10 Storage Ideas For Bedrooms With No Closet (The Ultimate Guide)

In this article, we will talk about the legit 10 storage ideas for bedrooms with no closet. Hence, you will learn about a lot of the things in the article. Moreover, it will resolve the storage issues for the rest of your life.

Here is the list of 10 Storage Ideas For Bedrooms With No Closet.

  • Shelf near the Ceiling
  • The space behind the Bed
  • Hanging Hooks
  • Corner Shelves
  • Use of Rods to the Corner Areas
  • Storage Bins
  • Shoe Hanger
  • Storage Bench
  • Wooden Boxes or Crates
  • Room Separator

In other words, some bedrooms don’t come with a closet. Hence, most of the time, people would keep the clothes or other necessary items on their beds, chairs, or something else available in the bedroom. So, although it might be a good option for some time, you need a proper solution to easily store the items.

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Storage Ideas For Bedrooms With No Closet

10 Storage Ideas for Bedrooms with no Closet

The Bedroom is the most important place in the home where you spend a lot of your time. It’s not only for sleeping but also for storing your clothes and other necessary items within the space. But, sometimes, you would run out of space and couldn’t store the needed items.

01. Shelf near the Ceiling

You may have a storage space in the bedroom; however, the clothes or other essential things you use daily are considerable.

Therefore, the available storage space might not be sufficient to help you in the best way. That’s when you need to go with an idea to use a shelf near the bedroom ceiling area.

You can take the help of Shelf-Rod and hang it nearly to the ceiling location. After hanging the shelf-Rod, you will see that hanging the clothes and putting some necessary stuff on it will become easier for you. In other words, you will get an option to store multiple things at the same time.

Apart from that, a similar combo idea will help you use the Same Shelf-Rod to manage your shoes. Moreover, if you use the clothes hanger, it will bring you more space to hang as many clothes as possible.

02. The space behind the Bed

Usually, people do place their beds pretty much away from the wall area. In some cases, people would also place it towards the central area of the room.

Therefore, it accommodates a lot of space for anyone who doesn’t have a closet to put clothes in. A similar area could be efficiently utilized to store necessary items to keep in the bedroom.

You have the space available behind the bed; now, it’s up to you to utilize it in the best way possible.

For example, you can either put the slim hanging rack behind the bed, and its length would be as considerable as the room length. Hence, the rack will bring you impeccable space to manage the clothes and other wardrobes.

Apart from that, you can also make good use of curtains by using the curtains rod to cover the behind area and provide them a unique them. It will help you to get more space for storage purposes.

03. Hanging Hooks

The hanging hooks are another fantastic ways for the homeowner to bring more storage ideas to the bedroom. The idea is ideal for those who have a small bedroom with no closets available.

When you are using hanging hooks, things get so much better for you. First of all, it’s easier for anyone to install the Hanging hooks anywhere they want. Meanwhile, you don’t require rocket science to install it.

If you consider this idea, it will be a much better idea to use the Bedroom Doors. In this way, you can easily hang clothes, Scarves, jackets, purses, and several other items without any issue.

04. Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are another outstanding option for those who want to get some storage ideas for bedrooms with no closets. Generally, you can make good use of the corner shelves to store the books or make the entire space a study area. It provides better space, but it will also bring a unique look to the room.

At the same time, you can use the same corner shelves inside the room to bring up beauty in the bedroom. In other words, you can put decoration pieces that are placed randomly in the room, and you don’t have additional space to store them. In this way, space will bring you a better ambiance in the room.

05. Use of Rods to the Corner Areas

Have you ever seen a clothing brand that uses Rods in their shops on the corner sides to hang their clothes? If yes, then you can analyze that it usually accommodates many clothes to hang along with providing an impeccable appearance.

Here, you would easily idealize the same storage idea for a bedroom with no closet. It will help you hang as many clothes as possible, but you will also see that the corner side of the room will look much better than before.

06. Storage Bins

If you hover upon Amazon, Ali Baba, or any other e-commerce website, you can type storage bins, and It will show you a tremendous amount of products to the search results. In general, these storage bins come with outstanding storage capabilities and are easy to assemble to any desired space in the room.

You can make good use of the storage bins and store as many clothes along with other items into them. After that, you can put the same storage bin below the bedroom that offers a considerable amount of space to you.

The idea will work only when you have space beneath the Bedroom. Otherwise, you can still use the storage bins, but the selection of the area would be different.

07. Shoe Hanger

You would love to wear shoes all the time; therefore, the collection might be in a considerable amount that is hard for you to manage now. Consequently, you would make good use of the Shoe hanger and install it on the doors in such situations.

Also, you can store as many shoes as you can without worrying about closets or storage ideas. Meanwhile, you can use the same shoe hanger to manage other items if some slots are left empty.

If you want to learn more about shoe hangers, visit this on Wikipedia.

08. Storage Bench

It would be an excellent idea for you to use the Storage bench for storing the items when you don’t have a closet. In general, storage benches are primarily used at the end side of the bed for sitting and storage purposes.

Hence, you can make good use of it. Plus, you can cushion it from the top side just like the way your bed is, along with the same color. It will also enhance the beauty of the room for you.

09. Wooden Boxes or Crates

The wooden boxes or crates are also outstanding storage ideas for bedrooms with no closets. Usually, these boxes or crates come with an extensive depth, which brings you spacious space to put your clothes or other products for storage purposes.

You can easily store Clothes, Decoration pieces, tools, or anything else that comes in compact size or is flexible to adjust inside the Crates or boxes easily. After that, you can put the wooden crates or baskets beneath the Bedroom area.

Some of you might not find this idea attractive due to the awkward appearance of the boxes or crates. It would be great to color up the same, just like the bed in such situations.

10. Room Separator

You would have seen the room separator placed in the clothing stores to check the size and width of the clothes by wearing them. It’s a good idea to use the same room separator inside the bedroom to store the items.

The beneficial aspect of the room separator is that it hides a portion of the room from other areas, which gives you an option to store the items depending upon your needs and demands.

For example, let say you have plenty of clothes or other items to store in space; at the same time, you don’t want to keep the room’s appearance awkward. In such situations, the storage bench will provide you the perfect help.


How to organize a room without a closet?

  • Use of Shelf Near the ceiling.
  • Use the space behind the bed.
  • Use of hanging hooks.
  • Use of corner shelves.
  • Use of rods to the corner area.
  • Use of storage bins.
  • Use of shoe hanger.
  • Use of storage bench.
  • Use of wooden crates or boxes.
  • Use of room separator.

How can I save space in my bedroom?

First of all, use all of the essential tools or items available to help you to manage the items. After that, make sure to cut off all the less-worthy items and keep all the necessary items.

How do I organize my room with too much stuff?

  • Donate the items that are not important.
  • Make a list of essential things to keep and less important to give.
  • Make sure to clean the room continuously.
  • Organize the larger items first.
  • Use storage containers to categorize every stuff.


The bedroom is no doubt the most important place in the entire house. That’s where you have to spend the most amount of time. In such situations, it’s always essential to maintain the room’s ambiance well to have a relaxed and calming experience.

Sadly, you don’t have a closet in the bedroom to store things. If it’s possible, invest in the closet as it’s the best option. Otherwise, things don’t end up for you. There are loads of ways to discover and quickly store items without having a closet.

In this article, we have shared 10 storage ideas for bedrooms with no closet. Therefore, all you need is to check them out and solve the issues to make an appealing and void look for the bedroom.

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