the surfaces and undersides, keeping your dining table clean. Moreover, if you invest in a high-end fabric, such as silk, it will also beautify your dining table. You can get it in different designs and colors as per your personal tastes. Be it vibrant patterns or pastel stripes, you will have various choices at your disposal when shopping from the market. 

Next time, when you host a feast, remember that you can either remove it from the table or keep it there (if it suits you) to receive compliments from the visitors. It is totally up to your choice.

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2. Vases or Vessels

Do you also think that a tablecloth isn’t enough to adore your large dining table? Well! Many people do. No worries, as there are many more things you can add up to the list to place on your tabletop. First, get a set of 3 vessels, be it any material and in different sizes.

Now, place them in the center of your dining room table. Viola! Your table is all set to draw attention while entering the dining area. You can also pop up your dining table with different kinds of vases. Ceramic, glass, wood, and resin, all these materials are available in the decoration vases.

You can either place a large vase in the center or arrange a few small vases in a group. Vases of different shapes and heights clustered in the middle look more dramatic and eye-catching. 

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3. Iconic Candle Pillars

In my opinion, candle pillars or stands are the most iconic way to grace your dining table. Displaying a candle pillar along the length of your table looks oh-so-classic whether the dinner is served or not.

Remember that crystal candlestick you got as a present at your wedding? Is it still packed in the gift paper with no intention to use it? Yes, you got it right. Take it out, clean it, and put it on your table. A vintage-style metal candle holder can also elevate the look of your empty table. 

There are also some luxurious or silver-plated candle pillars you may look for, for a modern finish. By using scented candles in these candle pillars, you can create a perfect ambiance to entertain the guests at any festive dinner. 

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4. Planted Pots

This nature-inspired idea to decorate your dining table ideally works for a nature lover. You can find some foliage in your garden to make a DIY pot for decoration. 

If you want to add a more realistic touch, collect some tulips or rosemary from planting them in a pot and place them on your tabletop. This simple idea to décor your dining table brings elegance and sophistication to your dining room. 

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5. Ocean Water Vases

Another way to get life to your barren dining table is by placing an ocean water vase. You can customize it by stuffing flowers of your choice. These cylindrical glass vases combining elegance and functionality give us major inspo. 

They can also be used as a standalone decoration piece. In contrast, to keep fresh flowers on display on your table, this low-maintenance ocean glass vase seems more practical. 

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6. Fruit Basket 

Keep fresh fruits in a woven basket and keep them on your dining table when not using them to have a meal. Whether natural or artificial fruit, they can bring life and colors to the table. 

If placed on a tabletop, fresh fruit will also keep the family members passing by the table to stop, engage with the table, and get a healthy diet.

Moreover, if you put fresh fruit in the basket, they will be kept replacing with seasonal fruit. This way, you can have a variety of fruit and a unique look after every few weeks. 

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7. Add Texture with A Tray

An incredible way to add texture to your bare dining room table is by getting it a decorative tray centerpiece. It will probably be the best idea to occupy the center space of your table and make it look captivating. 

There are several stylish and heart-winning centerpieces or decorative trays in the market. From a rustic farmhouse tray to a modern tiered tray centerpiece, anything looks amazing. It not only serves ornamental purposes but efficiently works to keep your table accessories organized. 

In addition, you can use it to hold the coffee mugs, spices, sauces, and napkins in place. It is a small collector on your dining table that looks so chic and enhancing your dining table. 

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8. Aesthetic Pottery Decoration

Turn the heads with some aesthetic pottery decoration articles on your dining table. If you love and admire art, this is for you. 

You can keep on the display some of your own pottery art, DIYs, or art collection to make a statement. Please don’t make it clutter by putting all your pottery arts at once. Instead, keep replacing them after a few weeks to entertain your guests with a new look.

Earthen-tone pottery brings warmth to a festive dinner. 

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9. Use of Cutlery Holders

Cutlery Holders are pretty common to kitchen countertops. However, keeping them on the dining table can also be a good option to opt for. It is also a common table accessory to keep essentials arranged and in place. 

It is a common practice to have cutlery stands or holders on the dining table in many households. Wooden cutlery holders and steel cutlery stands are often used to serve the purpose. If you want to keep the decoration simple yet functional, cutlery holders are perfect for you. 

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10. Mix Multiple Ideas

If you own a large dining hall and a dining table, you definitely need more stuff to make your dining table look appealing when you are not using it. 

However, you can combine different items to occupy a sufficient area of your dining table. Going with an asymmetrical decoration is another way to make the most of the limited sources. 

11. Fake or Real

As mentioned above, there are many ideas you can opt for with dual characteristics. Fake or real fruits, flowers, and greenery, anything that you have access to, easily can be your go-to option for a decoration purpose. 

However, if you can’t maintain the natural ones with proper care, always go for the artificial stuff created for ornamental purposes. This way, you won’t need to look after them, and the job of accommodating the space of the dining table will be rightly done. 

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12. Stack of Your Favorite Books

Until you don’t have any guests to entertain on the dining table, get it to turn into your reading spot. 

Collect some of your favorite books that you like to read again and again and put them in the center of the dining table. It isn’t necessary to keep novels or plays; you can also keep a pile of magazines or cooking diaries for a quick review while cooking something new. 

Final Thoughts:

During holiday dinners, events, and parties, your dining table remains full of appetizing meals, gifts, and scrumptious snacks. But how do you take care of it when you don’t have any need to do is the real job.

An empty dining table looks like a silent, gloomy kid sitting in the corner, crying out for attention. Hence, it deserves to be taken care of even when you don’t feel like using it for the next few weeks. 

You may choose whatever you like from the tips mentioned above and ideas to keep your dining table presentable all time. 

If you want to find something that goes well with your dining hall theme, browse Instagram for suggestions and tips. You can easily find there many practicable and artistic ideas to create an impact with minimal details.

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