Are Round Dining Tables in Style – A Detailed Guide

The round dining tables are suitable for use in any room of the house, especially the dining room, the kitchen, or the living room. It is sometimes difficult to tell what style these dining tables are in, as they come in a range of styles.

The round dining tables are stylish and versatile because these dining tables are available in vintage, contemporary, mid-century, industrial, or farmhouse styles and look wonderful in any dining area. Moreover, the round dining table provides equal seating space for each individual.

The round dining table idea came from the “Arthurian Legend”. These dining tables have no heads or sides, so those sitting around the table do not have a special position. Continue reading and find out which type of round dining table is in style and size chart. 

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Are Round Dining Tables in Style

Styles of Round Dining Tables

The round dining tables come in a variety of styles, which makes them incredibly versatile and perfect for use in any room in the house.

  • Antique – Vintage
  • Contemporary
  • Mid Century – Retro
  • Farmhouse
  • Rustic – Industrial
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Antique – Vintage

Antique or Vintage round dining tables are one that is at least 100 years old. These dining tables are aged, rare, and handcrafted to provide a more aesthetic look. Similarly, a piece of furniture that is more than a hundred years old can also be considered an antique.

There are several ways to identify old dining tables; joints with uneven dovetails indicate that they were probably handcrafted and antique. As well, if the furniture is manufactured by a machine, it will have the same symmetry. Furthermore, antique wooden dining tables are typically made of oak wood

Moreover, manufacturers are creating round dining tables in the antique style that are most likely machine-made. You can find these dining tables in traditional English or American colonial styles, and they are a cost-effective solution if you prefer an antique look.

The antique style is more natural and that’s why the round dining table with antique style is suitable for people who like traditional and old designs.

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The current time style is considered as the contemporary style or in other words the 21st-century style. And, the Contemporary Round Dining Tables are the ones that are in style nowadays.

Furthermore, contemporary style is sometimes considered as a new interpretation of traditional style or a totally conceptual design. Contemporary furniture designers and manufacturers always try to design something new and unique. To stand out in the furniture industry, they are constantly striving to find the most innovative materials and techniques.

Dining tables of contemporary style are available in a variety of materials such as glass, metal, and wood, and feature a modern design. 

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Mid Century – Retro

The mid-century modern design movement was quite popular between 1945 and 1969 in America. Featuring clean simple lines and gentle curves, this style of furniture is really simple but at the same time, it gives the appearance of new materials.

Mid Century Round Dining Table has a basic design and is made of a cost-effective material, which makes it accessible for the middle class as well. The benefit of this style of dining tables is that they are easier to manufacture and cheaper in price.

In many cases, these dining tables are made of wood veneer instead of solid wood, resulting in a modern and clean look. This dining table is a great choice for the person who likes simple and basic designs or wants a retro mid-century look to his or her dining room.

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The farmhouse style is famous for its casual, cozy, and welcoming look and gives the feel of the land and fresh air. The farmhouse round dining tables are known for their warmth and natural look. 

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These types of tables are typically made from wood and are more expensive. If you are a fan of an old-fashioned look, the farmhouse-style dining tables would look good in your dining room. 

Rustic – Industrial

The industrial or rustic style is strong and durable with a metallic rustic look and a combination of other materials. These industrial round dining tables are made from wood and metal, so they are durable and can be used for a long time.

Manufacturers are creating round dining tables with rustic color styles for the frames to give them that industrial look. The tops of the dining tables are constructed from wood with a natural finish.

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Round Dining Tables by Material


Different types of wood are used to make the wood round dining tables, and due to their properties, each type of wood has its own characteristics.

  • Oak Wood: The oak wood is most commonly used hardwood for furniture, and also least expensive. The distinct grain pattern in oak gives a beautiful appearance to round dining tables, Oak wood can be recognized by its long curving pattern and parallel lines. But on the other hand, the rough and deep surface of oak can easily catch stains.
  • Walnut Wood: The walnut is a beautiful wood type with large, smooth, and luxurious features, but the question is whether it is suitable for furniture. It’s a naturally dark-colored wood that is typically found in medium to dark brown shades. With a smooth, fine grain and a consistent pattern with less texture, walnut round dining tables appear refined. 
  • Pine Wood: Pine is a light-colored wood with little visible grain. Because light paint makes the wood visible, pine round dining tables often come in darker shades of paint. Another problem with light-colored paints for pine furniture is that you have to re-paint it after a few years.
  • Mango Wood: Another wood type that is becoming popular in the furniture industry is mango wood due its cost and less processing after harvesting. The mango wood round dining tables are available in traditional and industrial styles.

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The glass round dining tables are typically made of tempered glass with metal or wood frames and legs, and are available in modern styles. Glass round dining tables are less popular than wood round dining tables due to their durability and extra care.

Moreover, these dining tables are usually found in restaurants and offices since they have a modern and mid-century style.

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Marble is another material that is quite popular among round dining tables due to its beautiful crystalized design. However, marble dining tables need special care because they can easily catch stains and scratches if not polished

Marble is a natural stone that’s why it has porous properties like other stones and allows the water to absorb. Only polishing and external finishing can be applied to avoid stains and scratches.

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Round Dining Tables By Features

Round dining tables have a few special features that make them different and unique from the other types of dining tables.

Luxury or High-End Round Dining Tables

This type of round dining table features premium quality materials and finishes, including beautiful designs, making it luxurious and expensive. With detailed artwork and a high-end metal design combination, these tables are aesthetically pleasing. 

Each part of the table has details, including its surface, drawers, and base, which make these tables incredibly high-end in terms of both price and quality. Costs for these tables typically range from 11000$ to 18000$.

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Outdoor Round Dining Tables

The outdoor round dining tables are lightweight and portable. With their multipurpose feature, you can use them on different outdoor occasions. The plastic and metal construction makes these tables easy to carry and store. These tables also fold up for easy storage when not in use. 

Another feature that makes these round dining tables unique is their weight capacity of about 900 pounds. These features make their use suitable for outdoor activities such as camping or patio use.

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Round Dining Tables with Extension Leaves

This type of round dining table is best for use in small areas as these tables come with extension or drop leaf features. These tables allow you to use the drop leaf when you have a bigger meal or more people to sit.

Generally, such tables have a capacity for seating two people and can be extended to accommodate four people. Made from hardwood, these traditional-style tables are durable and last for years. The average cost of these tables ranges from 100$ to 300$.

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Round Dining Table Size Chart

# of SeatsTable Diameter (inches)Dining Room Size (ft.)

Are Round Dining Tables Better for Small Spaces

Round dining tables are better suited to small rooms with a square shape. Tables like these look great in small spaces and provide equal seating space for each person. A table like this can make better use of space in a small room, as well as provide more legroom underneath the table.

If you’re living in an apartment with limited space or have a small dining area, then the round dining table would be the most suitable choice.

What Is Better Round or Square Dining Table

Both dining tables have their own advantages and disadvantages. A comparison is a good way to determine whether one is better than the other.

Round Dining TableSquare Dining Table
Creates more space to walk easilyEasy to attach and extend
Good for small spaceUtilize minimal space beside a wall
Batter personal interactionGood for square dining areas
Perfect for open floor areasGood for 4 to 8 people seating only
Equal seating spaceEqual seating space


It is quite common to find round dining tables in small square or rectangle-shaped dining areas. Large round dining tables, on the other hand, are not recommended because the people seated are far apart and may have difficulty passing the food during dinner.

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