What are the Different Kitchen Sink Types

I was learning about different kitchen sinks, kitchen sink types based on materials, styles, and installation. If you invest in the right quality kitchen sink, it will save you money in maintenance. 

What are the Different Types of Kitchen Sinks?  

The main types of kitchen sinks:

  • All in one
  • Farmhouse
  • Undermount
  • Corner sinks
  • Stainless steel, 
  • Top mount
  • Flush mount
  • Drainboard
  • Single bowl 
  • Double bowl

The most common materials used in sinks are granite, glass, cast iron, copper, stainless steel, and fireclay. It has various styles like drainboard, single bowl, double bowl, corner, and bar sink. According to installation wall mount, under-mount, top mount, integrated, and Prep sink are some sinks types.

In case you’re thinking about one of these less regular types, it’s the best idea to do your research before purchasing a sink that has stability or maintenance issues.

Following is a brief detail of various sinks ranging between material, style, and installation type. Every type has pros and cons. Narrow down these details to find a required suitable kitchen sink.  

Kitchen Sink Styles Or Interior

Whether you are remodeling or renovating kitchen sinks, style plays the most crucial part in this regard; check out these extensive styles.   

DrainBoard Sink

As you can guess from the above name, this type of sink works well for draining dishes. This sink style is attached with an apron; this apron on the sink is built to drain the water—the best choice for those who frequently wash dishes.

Single Bowl Sink

A single bowl sink has only one basin, usually comes in smart size. Convenient for every type of kitchen. Many people think most bowls are a better idea, but this compact sink makes it easy to wash bigger dishes. 

Double Bowl Sink

These sinks have two side-by-side basins, which are separated by a partition. Available in 13×18 and 20×30 inches measurements. Double bowl sinks are not a good idea, especially for a smaller kitchen. Yet they will help you in multi-tasking.

Corner Sink

The right choice for the kitchen with a unique design, like in U or L-shaped kitchens, is a space-saving idea. These types of sinks turn an in-active spot of the kitchen into an active and convenient place. 

Farmhouse Sink

This style is an ideal choice for those families who prefer a farmhouse design; for this type of sink, you have to sacrifice a portion of the kitchen counter to make a perfect look. Farmhouse sinks are best for large kitchens. 

Kitchen Sink Materials 

Materials are essential for any kitchen sink; some are reliable and resistant to stains; on the other hand, some are delicate and ideal for light use. The following are the potential pros and cons of the best kitchen materials. 

Stainless Steel

Steel is the most common material for modern kitchens sinks, gives an elegant and synchronic look, especially. best suited for all types of kitchens with stone or wood counters. These are easy to clean, maintain, and affordable. They can be noisy and show water stains. 


A bright, warm-colored sink will be the central point and attractive model; you can also choose a range of aromas and smooth or hammered finish. Researchers have found that copper punch holes in bacterias and have the natural ability to kill 99 % of bacteria. It can be used in all types of kitchens, has a beautiful finish, and is also expensive. 

Cast Iron

Traditional, timeless kitchen sink, which is made of cast iron with a shiny glaze, comes in various colors. These are heavy and require support on the counter and cabinet. To remove stains and spots, use a non-abrasive sponge and vinegar. These can be used for light to medium use. They are classic and give value to the kitchen. 


This is also a type of cast iron sink made from white clay combined with glaze and heated to high temperatures. These traditional sinks are resistant to stains and scratches; over time, a glaze can be reduced. These are suitable for large kitchens, durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting.


These are the best choice for all types of kitchens with stone or wood counters. It is heat-resistant, long-lasting, and adds value to the kitchen. These are very heavy, require more support and sealing.

Installation and Configuration 

The location and installation of the sink also play a crucial role in adding value to the kitchen. The following are some installation techniques.

Top mount

Top mount is the most common sink that installs from above. Based on a pattern provided by the manufacturer, a hole is cut in the counter where the sink is placed. The sink’s rim carries its weight then the rim is glued to the counter with silicone. Easy to install and low cost. Some people dislike the different designs of rim and sink.


Undermount sink is attached under the kitchen counters. It requires the support of the counter’s base structure, also an easy installation option. It is convenient, easy to clean, gives an elegant look, and is made of strong materials.   

Flush Mount

Flush mount sinks are made of the material from which kitchen counters are made, as it gives a gorgeous and sleek look. They are combined so perfectly that it is impossible to notify two separate pieces of material. Sink and countertops are made separately, then connected upon installation. 

Prep Sink

A prep sink is a smaller sink that is best suited for smaller needs. Generally, its body is made minimalist for preparing different types of food. Work well when you have to clean off food items or drain pasta. A prep sink is also referred to as a bar sink that would be best for cleaning glasses or drinks.  

Island Sink 

This type of sink is made with a combination of sink and kitchen island; the best thing about this sink is that it fits better in the middle of the kitchen. Island sinks are made for decorative purposes; if you have a proper basin, then it can be functional.

Best Size of Sink for Kitchen 

The Kitchen sink should typically be around 18-22 inches in width and 30-35 inches in length. The basin/bowl should be about 20-24 inches in depth. This measurement is sufficient for most kitchens.

Additional Features of Kitchen Sinks

  • Straight sides: Gives more space for dishes
  • Flat bottom: Easily arrange more glasses and dishes without falling over.
  • Rear drains: Provides more space under the sink as the plumbing does not reach the front
  • Deep Bowl/Basin: Convenient for large dishes, kitchen appliances, and frying pans.
  • Sound Deadening: Some sinks produce loud sounds from pans and dishes. Some materials absorb the sound quickly, and if you are buying a stainless steel sink, ensure that they have deadening pads. 

Things to Consider when Buying a Kitchen Sink

  • The usage of the sink
  • The most significant kitchen appliance that can be cleaned easily in that sink
  • Family size also matters.
  • Other uses of sink other than washing dishes and food preparation.


How does a kitchen sink last?

A kitchen sink’s age depends on its usage; usually, a sink can last 15 to 20 years. If you are cleaning and maintaining the sink properly, you don’t need to replace it for a long time.

Why does the kitchen sink smell or stink?

The essential factor behind why the sink smells terrible is collecting oil and other trash in the drain. Possibly there could be an issue with the kitchen trap, which emits a bad smell.

Can the kitchen Sink be reglazed?

Chemical elements in different products like baking soda slowly damage the surface of the sink. Reglazing stops the damage by these elements and gives it a newer and shiny look again. If you are not good at maintaining the sink’s glaze, then hire a professional who can reglaze the sink by adding a topcoat.  

What is the most popular kitchen sink style?

Durable stainless steel is the most popular sink among homeowners; it gives a sleek and synchronic look. These are easy to clean, maintain, and affordable. One factor of its popularity is that it is suitable for commercial-style appliances also.


Finally, if you plan to stay in the current home for an extended period and are interested in remodeling or changing the kitchen sink, choose an under-mount, double bowl stainless steel sink for long-lasting and durability.