Undermount Vs Drop In Kitchen Sinks (What Are The Differences)

The kitchen is an integral part of the home that every family wants to set up correctly. Any mistake would cause a significant issue that requires a lot of investment later to redo the whole process. Among those significant mistakes, one crucial thing that you need to consider is to select the best sink for the kitchen.

In the current time, Drop-in and under-mount are the two types that most people would consider. However, what would be the best option? That’s the type of question that comes to mind. So today, we will cover both types of sinks to select one out of it quickly.

Undermount vs drop-in kitchen sinks:

If we talk about the under-mount sinks, these are the type of sinks installed under the counter. In other words, it’s fixed with the kitchen countertop. Moreover, in between the sink and countertop, you don’t require a rim.

On the other hand, Drop-in sinks are those that are known as the top-mount of self-trimming sinks. As its name implies, you would already understand that it is installed on the countertop rather than under. Here, the basin of the sink drops to the countertop. Here, the lips hold by considering the perimeters.

Comparison Chart:

Under-Mount SinksDrop-In Sinks
Requires Expert HelpEasy To install
Easy counter cleaningEasy sink cleaning
Resale valueNo resale value
Doesn’t work with all countertopsWorks with almost all countertops

Difference between Drop in and under-mount sinks

Top-mount or Self-rimming are the most common words used as contrary for Drop-in Sinks. In general, these types of sinks are common in the market. The component that holds the Drop-in sinks with the Countertop is a lip placed around the perimeter. Therefore, the Lip has the job to hold everything adequately to the place after getting into the countertop cutout.

However, the lips are not mandatory for all of the Drop-in Sinks. The same sink that comes in cast iron material doesn’t require any clip at all. Moreover, the Drop-in sinks are usually fixed over the countertop.

On the other hand, under-mount sinks are usually installed not over the countertop but to the bottom. Here, the use of adhesive and high-quality clips are required to fix it properly in one place. Meanwhile, a rim is also required to install under-mount sinks and hold them adequately.

But, the interesting thing is that it never appears that easy for anyone. Here, you need to understand that the under-mount sinks are primarily used for those countertops that are solid in material or surface.

What Are Drop-in sinks?

Drop-in is the type of Sink that is used preferably for bathrooms and kitchen in the home. The fantastic thing about Drop-in sinks is that they can easily be installed in any available space in the house as it installs over the countertop.

Drop-in sinks are easy to install; therefore, any homeowner can install them by themselves in their bathroom or kitchen.

In terms of materials, so Drop-in sinks come in Granite composites, Fireclay, cast iron, and stainless steel. In terms of design, so the drop-in sinks come with a single and double Basin design.

Benefits of Drop-in Sinks:

  • First of all, it’s easy to install by anyone. Meanwhile, Homeowners can install it too without getting the help of experts.
  • The drop-in sinks are versatile; therefore, you would have loads of options to consider.
  • The drop-in sinks are cost-effective; therefore, you can consider it within a low budget.

Drawbacks of drop-in sinks:

  • As it installs over the countertop, therefore, the Drop-in usually requires more weight to fix easily.
  • It covers a lot of space.
  • Cleaning the countertops is not easy for anyone due to the barrier imposes by the drop-in sinks in between.

Buying Guide for Drop-in Sinks

The most important thing you need to consider is the size of the Drop-in Kitchen Sink. If you go with a random option, it will create a hurdle when installing it on the countertop.


In most Drop-in Kitchen Sinks, you would see the partitions. The purpose of these partitions would be assumed as having convenience in terms of space. Therefore, you should always buy the sink that comes with the partitions.


Several types of drop-in sinks are available in the market in terms of design and material. Here, you need to choose the best material. For that purpose, Stainless steel is the preferable option at the time of buying Drop-in sinks.

What are under-mount Sinks?

As it implies to its name, several things are already cleared in your mind. Yes, you are right; the sink type is most probably fixed underneath the countertop.

The exciting thing about the under-mount sink is that it doesn’t create any interruption for you. Meanwhile, it comes with the latest and impeccable designs and shapes as compared to the drop-in sinks.

In terms of material, under-mount sinks come in different types like stainless steel, Composite, Cast iron, copper, and many more. However, it does come with various designs like single compartment and double compartment sinks.

Benefits of under-mount sinks

  • The under-mount sinks are easy to clean as you would easily use wipe or brush crumbs for the same purpose.
  • The notable benefit of the under-mount sink is that it doesn’t catch dirt due to no crevice or lip used.
  • The Under-mount sinks come with advanced or latest designs, which are convenient for the latest kitchen designs.

Drawbacks of under-mount sinks

  • One of the significant drawbacks of an under-mount sink is that it’s heavy. You need to have a good amount of support to hold it adequately with the countertop.
  • Due to heaviness, it takes much space as compared to Drop-in. However, it doesn’t take that much space over the countertop as it is fixed beneath it.
  • The installment procedure is not easy. Therefore, a homeowner can’t install it without an expert. Meanwhile, the replacement of the same sink is difficult and requires a professional.

Buying guide for under-mount sinks:

Under-mount sinks are the current norms; therefore, it comes with various kinds for the customers. In other words, it covers various kinds of designs and sizes to fulfill the requirement of advanced kitchen style.

You should know about the budget, needs, and space at the time of purchase, depending upon the sink style. It will help you out identically in the best way.


Under-mount sinks are way higher in cost; therefore, it provides better quality. However, some sellers fake out the whole thing by offering cheap quality under-mount sinks at higher rates. In such situations, make sure the quality never compromised for the under-mount sink.


Like Drop-in Sinks, the best quality material for under the mounted sink is Stainless steel. When you plan to purchase one for yourself, you should go with the stainless steel material. It’s good to opt for other material types, but the most recommended ones are Stainless steel.


Which Is the Better Under-Mount or Drop-In Sink?

Under-mount sinks have more advantages as compared to Drop-in. You would get better designs, good quality, and better color combinations in the under-mount. On top of that, many people are using the under-mount sinks in the latest kitchen style. Hence, it also supports the idea of purchasing it. Also, the cleanliness procedure is easier in under-mount as compared to drop-in.

Are the Drop-In Sink Outdated?

Drop-in sinks are easy to install, flexible, and affordable. That’s the primary reason people are still using it. However, it doesn’t have aesthetical designs as per the current standards. On top of that, it doesn’t have more value. Therefore, it’s an outdated sink in the current time.

Can I Replace the Drop-In Sink with an Under-Mount?

The drop-in sink can easily replace with under-mount sinks. However, some significant issues happen while the cutouts will expose at the time of installing the under-mount sinks. Also, the additional repair cost is required to hide and fix the viable things exposed and look bad.

Do Under-Mount Sinks Get Mold?

In between the counter and sink, the water can easily go, and it will most probably cause molding problems. As per the experts, that’s the major drawback of under-mount sinks. Most importantly, the molding problem happens prominently whenever you have used a non-water resistant countertop material.

Do Under-Mount Sinks Leak?

If the under-mount sinks are installed correctly, you can expect a lifetime leak-free performance from it. Meanwhile, the material quality is outstanding, along with strong usage of adhesives, which makes it a very rare situation for most of the under-mount sinks to show leakage. On the other hand, the use of ideal brushes to remove the stains or stones from the sink will also prevent the sink from leaking, which is a good thing.