Is Mango Wood Good for a Dining Table (A Detailed Guide)

Mango wood is becoming increasingly popular for the production of furniture due to its low cost and fascinating texture. Is mango wood good for a dining table?

The characteristics of mango wood make it suitable for the production of dining tables, drawers, and doors since it is strong, durable, and categorized as hardwood. Mango wood doesn’t require much processing or drying after harvesting, so its furniture is cheaper.

Mango wood is not widely found throughout the world. It is found primarily in the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, and Bangladesh regions. Mango wood has a moderate quality, but it is quite popular within the wood industry. Keep reading to learn about types, comparisons, styles, pros, and cons of Mango Wood Dining Tables.

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is mango wood good for dining table

Pros and Cons of Mango Wood

Low maintenanceScratches very easily
Cheaper in priceModerate wood quality
Water-resistantPolish and coating are required to enhance the durability
Easy to cleanExternal finish required to use for outdoor
Durability is medium to long

Are Mango Wood Dining Tables Durable

A mango wood dining table is moderately durable, which is why it needs an external protective polish and coating. According to the Janka Hardness Scale, the hardness of the mango wood is 1,070 pounds per foot (4,780 Newtons) which is in between the Mahogany and Oak.

In addition to its other qualities, mango wood has a structure that repels water well. Although it is easily scratched, the finish can hide the overall scratches. 

On the other hand, it has a moderate durability rating, so it is not recommended for outdoor use without an external finish.

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Are Mango Wood Dining Tables Extendable

The mango wood dining tables are not extendable, but these tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Mango wood tables are mostly handcrafted and the shapes are rectangular or round with a combination of metal.

The moderate structure of mango wood makes extendable features inappropriate for dining tables. It is only possible to expand these tables by attaching more than two tables. 

You can check out this handcrafted FFU Mango Wood Drop Leaf Dining Table if you have a small space and want a small folding dining table with expandable features.

What Is the Average Cost of a Mango Wood Dining Table

A mango wood dining table usually costs between 400$ and 800$. The cost depends on the production process and the quality of the wood. Since these tables are mostly handcrafted, their price can sometimes be higher than that of other wood tables.

Since this wood has a moderate structure, other metal and wood materials are combined in the production of mango wood dining tables to increase their durability and lifespan.

Are Mango Wood Dining Tables Stained Easily

The mango wood dining tables get stained easily and change their color with time, that’s why external coating and polish are applied to them.

If you are planning to use it for the dining room, you need some extra care compared with other hardwood dining tables. Also, this wood naturally gets stained due to fungus that grows inside the tree and is available in different colors like brown, green, and pink with unique patterns.

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Is Mango Wood Scratch Resistant

The mango wood is not scratch resistant and it scratches very easily. A polish or external coating protects it from scratches to overcome this problem.

Currently, mango wood tables are very popular due to their beautiful natural structure. On the other hand, if you treat this wood properly, you can expect it to last for years.

Can Mango Wood Crack

Despite its non-drying properties, mango wood is a tropical plant and therefore suitable for humid conditions. Occasionally, if it’s kept in an environment where it’s more dry or arid, it may crack. 

The dry conditions are overcome by coating the surfaces with natural oils, such as olive, coconut, lemon, etc. The treatment keeps the mango wood fresh and provides it with the necessary moisture.

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Comparison Table of Mango Wood Vs Others

CharacteristicsMango WoodTeak WoodWalnut Wood
Janka Hardness1070 lbf1070 lbf1010 lbf
Avg. Dried Weight42 lbs41 lbs38 lbs

Mango Wood Dining Table Features

Mango wood dining tables have several special features that make them different from other wood tables. You can choose from a variety of styles, shapes, and colors for your dining table. Keep reading to learn more about these features and some amazing products.

is mango wood good for dining table


These dining tables come in a variety of styles, such as rustic, farmhouse, and industrial.

Rustic Mango Wood Dining Table

There is nothing more basic and natural than rustic style, and rustic dining tables have a rough and aged appearance, so it is more casual. The following two mango wood dining tables in rustic design are among the best on the market in terms of rustic style.

Raw Mango Wood Dining Table

Raw mango wood is not suitable for dining tables since it scratches very easily and can dry out and crack. Mango wood dining tables are made by combining iron or other metals to increase their durability. 

Furthermore, the table’s surface has been polished, and an external coating has been applied. This is why it is difficult to find raw wood dining tables on the market.

Mango Wood Dining Table With Metal Legs

These tables have metal legs that provide good support for the mango wood structure. The wood portions are commonly handcrafted with care for a natural look then protected with NC lacquer to show off the beauty. The Dining Table with Metal Legs from Urban Port is a solid mango wood dining table with a round top and plank-style design.


The mango wood dining tables are also available in industrial style, the Industrial Dining Table from Simlihome is a solid mango wood dining table with a contemporary design. The style of this table includes a natural top finish with a black metal frame and legs.


The mango wood dining tables are available in two main shapes: rectangular and round.


The natural color of mango wood is golden brown that provides a more yellowish look, but some variations in color can occur due to fungus in the trees, such as pink or black. In addition, mango wood naturally darkens over time.

Are Used Mango Wood Dining Tables and Chairs Good

If these used dining tables and chairs are entirely made of mango wood, it would not be wise to purchase a used one. Alternatively, if these are made of both metal and mango wood, it is OK to purchase them used.

Typically, the surface of this furniture is made from mango wood, while the frame and legs are made from metal. New mango wood tables and chairs tend to be pricey, so if the dining table and chairs are available and in good condition, it is better to purchase them.

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Mango Wood Furniture Care Tips

Mango wood can last for years if it is well cared for. There are a few tips that can extend the life of mango wood furniture.

  • Soft and dry cloth should be used to clean
  • To give your mango wood an extra layer of protection and shine, apply natural oils
  • It is not recommended to use mango wood furniture outside since it is best suited to humid climates
  • You should use a polish and an external coating that are suitable for outdoor use if you want to use it outdoors

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