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Trying to find the best laundry basket for stairs steps? then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we have done all the research and created a list of top-rated options.

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If you ever have carried a heavy load of clothes up and down the stairs you know how hard it can be. That’s where having a laundry basket for stairs idea comes in.

A nice laundry basket might make the chore a bit more pleasant if you’re not in the mood for the task. To help you choose your right basket here is a comparison of the top 7 best laundry baskets for stairs to help you make your choice. 

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7 Best Laundry Basket for Stairs Steps

  • Household Essentials Seagrass Wicker Basket for Stairs
  • Creative Co-op BacBac Leaf Woven Stair Basket
  • Trademark Innovations Storage Stair Basket With Handle
  • BIRDROCK HOME Stair Basket for Staircases
  • KOUBOO Wicker Stair Step Basket
  • VILLACERA Wicker StairCase Basket with Handle
  • Bramble Cove Folding Fabric Baskets for Wooden Stairs

01. Household Essentials Seagrass Wicker Basket for Stairs

Size: 10 x 16 x 10 inches | Color: Natural Brown | Material: Sea-grass | Weight: 2.8 Pounds | Assembly Required: No

The Household essentials Seagrass wicker basket for stairs is the top-rated laundry basket for stairs in the market today. This basket is made from high-quality and the strongest seagrass. Each Household essential basket has two long handles for easy carrying. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

Moreover, this household laundry basket for steps is ideal for keeping your dirty clothes, but it is also useful for storing magazines, books, and toys. This laundry basket with handles has many unique features. And, with this high-end basket, you won’t have to waste your time decluttering your room. 

Indeed, the Household is the best laundry basket for stairs, and it’s as easy to use as it is to maintain. Practically durable, it will last for years. It is undoubtedly the ideal laundry basket for stairs as it opens up easily and offers simple access. 

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  • Stylish basket for stairs with easy-carry picnic basket style handles 
  • The wicker basket fits on 2 stairs for extra storage space
  • Made from high-quality seagrass around a lightweight metal frame for stability. 
  • Household essentials seagrass wicker products are handmade and woven.


  • Safe to use and eco-friendly due to its material, i.e seagrass 
  • Size is suitable so anyone can handle it easily 
  • High quality seagrass and metal frame ensure durability and last longer. 
  • These baskets are easy to use and


  • Due to its rough material the sticking grass could catch things. 

02. Creative Co-op BacBac Leaf Woven Stair Basket

Size: 16 x 9.75 x 16.25 inches | Color: Natural | Material: Bacbac | Weight: 3.08 Pounds | Assembly Required: No

Place this one of the best-rated laundry baskets for stairs at the bottom of your stairs for easy storage. It is ideal for items that need to make their way upstairs. This best washing basket can be tuck easily into the steps of your stairs.  “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

On the other hand, bacbac also referred to as cabana matting with rustic style is perfect for a traditional look in your home decor. 

Also, this is a great stair climber laundry trolley dolly, so you can save more space in your home. And with the elegant and rustic design of each piece, you will have no trouble using them to remove clutter from your space. 

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  • Fits perfectly on the stairs and looks awesome with hardwood stairs. 
  • Light-weight as a laundry basket should be. 
  • Beautifully handcrafted basket to ensure its classic look
  • Sit securely on two steps and won’t fall over 


  • It is so well made that you’ll be pleased by its design. 
  • If you lung tons of stuff up and down, then this huge and sturdy basket is for you. 
  • Not as heavy as others other laundry baskets
  • Bottom and frame sturdy enough to last. 


  • The corners squared off too wide for some stairs. 

03. Trademark Innovations Storage Stair Basket With Handle

Size: 20 x 14 x 20 inches | Color: Natural | Material: Paper Rope, Iron Wire Frame | Weight: 3.8 Pounds | Assembly Required: Yes

This convenient paper rope laundry basket is a great solution for organizing all kinds of things that you need upstairs. It is featured with strong handles for easy transport up and down the stairs so everyone can control and handle it without any effort.  “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

In addition, designed with a reinforced iron wireframe, a rigid baseboard, and heavy-duty iron frame sides, this trademark innovations storage laundry basket for stairs can carry up to 55 pounds of laundry. It also has a stable base to prevent tipping while you’re loading it. Moreover, durable carry handles elevate it easily as you climb the stairs.

Also, one of the major advantages of this stair basket with handles is that it comes with a top lid to prevent it from dust or other clutter. When it’s time to do laundry, simply just open the lid and take out the dirty laundry. 

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  • The basket has two compartments inside. 
  • The basket is tightly woven from synthetic paper rope strands that are durable.
  • Reduce clutter and looks attractive 
  • Fits securely on standard width stairs. 


  • Sturdy basket comes with additional round flip top handle 
  • Paper rope material makes this basket light weight
  • It can easily be painted or stained 
  • 100% Man made fiber of treated craft paper to make the basket 


  • The color is much darker than it looks 

04. BIRDROCK HOME Stair Basket for Staircases

Size: 17 x 17 x 11 inches | Color: Brown | Material: Natural Plant, Metal Frame | Weight: 10 Pounds | Assembly Required: No | Woven by Hand: Yes

With an overall natural wicker fiber, The BirdRock Home laundry for staircases is the best laundry basket for stairs because each piece is woven by hand ensuring you get a uniquely crafted stair ascent. The wicker fibers are woven around a sturdy metal frame. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

Also, this best laundry basket for going upstairs is perfect for organizing and decluttering your stairway. The natural wicker material adds a classic look to your home decoration. The basket works well for small items that are not easy to carry up at the same time. 

Moreover, if you place the basket at the base of your staircase, then you can gather household items that need to be taken upstairs and save your time by making only one trip instead of several. It reduces the clutter that usually builds up at the bottom of stairs by placing everything in the basket.

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  • The Built-in handles of the basket make it easy to carry.
  • Made from natural wicker fibers around a strong metal frame 
  • Consist of two separate compartments for different items. 


  • Sturdy enough for shoes and random house items. 
  • It stays steady on carpeted steps as well
  • Cut out handles do not get in the way 
  • A perfect gift for special events


  • Due to natural plant material color may vary 

05. KOUBOO Wicker Stair Step Basket

Size: 15 x 9.5 x 15.75 inches | Color: Dark Brown | Material: Wicker | Weight: 4 Pounds | Assembly Required: No | Style: Tropical

The ingenious KOUBOO wicker basket is a great choice for those who are looking for an easy maintenance option – handwoven from rattan and wicker and coated with clear lacquer make cleaning and maintenance easier. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

Also, this is the best laundry hamper for stairs, when it comes to carpeted steps however the brand doesn’t call it out, but some reviewers confirmed that it does function on soft carpet stairs without any issue. 

Moreover, this laundry basket for stairs can hold up to 50 pounds, however, you can use the basket on its own to carry up to 60 pounds of other items, like books and magazines. 

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  • The handwoven wicker material is coated with clear lacquer for a shiny look
  • Easy cleaning with a damp cloth 
  • Deep basket compartments provide plenty of room for toys and clothing.


  • Light-weight, easy to carry when you want to put the items inside away. 
  • It doesn’t take too much space of the steps that it is stored on so you can walk easily
  • Perfect for a busy family as this laundry basket stair lift is a catch for everyone. 


  • Doesn’t fit in builder grade with high pile carpet stairs.

06. VILLACERA  Wicker Stair Case Basket with Handle

Size: 16 x 8 x 14 inches | Color: Brown | Material: Sea-grass | Weight: 4.14 Pounds | Assembly Required: No

Villacera handmade wicker staircase basket with handles is made of the strongest seagrass. These baskets are handmade with a tight wicker weave designed for lasting durability, longevity, and style. “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

Moreover, 14 inches baskets are designed to declutter and organize your apartment or home of all the things that need to go up. The convenient handles make this best laundry basket for stairs climbers more convenient and allow you to move it up and down the stairs. 


  • Versatile storage for a range of items
  • Designed to securely fit on standard width staircase
  • Integrated handles allow you to move the basket with ease. 
  • No assembly required 


  • The long attached handles allow more convenience to reduce the amount of effort 
  • Have only one compartment to keep larger items as well
  • Natural seagrass an environmentally friendly material 


  • The material attracts dust so requires regular vacuum to remove it.

07. Bramble Cove Folding Fabric Baskets for Wooden Stairs

Size: 18.31 x 14.57 x 2.36 inches | Color: Chocolate Brown | Material: Polyester | Weight: 2.8 Pounds | Collapsible: Yes | Best For: Wooden Stair

If you’re running out of space to put any laundry basket, then a Bramble cover laundry basket with a handle is a perfect solution to utilize unused space – the staircase which is neglected by many of us.  “Click here for current pricing on Amazon.”

Moreover, this laundry basket is made from premium quality materials and works well on wooden or carpeted staircases. In addition, its dark brown color matches well with all types of home decor. 

Also, its high-quality material and ergonomic design allow it to easily stand on the stair steps without any support. It will be necessary to ensure you that your stuff fell off to the ground. 


  • These baskets are made from durable PVC coated material.
  • Featured with 2 matching inserts 
  • Scratchless soft material 
  • Polyester lining inside 
  • Foldable steps basket 


  • Its surface material is washable for easy cleaning 
  • 2 removable base pads to maintain rigid shape and won’t collapse
  • This basket is collapsible so you can easily store it when you don’t need it
  • Soft fabric material won;t scratch polished wooden or stair steps 


  • It takes time to dry because of fabric material 

How did We Make Our Choice?

The laundry basket for stairs is an essential item for any home. Buying a quality product, on the other hand, will ensure that you can use it for years to come and that your clothes are stored properly. Our selection of the best laundry baskets is based on a few points. 

The materials used in laundry baskets for stairs are high-quality and lightweights such as Sea-grass, Bacbac, Kraft paper, Wicker, and Polyester.  The average dimension of a stair laundry basket is 17 x 17 x 11 inches.

Additionally, the handles make it much easier to carry it from one place to another. To make your choice easier, we distinguish them by the type of material they are made of.

  •  300D Oxford Material: It is a washable material which is resistant to water and stains, which facilitates the maintenance of the laundry basket down stairs. You should prefer a model with a solid bottom to keep the rigid shape so it won’t fall over. 
  • Sea Grass: The sea grass offers excellent results, to store a wide range of items that need to go up and down the stairs. Seagrass is the strongest material designed for longevity and sturdiness. But don’t be confused with the models intended for decoration. Models intended to store the items should be at least 14 inches in height. 
  • Wicker: These baskets are very suitable for all types of items because, although they have enough storage space, they are made from hand woven rattan and wicker for years. They are much heavier in weight, but on the other hand they are solid too. 
  • Paper Rope: Don’t be confused by the name of these baskets as these are made from a paper rope around a study iron wireframe for solid structure and durability.  It is one of the most lightweight, practical and easy to use baskets. 
  • Bacbac: Bacbac also referred to as cabana matting is a rustic style material. These are recommended for those who love rustic appearance because they give a traditional style design to your home. This material is handwoven from the finest banana tree barks. 

Laundry Basket For Stairs FAQs

What’s the Difference Between a Hamper and a Laundry Basket?

A laundry basket is open and can be used for transport, on the other hand, a hamper is used for storage purposes and will be taller than a basket.

How Do I Choose a Laundry Basket?

If you’re going to buy a laundry basket keep in mind the must-have features such as a sturdy handle, rectangular shape, strong rigid frame body, and the dimensions of the basket to meet your required needs.


Finally, in this comparison top 7 best laundry baskets for stairs, we have chosen a selected basket having all the features, and 7 different laundry baskets to declutter your place.  In this article ‘Top 7 Best Laundry Basket For Stairs’, we have covered all details about choosing the best laundry basket for stairs. 

To provide you with ideal products, we focus on baskets with as many features to fulfill your needs. Also keeping this point in mind, the basket includes 2.8 pounds weight and 10 inches height. 

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