Simple Ways To Use Floating Shelves In Your Apartment

‘Simple Ways To Use Floating Shelves In Your Apartment’. A Small Apartment Can Be Tricky to Decorate When More Storage Required. 

If you are living in a small apartment then tight spaces and storage would be a big challenge for you. Typical storage options like cabinets and drawers are available there but floating shelves are unique and elegant.

In addition, floating wall shelves are versatile and stylish to decorate your apartment. It adds storage and helps you to organize things in a creative way.

On the other hand, floating shelves are available in a variety of sizes and designs. According to your preference, you can easily select what suits your existing style.

Kitchen Wall

Showcase your favorite plates and dishes besides the existing cabinets. Best place to keep your spices, oil, and other quick use items and adding hooks for cups and mugs. Here are some ideas for floating shelves for kitchen walls.

Bathroom Wall

Give a luxurious and stylish look to your bath by adding a wall mount shelve. A small bathroom with less space is a challenge to manage your toiletries. Some floating shelves come withstand a towel that is a good idea to save up some space.

Bedroom Wall

In addition, floating shelves ideas bedrooms give a modern look. It can be used as an alternative to your bed table. You can use it to keep mobile, charging banks, picture frames, or add a plant for clean air. People who like natural wood items can target real wood floating shelves.

Living Room Wall

There are different wall shelf ideas for the living room. Decorative wall shelves for the living room can be used as a bookshelf with other items in your living room.

You can customize the space by using more than one floating shelves. Above the TV you can install pine wood or metal shelving that suits your style. A long floating shelf under TV is also an alternate way to install it.

Laundry Room Wall

A floating shelve is essential for your laundry room, you can also use two or more depending on the space. It will help you a lot to add more storage.

There are some extra-long floating shelves and wide floating shelves available that can be used where more storage is required.


Altogether, It’s always a challenge to decorate and organize small spaces. Floating shelves are affordable, easy to install, and adds extra storage in your apartment. You can utilize your walls and the corners when space is tight especially in kitchen and bathroom areas. Organizing an apartment can save you money and time.