How To Choose The Best Slipcover for Chair and Sofa?

Worried sick about how to choose the best slipcover for chair and sofa? It’s easier than you think, if only you don’t let some simple facts slip your mind.

How to choose the best slipcover? You can choose the best slipcover by considering the right size of your sofa or chair, style & fitting of the slipcover and it should be easy to clean & wash.

Apparently, slipcovers are a new trend but actually, it’s a revival of loose covers from the ’60s, currently seen in uber-chic designs and super-soft fabrics.

So, the velvet, linen, cotton, stretchable polyester, suede, jersey, canvas, leather, polyester cotton blend, denim, you name it. There’s hardly a fabric that’s not there for you to choose for the best slipcovers for a chair or sofa.

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What Exactly Is A Slipcover And Why The Need To Use It?

A slipcover or loose cover is a removable fitted cloth for a sofa or chair which has become a popular demand these days. And bet you what, you are in actual need of a slipcover if:

  • You want a cheaper way to change your furniture’s appearance.
  • Can’t afford to buy new furniture or reupholstering…
  • Your dining chairs/ sofa or recliners are stained or worn out.
  • You have pets or kids who ruin the upholstery by paws, drool, or accidental food & beverage spills.
  • You’re a change lover and get tired of the same surroundings often.

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How To Choose The Best Slipcover?

How to get the best slipcover with minimum hassle? The answer to this hitch is right here!

In order to choose the best slipcover, keep in mind these 5 things:

  • The furniture you are buying the slipcover for…
  • Looks you want to go with (urban/ casual/ fancy or desi)
  • Right fabric for your chair, sofa, or recliners.
  • Durability, quality, stretch, and wash of the fabric you are choosing.
  • Print & color of the fabric so that it goes with the theme of the room.

How To Choose Your Slipcover Wisely?

After all, you won’t want your efforts to go down the drain and turn to bloop. And you also won’t want your slipcover to go against the theme of your room. Therefore, go for a color and pattern that complements the whole look and gives good vibes.

Slipcovers For Different Kind Of Chairs

For a Parson’s chair, a full-length chair slipcover without arms should be picked. Also, If you have a wingman or a club chair in your room that looks outmoded or worn out. However, the best slipcover with piping in jersey fabric, stretch polyester, or cotton slipcover with ruffles or a pattern (floral, geometric, checkered, or comic) will outdo it.

In general, if you have dining chairs, choose a high back slipcover, elastic slipcover, or stretchable polyester, cotton, or velvet plush slipcover. As for ottoman or stool, a suede, velvet, cotton, or jersey slipcover without arms would be great.

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How To Keep Chair Slipcover In Place?

A quick fix to this dreadful situation would be using straps, ties, bows, or buttons at the back or sides of your sofa/ chair. And, not only these are affordable but also give a fancy touch to your slipcover.

Sofa Or Couch Slipcovers

Don’t you worry even if your couch/sofa is centuries old?

Custom made or readymade Sofa slipcovers are designed in various ways i.e. slipcovers with sections, slipcovers without sections, slipcovers with arms, slipcovers without arms, slipcovers without cushions,

In addition, the best slipcovers with separate cushion covers, slipcovers with ruffles, slipcovers with piping, slipcovers with prints, or slipcovers without prints. Doesn’t matter which design you choose. It will definitely enliven your almost-expiring upholstery.

Slipcovers For Different Types Of Sofas

For a farmhouse sitting, your go-to slipcover is with ruffles and twills. And, for a sleek contemporary touch, buy a slipcover with cushions for your T cushion sofa, box cushion sofa, love seat, or sofa bed.

While, for a fancy or urban look, pick a slipcover with patterns, a slipcover with cushions, or a plain slipcover. They’re available in nearly all kinds of fabric; jersey, flannel stretch, canvas, cotton, linen, leather, velvet plush, or stretchable polyester in the market.

Can You Wash/ Dry Clean/ Dye A Slipcover?

Now that you’re done with the whole buying process.

Well! None of it is a problem.

Furthermore, washable stretch slipcovers are the talk of the town these days. The fabric of the slipcovers esp. cotton, linen, polyester, jersey, the canvas is washable. While you are at it, use cold water and detergent. AVOID bleach and prefer air-drying your slipcover.

If you feel like the color of the cover is fading, you can easily dye it at home. All you need is a machine and Rit dye. And TA-DAAA!!! There you have your new cover.


Quality furniture is highly expensive, so it’s necessary to protect it. And, this exactly is why you should buy slipcovers. Using slipcovers provide plenty of advantages like:

  • The durability and life span of slipcovers is really good
  • Slipcovers are light in weight and easily washable.
  • They are cheaper than reupholstery/ poshish.
  • Not only are they slip-resistant, but also soft and comfortable to sit on.
  • They prevent your upholstery from wear and tear, and accidental food or drink spills.
  • You can choose ready-made or even custom-made (to suit your own style).
  • They provide an affordable way to refurbish your old furniture.
  • A diversity of colors, prints, and fabric materials can be used for slipcovers.
  • Semi-fitted slipcovers are smooth and wrinkle-free, hence give a smart interior look.
  • You can change them within minutes, depending upon your mood, season, or color scheme of the room.
  • You can easily buy slipcover from online shopping stores.
  • Cotton and linen slipcovers are cool, absorb water, and are eco-friendly.


There might be a few demerits of this product, but they are almost dismissive in comparison to its merits. Like:

  • Some slipcovers get wrinkles after wash and hence need steaming
  • The color of the fabric fades due to frequent washing
  • They can be a bit expensive.
  • Getting the slipcover on upholstery can be quite difficult. But once you’re done then life’s easy-peasy.


In the end, if you are looking for a modest & catchy change, then some inexpensive sofa slipcover or chair slipcover is the answer to your problem.

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