What Should You Display On Your Kitchen Wall? (19 Trendy Décor Ideas)

What Should You Display On Your Kitchen Wall

The kitchen is that area of our house that we sometimes overlooked when it comes to décor. Our priority is decorating or renovating the drawing-room, sitting area, hall, garden, and outdoor.

Despite for kitchen, some of us think of a place to cook and eat. Because it remains engaged for most of the day, we think that the decoration isn’t necessary or may not be a good idea to work for.

However, we think differently. The kitchen area must be organized, decorated, and presentable. You can use the space of empty kitchen walls to enhance the look. Whether you have a small kitchen or a huge one, you can make the most of it by choosing the right theme.

Yes, we will provide you with many ideas to decorate your kitchen walls. Be it bold or elegant, bright or vintage, modern or aesthetic, you will love all of them for being functional as well as unique. 

19 Trendy Décor Ideas for Kitchen Wall:

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Let’s start to see what’s in our gallery for kitchen wall decoration ideas!

01. Don’t Limit Your Art Collection To The Living Room

Hanging your most loved and appreciated artwork in the kitchen will also lift your mood and the kitchen walls. Try to get something that goes well with the scheme. For example, art made by using utensils or quotes for food lovers will be more appealing to the viewer’s eyes

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02. Aesthetic Vibe With Wood Pieces

What else can be a perfect option to embrace your kitchen walls with typically classic wood crafts? Woodcraft wall hangings may come in different forms, such as old-school cutting boards, clipboards to bind food pictures, plain boards with engraved food quotes, or shelves to keep the stuff. 

It will bring warmth and coziness to your kitchen and also easy-to-maintain. 

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03. Go With The Green

Let the plants filter the air and give you easy access to some fresh herbs. Buying a few indoor plants to hang on your kitchen wall is the best investment to pop up the look. Natural, life, practical, and soothing, all properties are combined in this decoration idea. 

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04. Coffee Cabinet 

If your day kick starts with a cup of coffee, here it is. Get yourself a few hooks, screws, and metal rods to install a shabby coffee cabinet to hold the coffee essentials. Place all your stuff to prepare an instant coffee without looking for it in each cabinet.

It doesn’t require a large space to accommodate;

Hence, it is ideal to enhance small kitchen walls. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here.

05. Open Shelves

Open shelves are the best element to adorn your kitchen walls and make them spacious without much effort. Rather than installing cabinets in the kitchen, try to make open shelves so you can also display some small, cute art pieces over them.

Artificial pots, frames, and menu cards can be used for décor and will occupy less space. Click here for these open shelves on Amazon.

06. Wire Basket Wall Organizer

Get this wire fruit wall basket now if you have a large space in your kitchen and want to fill it up without looking messy. It comes as a handy solution to keep things organized and within easy reach.

Sometimes it comprises different compartments in a vertical manner, and sometimes, you can hang them side by side individually.

Make sure to buy one that is the demand of your empty wall space. Click here for this wire basket on Amazon.

07. Paint A Mural

Does a large area of your kitchen wall look like an empty canvas? Sounds great! You can get mural paint on these walls and make them more interesting to look at. 

If the blank space is big enough that you think painting a mural will be a tough job, you can cover it with wallpapers. For the kitchen, nonwoven wallpapers are the best choice as they are easy to clean.

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08. Week’s Menu Card Display On Wall

A wall-length menu card is another practical approach to grace your kitchen wall and make something useful for cooking. This simple design menu card will beautify your wall and help you cook without worrying about what to cook while standing in the center of the kitchen.

It will also motivate the other family members and develop their interest to visit and see your efforts while waiting for their favorite meal’s cooling day to arrive.

You can easily prepare this menu card and make it presentable using DIY techniques. These menu cards are conveniently available on Amazon, click here to check the current price.

09. DIY Decoration Pieces

DIY decorations are the most appreciated ones to embrace kitchen walls. They can be of any size, style, and color. They look cute and show your love for crafts and decoration.

Make a few things yourself if you are also compassionate to make your kitchen walls speak of your talent. Trust me, they will become the most lovable part of your kitchen. 

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10. Chalkboard Paint

A wall with chalkboard paint comes with a dual purpose to serve. First, it looks pretty cool to have a kitchen theme that mixes and matches the chalkboard. Second, you can get your grocery list, menu, or other to-do list organized and always in sight while working.

Most companies provide chalkboard paint in basic black color. However, now more subtle colors are available to choose that tailors your kitchen scheme. You can further add details to the corners of the chalkboard by getting it a hardwood border. 

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11. Show Your Fanciful Plates and Platters

Having an incredible set of utensils and not being able to showcase them is a bit of disappointment. If you also have a huge collection of plates, platters, and cutlery with unique designs, put them smartly on the display on your kitchen wall.

You can use plate hangers for hanging purposes. You can keep shuffling them or replacing them with new ones for a change.

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12. Wooden Racks for Wines

If your counter is all occupied with coffee mugs, wine glasses, and bottles, take it easy. This DIY wooden rack will take away all your hassle of cleaning and keeping your countertop clear.

You can easily make one at home or buy an inexpensive set from the market, whatever suits you. Keep your favorite bottle, glasses, and mugs organize and easy to access. 

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13. Display Pots and Pans

We all know pots and pans occupy sufficient storage space in our kitchen cabinets. Why not keep them hanging on the wall instead? Whether you have copper cookware or brass one, they can make your kitchen wall a bit rustic and attention-seeking.

Find some cutting wood boards, tuck them to the wall, and hang your pans with the help of nails in a decent way. 

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14. Shelves and Racks for Cups

Keep the walls plain and simple and add a few open shelves and racks to put the kitchen accessories on display. Basic white-colored walls with a pop of earthy tone shelves may look plain yet attractive. You can also contrast bold and neutral hues to make your kitchen walls look more lively and captivating.

Walls painted in bold, vibrant colors with white or any pastel-shade rack on the front can also elevate the look. 

15. Vintage Style 

A large whimsical clock or a wall of antique clocks is the perfect way to give your kitchen wall an aesthetic, vintage style. It’s an easy way to get your bare walls a timeless finish. 

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16. Old-school Baskets

Do you remember the woven baskets people were used to hanging on the kitchen walls? They are often used to keep fruits on the table or some other stuff. Now, you can hang them on these empty kitchen walls in a cluster to create a 3D, rustic impression. 

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17. Use Story-telling Tiles

Tiles are very commonly used in the kitchen to add space. However, they can be a nice way to spruce up your kitchen walls. If budget is not the problem, you can order a custom-made tile wall with a graphic pattern or some art with story-telling images. It will be a great experience of having a meal sitting beside an artistic wall. 

Want to keep it basic? Go for the white or any pastel color tiles. 

18. Exposed Brick Wall

To add texture to your kitchen walls, opt for this exposed brick wall design. Of course, it doesn’t mean exposing the bricks in literal terms. Instead, make sure to apply a few coats of acrylic sealant to protect the wall against environmental damages.

This whole organic look of the brick wall looks so pretty. 

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19. Eating Signs

For simple, chic wall décor, small eating signs can work well. If you are not interested in creating a gallery wall in your kitchen, get a few small eating signs that look functional and beautify your space. 

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A Final Word:

Rather than hanging artworks and shelves, there are so many ideas to lift the appearance of bare, boring kitchen walls. You may choose any of the above that you found to complement your kitchen theme and your own taste.

Painting all four walls is another viable option as it not only enhances the walls but protects them from humidity and other damage. However, don’t forget to count in other factors such as color combination, theme, and light effects. 

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