How To Select The Best Modern Dining Table?

The dining table is the place where family & friends gather to enjoy a delicious meal, share jokes and catch up. So, it’s no wonder that most people buy a dining table just before the holidays. In this post ‘How To Select The Best Modern Dining Table’, we focused on you should consider a few points first, before you decide to buy a table you fall in love with.  

Choosing a perfect dining table can be a laborious task especially when you do not know about it. To find a perfect dining table for your home considers these points in mind. First of all the size of the dining table, shape, style, material and the size of your dining room. 

The dining room table that you select must allow you to seat easily and also have space where they can walk around the table. If you’re worried about selecting a dining table then the following guide will be a great help to you. 

Things to consider choosing a perfect dining table

So let’s get started on what points should be taken into consideration when buying a table. 

01. Budget

The first, most important thing you must consider before going to a furniture shop to buy a table is your budget. In this case, your aim should be in getting a high-quality table. If you get a high-quality dining table in the amount of money that you spend, then you will be a happier person ever. 

02. Style

One of the most important considerations is your lifestyle, how and where you want to use your table?

If you have a large family and you want to use the table as an extension of the dining room or kitchen to prep food or homework. Then you need a more casual style table with a strong and durable surface that will not damage easily.

Whereas, if you’re looking for a formal dining table to use only for special events, then you have a lot of options to choose an ornate table. 

03. Material

When it comes to choosing the quality material for your dining table, you should first choose the material which is suitable for the style, after that you can choose which meets your needs. For example, if you want to use your dining table for everyday meals then you should prefer a wooden table with a warm rustic style.

The preferences should be given to those materials that offer a better appeal to other pieces of furniture in your dining room. Some common materials are listed below. 

  • Wood: wood can be finished with any shade whether high polished cherry or rustic. Premium quality dining tables are made from solid wood so they can be repaired easily. 
  • Glass: Glass table tops make visual lights in the room and make it a suitable choice for a dark painted room. The topside can be paired with a flower base and works well with many decor styles. In addition, you don’t have to worry about water, stains or heat damage. 
  • Veneer: When a layer of wood is glued with a fibreboard or plywood it’s called veneer. Although these types of materials look beautiful and available in numerous design patterns not recommended, they can be damaged by water easily so you must avoid them. 
  • Metal: including, zinc, brass and stainless steel or their painted model are used mostly for bases than tabletops because the metal is a durable material and cannot be damaged. But due to its shiny surface, it shows fingerprints and requires special cleaning. These tables are usually hard to repair but are less expensive than wood. 

04. Size

Maintaining a balance between the space and size of the table improves the function and style of your room, so selecting a perfect size of the dining table according to the available space in your room is so important. 

We recommend that leave at least three 3 spaces between chairs and the wall behind so people can easily get up and down from the table. Mapping out to place the table with measuring tape will make it easier to set your dining table in your room. 

You should also consider the number of guests or family to accommodate for daily meals or special occasions. For five to six guests a rectangular table with a length of 65 inches is recommended. On the other hand, a round table requires 45-55 inches diameter to accommodate five to six guests. 

If you want to host a larger gathering a few times in a year, then you should invent an extendable table which is a smart solution so you can accommodate all your guests at a time.  Also, don’t forget to buy some extra chairs for these special occasions. 

05. Shape 

The shape of a dining table also plays an important role in creating a balanced and beautiful space. 

  • Rectangular: A rectangular shape is so common because most of the dining rooms are also rectangular. In addition, it’s also an ideal shape for seating more than five guests. Rectangular dining tables are a flexible and smart option since they come with extendable leaves for larger gatherings.  
  • Square: A square dining table is suitable for a square room. It’s also a great choice if you have a small gathering like three to four guests. Moreover, you can put together two square tables to make a rectangular table for special events. 
  • Round: A round dining table is the best choice for a small space or square rooms. It’s a great shape for a small family and creates an intimate look. For more functionality, buy a table with extendable leaves so you can change it into an oval shape to accommodate larger gatherings. 
  • Oval: An oval table works as a rectangular dining table, but physically it takes less space because of the round corners. So, oval dining tables are the best option for a smaller size room. 


What Is Trending In Dining Room Tables?

Nowadays mixing texture and styles are trending include benches, upholstered chairs, round tables, retro-inspired styles. 

Are Metallic Dining Tables Out Of Style?

Most of the designers agreed that we’re seeing more metallic dining tables as these are durable and strong. Metal will go into an accent position and will be an ideal choice.

Which Is A Better Round Or Rectangular Table? 

The round dining tables are a perfect choice for small spaces. Rectangular tables are a more advantageous and flexible option because you can place them against the wall to save space or extend them to accommodate more guests. 


In this post ‘How To Select The Best Modern Dining Table’, we typically suggest getting a round dining table in a square living room as it just usually makes the most sense spatially. In terms of finish, I would choose maybe a whitewash or grey wash table to bridge the white cabinetry with the wood floors. Then add in colour and softness with your drapery, rug, chandelier.