10 Best Kitchen Gadgets For Kids

Parents are eager to teach their kids some kitchen skills that are useful and accessible to do. These activities not only create a bonding time between them but also boost their relationship. Moreover, these activities allow kids to explore more useful hobbies for later in their life. 

Kids-friendly miniature whisks, rainbow ingredients bowls, sprinkle-print oven mitts, and knives are some of the best kitchen utensils for kids that parents are going to appreciate as well. 

Always supervise your kids when they’re in the kitchen, also ensure that utensils are appropriate for your kids. In addition, use your best judgment in choosing the right kitchen utensil to use with your kids. We found that our kitchen utensils require some modification if little kids are going to use them. 

Kid-friendly kitchen gadgets

When your kid is 8 years old then, it is the right time to get them involved in the kitchen activities. With your daily tasks and job routines your kids are not getting enough time so having them as a little chef is a great way to spend more time with your kids.

1. Colorful Prep Bowls 

Holding a bowl and stirring takes a lot of time to prepare for your dish. Non- slip silicone or plastic bowls come in a variety of colors which make cooking fun. Also, some bowls include measuring cups. With the help of these bowl sets you can teach them colors names and more. 

2. Monkeys that peel bananas

Mom, can you peel my banana or apple? You have heard this every time when you are in the home. Well, with the help of this peeler your kid himself does this task easily as this peeler is not only kid-friendly but its blade is well-protected so your kids can enjoy healthy snacks. 

3. Classic ice pop mould

Classic ice pop mould comes with fun varieties you can buy for your young chefs to use themselves. In hot summer, kids usually eat a lot of ice pops and if you want to treat your kids without high fructose syrup or other things as many parents hate to load a lot of sugar or chemicals in their kid’s foods. So we highly recommend ice pop moulds to enjoy summer. 

4. Non-slipping cutting board

Most of the cutting boards are difficult to keep in place which makes this task frustrated.  These non-slipping and flexible cutting boards are a safe option for your kids because your kids don’t need to hold the board steady while chopping. Further, you can roll it up and slide the fruits or vegetable slices into the prep bowl without falling onto the floor.

5. A kid-friendly knife set

Whenever you’re in the kitchen with your kids, you surely wince when your kids use a knife. But thanks to this nylon edges knife set that will cut anything but not the fingers. 

6. An apron & Chef Hat

A set of an apron, chef hat, and oven mitts is necessary for kids so your kids can look like professional chefs because they dust too much flour when baking a cake or muffin. Always buy three different colors pink/green, yellow/ orange, or green/blue for great contrast. Their strap is adjustable so your kid can make the neck short or long, which will fit as your kid grows. 

7.Gloves to protect tiny gloves

For small kids, some lightweight and snug gloves will add a layer of protection, and will be satisfied to know that your kids are protected from any sharp knife or blade. 

8. An egg yolk separator

Cracking an egg is a very interesting task for kids but separating an egg yolk takes some time. Then a separator is best for separating egg yolks and whites. 

9. A flexible spatula

Sometimes a spatula is needed for flipping an egg, burger, or pancake. A flexible spatula is a perfect tool for all purposes and most importantly prevents your kid’s hands from being burn-free. 

10. Animal themed egg molds

These molds can brighten up family breakfast, these are too creative for your kids. Molds come in owl, bunny, frog, cat, and many other shapes which can also help your kids to learn. These molds make your kid’s breakfast more amazing and delicious and an extra layer of cheese between the frying pan and eggs makes it tastier. 

Cooking toys that make real food

Cooking with your kids is a great way to spend time with your family and have some fun at home. And if your kids are younger you might be worried about their safety in the kitchen. Buying some kid-friendly cooking utensils for kids is a great idea that makes it easier for them to participate in the cooking process. In the case of these kitchen utensils here are our suggestions for you. 

Dual breakfast Sandwich maker

This sandwich works well because it can make a sandwich in just five minutes if you use pre-cooked meat. It has dishwasher-safe, removable parts you can wash with your hands. You kids love using this sandwich maker so your kids just need to precook bacon and it is super easy for them to make a sandwich. 

Mini waffle Maker

A mini waffle maker allows your kids to make waffles for themselves and say good-bye to frozen waffles. Certainly, every kid deserves fresh waffles so this mini waffle maker makes this task much easier and safer for kids. In addition, they are easy to use, as they require no additional setting, cleaning, or spray. 

Compact popcorn maker

With a compact popcorn maker surely your child will have an amazing experience with new flavors of popcorn. These are available in the market in clean and simple design, easy to handle and operate, and create no mess so don’t have to worry about cleaning. This unique tool is safe because it’s a plug-and-run function that requires no setting or power level.   

A blender for little hands

Although, a hand mixer is good for mixing an immersion will be more helpful for the kids because it’s easy to handle and control them. If you are going to make delicious and healthy muffins or cakes an immersion blender makes it a breeze. 

A batter dispenser

A batter dispenser is great for pancakes, filling cupcakes, and muffin tins. This is not an easy task when transferring the batter into cakes or muffin tins. With the help of this utensil, your kids will be in more control and the clean-up becomes so easy for you. 


How can kids stay safe in the kitchen?

Always keep an eye on your children when they are in the kitchen, have a fire safety conversation with them. Wash their hands after every activity might help to prevent germs. Wipe up any mess or spillage immediately so there is no likelihood of slipping. 

Can an 8 years old cook?

An 8 years old kid is mature enough so try letting your kids: use a knife to cut fruits, vegetables, cooked meats, cheese, tofu, and bread. Let them use the stove in your supervision to make basic recipes like pancakes, soups, and omelets for themselves. 

At what age can a child use the stove?

At the age of 10-12 once your kids have passed basic cooking and baking tests and have enough knowledge about fire safety they can move on to simple tasks at the stove like stirring and making omelets without your supervision. Even so, it is recommended that there should be an adult in the kitchen in an emergency.


Finally, when your children are watching you in the kitchen, they are learning some interesting activities that will help them to make better choices later in their life. So keep encouraging your kids to cook and learn something from you with these kids-friendly kitchen utensils and your supervision. 


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