Important Kitchen Equipment for A Food Truck

A food truck is smaller than any restaurant kitchen; you have to utilize every truck’s corner for cooking, chilling, storing, and serving equipment. This also depends upon the menu; are you preparing various types of foods of a specific one. It does not matter what kind of food is being served; make sure that a food truck should have the necessary kitchen equipment to meet all the needs.

What is the important kitchen equipment for food trucks? Food truck kitchen equipment is a refrigerator like Blast chillers, dipping cabinets, and freezers. Warming equipment like Fry dump station, bulb warmer heat lamps, Soup warmers, and kettles. Counter cooking equipment like Electric griddle, Gas griddle, Tortilla Grills and Presses, Electric Countertop Ranges, Gyro Machines, and Vertices.

If you are going to start a food truck business, first research the local and state codes and requirements for food trucks. Once you are allowed to open up a food truck, the next step is to acquire food truck kitchen equipment.

The kitchen equipment for food trucks will vary. If you have a low budget, then used equipment is also available. It also depends on you what types of kitchen equipment are required. 

Essential Kitchen Equipment for a Food Truck

The equipment for a food truck kitchen will vary, but here are some essential pieces of equipment you need.

Undercounter refrigerator: A vital kitchen item that maximizes the food truck space will need to make kitchen equipment and under-counter layout surely increase the cooling room. 

Countertop Griddle: The griddle is a piece of vital and must-have equipment. This item can cook various foods like burgers, eggs, and tacos. You need a large food making space in the truck, so griddles are ideal for fast-foods. 

Microwave: A commercial microwave is more potent than standard reheating equipment. Food truck kitchen equipment must be practical, like microwaves that heat everything quickly.

Ranges: A range is similar to a griddle. The main difference is that it has many burners to enable you to use for cooking; smaller versions of ranges are also available with one burner only, for boiling water and coffee making.

Ventilation: A ventilation system allows whether you can have a griddle are not. Steam and smoke from cooking need ventilation to turn the smoke and steam out of the truck’s inside.

Sprinklers: It depends on the situation; sprinklers are also must-have kitchen equipment. In case a fire breaks out, these systems prevent it from spreading.

Fryers: A fryer is a piece of dangerous kitchen equipment and the best option for French fries and other fried items. You should check local laws to use fryers in trucks. Fire safety rules and regulations allow you to have fryers.

Washing Station: A washing station is needed to clean dishes and pots; they take up a large space. So, remember that you need to set the most extensive cooking equipment inside of the sinks.  

Food Warmer: A food warmer can be used to keep all the food ready to serve and hot. This equipment will keep the food items at specific temperatures. 

Coffee Maker: The coffee maker is a good addition, as it is the most selling item on food trucks; now, this is up to you whether you want to offer coffee or not: If you are offering sandwiches, a panini press and sandwich is an essential kitchen item, since this equipment is expensive but keep in mind that they are also necessary for the business.

Food Truck Serving Equipment and Disposables

Food trucks serve on-the-go customers; then, you need to stock disposable serving supplies. Ensure that there is enough space to store all those supplies in the truck; running out of stock from supplies means that you have to close the window for the whole day. 

Pump Condiment Dispenser: Put a pump dispenser outside of the food truck for self-service or in the truck for portion control.

Serving Utensils: If you need to provide spoons, tongs, or plates, make sure that you are serving clean utensils on hand.

Squeeze Bottles: These bottles are also helpful in the kitchen and allow customers to put condiments on for themselves. 

Cheese and Spice Shaker: Cheese and spice shakers are a good idea if you want to dust food items with proper toppings with spice, sugar, and cheese.

Paper Food Trays: For serving main and sides dishes, paper trays are a traditional option.

Paper or Plastic Cups and Lids: Allows serving drinks and beverages instead of bottles or cans.

Portion Cups: These cups allow customers to take the proper amount of condiments for the food.

Paper Napkin and Dispenser: Put napkins and dispensers out of the food truck for customers for self-help.

Disposable Gloves: Gloves help you to handle the food hygienically.

Aluminum or Plastic Food Wrap: These items are good to wrap prepared food or to store ingredients for later use.

Refrigeration Equipment for a Food Truck

Refrigeration equipment is mandatory for keeping food ingredients fresh. You need one for main food items, a separate for drinks, and a smaller refrigerator for toppings and sauces. These equipment are available in different varieties, so you can pick suitable according to the food offering. 

Here are some refrigerators you may consider.  

  • Undercounter Refrigerator: An under-counter is ideal for smaller spaces as they are double in size than a countertop refrigerator.
  • Salad and Sandwich Refrigerator: This type of refrigerator has a cold bottom cabinet, top space for toppings, and a strip for assembly. 
  • Pizza Preparation Refrigerator: These refrigerators are similar to Sandwich refrigerators, but they have a large space to assemble the pizza.
  • Glass Door Refrigerators: A glass door is an ideal choice for canned drinks and bottles in the food truck.

Food Preparation Supplies

Every food truck needs a lot of smaller preparation supplies that enable you to prepare food and serve it to your customers. Food preparation equipment includes the following list:

01. Thermometers

The thermometers give the accurate temperature of foods, meats, and other cooking items. There are three types of thermometers, Infrared, Probe, and Deep fry or candy thermometer. Infrared shows the reading keeping a safe distance from hot items; probe checks the internal temperature of food items, and Deep fry thermometers show the readings of high-temperature liquids.

02. French Fries Cutters

This equipment can cut the fries in different sizes and shapes, including ribbon, curly, and straight. You can pick one from standard to heavy-duty cutter, which depends on the size of the business. Standard cutters are suitable for food trucks as they are lightweight and take small space.

03. Fruits / Vegetable Cutters

Fruits and vegetables cutters are used to prepare salad and entrees. These cutters come in various types, for example, carrot peeler, bases, cucumber peeler, and shredders.

04. Sandwich Spreads

The lather mayonnaise or condiments, sandwich spreaders are a good idea. They have two edge styles, Scalloped and Smooth, and come in plastic and stainless steel materials.

05. Kitchen Cutlery

Kitchen knives are used in every food service. There are many options, from oyster knives to cleavers. Utility and Chef knives are essential for food preparation in a food truck. 

06. Kitchen Apron

Aprons protect the clothes from oil splashes and spills. Chef, Bib, Bistro, Waist, and pocket apron are popular nowadays. Bib apron works well as they are full-length and protect you from messes.

07. Cutting Boards

The cutting board protects the counters and gives a clean cutting area. They have many types like plastic, wood, bamboo, resin, flexible, and bar cutting boards. Some cutting boards come with a non-slip grip and some hanging hooks and handles. The ideal seems to be hanging hook boards, as hooks will help the boards in drying. 

08. Cookware

Cookware is also essential in every kind of kitchen. Fortunately, there are many options available in cookware stockpots and saucepots, fry pans, cast iron cookware, induction-ready cookware, bakeware, and vigor cookware. The selection depends on your food.

09. Kitchen Turners

With the help of kitchen turners, you can cook everything with ease and convenience. Fish or Egg turner and Simple turner are most common. Also, the fish turner flips the delicate food items, and a simpler turner is used to flip omelets, burgers, and other foods on pans or griddles. 

Janitorial Kitchen Equipment for a Food Truck

Janitorial equipment is essential for keeping the food truck kitchen neat and clean. These supplies are usually used at the end of the day or sometimes during service. Make sure that you have these in the truck. 

01. Three Compartment Sink: This sink is the best choice if you have enough space in the truck for rinsing, sanitizing, and washing dishes and small items.  

02. Hand Sink: This sink encourages personal hygiene and keeps the food safe. Hand sinks are available in various types like Portable, Carts, Wall mounted, drop-in, and pedestal. These sinks have built-in faucets; some sinks activate with the touch of food for convenient use. This type of sink is suitable for food trucks.

03. Wet Area Floor Mat: These mats cover the standing area near sinks where it prevents slipping. These rubber mats are slip-resistant and ensure safety on wet ramps or floors. Mates have holes to drain water and other liquids from the surface.  

04. Sanitizing Chemicals: This sanitizing chemical keeps the items of a food truck fresh and clean; these chemicals are made especially for dishes and floor cleaning. These chemicals also come in solid, liquid, and powder form; this depends on your choice. Also available in diluted and concentrated form to clean floors, dishes, walls, and other kitchen equipment.

05. Scrubbers: Scrubbers will help you to keep the utensils and dishes clean. They come in stainless steel, sponge, and royal paper materials. Sponges scrabble can easily remove food residue and are long-lasting. They are made of abrasives and durable fibers. 

While royal paper scrubbers remove hard stains easily and are made of melamine foam, stainless steel is made of durable steel, can be used for multiple cleaning, reduces time and effort. Its standard weight is 50 grams.

06. Trash Cans: The trash can is a good idea for managing waste, especially when there is not enough working space. Choose a slim design as it can slide between equipment or under the counter. Trash can keep the overall environment neat and clean.   

07. Broom and Dust Pan: It is very important to clean the truck environment neat and clean for the customers and visitors. With the help of a broom and dustpan, you will be able to easily clean dust or debris from the floor that is available in various styles and sizes and pick the suitable one for small or large trucks. 

Ovens and Steamers for a Food Truck Kitchen

Kitchen steamers and ovens cook and thermalize every type of food easily.

Kitchen Steamers

With the help of a steamer, you can easily warm the prepared food using super-hot steam. This streamer pops the hot moise in the cold food and warms them quickly. Its width is 16 inches; its height is 11 inches.

Pizza Ovens

A pizza oven is suitable as it takes up a small space and is also perfect for chicken wings and sandwiches; the best option for food trucks due to the smaller size. They are available in conveyor, deck, and wire rack styles. You can also choose between gas, electric, and liquid propane. 

Convection Ovens

It is the best option for preparing small food items like snacks, pizza, and sandwiches. This compact size is ideal for food trucks as it takes less space without taking valuable kitchen space.

Deep Fryer

With the help of deep fryers, you can easily make onion rings, chicken wings, and French fries. Available in electric, gas, and ventless models.

Electric Fryer

These fryers are suitable for low volume and light-duty. Its weight is 10 lb only; due to its small size, you can easily place it into your truck, and heavy-duty stainless steel material adds reliability. 

Gas Fryer

Some gas fryers have chrome plates, fry baskets, and stainless steel burners. It has a 15 lb oil capacity, so you can easily cook a variety of fried foods. Its precise dial gives you whole control, and stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting performance. 

Food Truck Warmer and Holding Kitchen Equipment

This kitchen equipment prepares the food before time and keeps them warm and fresh like a dump station, soup kettles, and heat lamps.

Countertop Food warmer

This food warmer keeps the food at a safe temperature in the food truck. These warmer can be used to warm sauces, soups, and other food. It comes in different sizes, but the ideal is ⅔ size, which is suitable for small and medium kitchens.

Dump station

Fry dump station works as an organizer for fried foods. They are made of stainless steel to give maximum durability and are easy to clean. The two cal-rod elements keep fries hot and fresh.

Bulb Warmer

Bulb warmer is a good food holding choice for food trucks. You can also use them in the house throughout the meal to keep the food or dessert warm. There are different numbers of bulbs that allow you to keep the temperature of your choice. 

Soup Warmer and Kettles

Soup warmer and kettles keep the soup, stews, gravies, and cheese. This is the best addition to the kitchen. Manual knobs allow you to control the temperature and its stainless steel structure is attractive, durable, and easy to clean. 

Insulated Food Carriers

Insulated carriers keep the foods and drinks at the optimal temperature. As customers did not like the food, which is not hot enough. These insulated boxes also keep harmful bacteria away from the food from pan carriers to delivery. 

Related Questions:

What is the best generator for a food truck?

A generator is a piece of equipment that provides electricity and is the best option for small businesses like a food truck. Make sure that the engine is powerful enough to produce power for all the appliances. To make the surroundings noiseless and clean, It should meet CARB and EPA standards. 

These generators generally run on diesel, gasoline, and propane. You should have a large tank for the fuel.   

What are the most popular food truck foods?

Food truck businesses have become popular all over the U.S. Some foods get more attention due to their appeal to cravings. Nowadays, popular, appealing foods are the following:

  1. Barbeque includes all types of BBQ.
  2. Tacos, the best Mexican food.
  3. Sliders are delicious small size burgers.
  4. Ethiopian food includes chicken Doro-wet, fires curry, and battered sausages.
  5. Cupcakes include Red velvet, chocolate raspberry, chocolate salted caramel, and Brooklyn blackout.
  6. Pizza 
  7. Lobster Rolls, these spicy rolls have a lobster claw in it. 
  8. Grilled Cheese sandwich includes soft cream brie, fried bologna, sliced bacon, mixed greens, and spices.  

How much a food truck weighs? 

The food truck’s weight is between 1600 to 15000 pounds. Its weight increases with more kitchen equipment and other appliances. Food trailers have less weight than the average food trucks.

Are Food Trailers a Better Option?

A food truck trailer costs less than an average food truck because trailers need a vehicle for transportation. Trailers provide more workspace and windows as compared to food trucks, so you can sell, store, and serve more customers. 

What’s the Best Option for Your Food Business?

Food trucks and trailers both have pros and cons. Choosing one depends on their needs. If you need a large space, flexibility, and less maintenance, then trailers are suitable. If you want to move around the town, a food truck is a better option. 


If you are going to begin a food truck business, one of your initial steps is to know the equipment you’ll require. Organize space for your cooking gear, Also remember that you’ll require a lot of space for disposables and preparation supplies too. This post ensures that you have all the equipment for the food truck.

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