What is a Throw Pillow? A Complete Beginners Guide

Before purchasing the decorative throw pillows for my home, I have done a lot of research about throw pillows. After getting the details, I decided to write a helpful post for all of you.

What is a throw pillow? A throw pillow is a decorative and comfortable home accessory that is filled with feathers and down, and fabric or leather pillow covers. Usually, these pillows are placed on the sofa and armchair and used on beds, floors, and day beds.

Importance of throw pillow and benefits

The throw pillow is an important decorative item. Throw pillows are used for both purposes, functional and aesthetic. Nowadays, using throw pillows in the home is a common way to upgrade your home or apartment. Especially in the interior design of a modern bedroom and bed throw pillow included in essential items. For decorative and modish looks, these are trending.  

Moreover, health is also an important factor; that’s why most people use a throw pillow. The throw pillow provides extra comfort to the user. Also, throw pillows are good options for many health-related issues like neck pain and back pain. A throw pillow helps you sit or lay in the right position and keep your spin in the right position. 

Due to the small size of the throw pillow, you can easily carry it traveling. It perfectly gets adjusted to every place. As compared to ordinary pillows, throw pillows are more supportive and provide outstanding comfort. 

Generally, it is not easy to clean and dry the regular size pillow. But the major benefit of a throw pillow is that you can wash it in a machine and dry it. Due to the small size, cleaning is more effortless. 

Types of Throw Pillow

There are many types of throw pillows that are available in the market. Some customers required a customized pillow type. But these five pillow types are common in the market which is given below:

Round pillows: Round pillows are mainly used for decorative purposes. They are round and usually centered on tufts of buttons. These pillows are perfect for decorating sofas, chairs, or beds. If necessary, they can support sitting or lying down as head and neck support.

Square pillows: This is the most common decorative pillow that is very suitable for many purposes. They can provide pop colors for your normal decor or add extra comfort to your seating area.

Novelty-shaped pillows: Besides the use of tampons, their main characteristic is their unique shape. You can get novel pillows in the shape of cats, dogs, or whatever you want. The novel pillow’s main purpose is decoration, but you can also use it as a support.

Rectangle pillows: Compared to other pillows, rectangular pillows are probably the most useful pillow shape and have many uses. You can use rectangular pillows for decoration, lower back support, head and neck supports, and even leg supports. These multipurpose pillows can be placed on the sofa, chair, or bed as needed.

Bolster pillows: These pillows are cylindrical and available in various lengths and diameters. Sometimes they have flat sides or sides and are secured with rope ornaments and/or ribbons. These pillows are perfect for supporting your lower back or neck while relaxing.

What is a silk throw pillow? A silk throw pillow cover is specially made with silk fiber. The silk throw pillow feels soft, smooth, and looks shiny. Silk is a natural protein fiber that is used in making cloth and other things. 

How to Wash Throw Pillows?

Throw pillows are being washed in a machine with detergent. Washing a throw pillow is easy and simple; you can do it with yourself.

  • Read instruction
  • Remove cover
  • Pretreatment stains
  • Machine wash on delicate cycle
  • Hang to dry
  • Fluff to Reshape

Read Instruction: First of all, read the instructions related to the company’s cleaning throw pillow because companies instruct according to the material and fabric type.

Remove cover: Remove the cover of the throw pillow if the cover is easily removable and washable pillow cover separately.

Pretreatment stains: Do pretreatment of stains with the help of color-safe prewash spray if the pillow has stains. In this way, the unwanted stains get clean before washing.

Machine wash on delicate cycle: Use a mild detergent to gently wash the pillowcase or the entire pillow in warm water. Usually, detergents used for delicate fabrics or baby clothes are more suitable for a throw pillow. 

Hang to dry: After the washing machine has finished its cycle and turned off, please remove the pillow or pillowcase immediately. Hang the pillow in a well-ventilated place or cover it to dry. If the instruction label recommends that the item is safe in the dryer, place the pillowcase or pillow in the dryer and dry it on low heat.

Fluff to Reshape: After the pillow is dry, shake it well to keep its shape. Use the pillow after it is scorched. A damp pillow is more likely to attract dust.

How often to replace throw pillows? 

According to The Sleep to Live Institute in America, you have to change your pillow after 6-month usage. It also depends on the usage method. Improper usage of the pillow rapidly ruins the pillow.

How often do you wash throw pillow covers? 

When you feel your throw pillow cover gets dirty, you can wash it. Also, you can wash your throw pillow cover every week to keep the pillow clean.

Can I throw pillows in the dryer? 

Most of the throw pillow, which is machine washable, can be used in a dryer. Ensure you use a low or no heat setting and add dry balls to prevent the filling from clumping together. Do not tumble dry feather pillows.

How to sew a throw pillow cover? 

Sewing a throw pillow cover is very easy if you know sewing. With the help of sewing skills, you can make a pillow cover.

  • Measure the size of the pillow
  • Cut the fabric according to the size of the throw pillow.
  • Sew the fabric pieces with a sewing machine

How much does a throw pillow cost? 

Throw pillows come at different prices according to their quality. Generally, throw pillows come in $20 to $250 cost. 

Individual manufacturing is costly as compared to bulk manufacturing. In individual manufacturing, manufacturing material costs are higher because of the low quantity of material. On the other hand, in bulk manufacturing, manufacturing material comes at an especially low price. 

What is the Standard Size of a Throw Pillow? 

The most common and standard sizes are 18″ x 18″ and 20″ x 20″.

There are many sizes of throw pillows in the market. Some customer orders customized-sized pillows, but these sizes are mostly used.

  • 18″ x 18″
  • 20″ x 20″
  • 22″ x 22″
  • 24″ x 24″

How much does a throw pillow weigh? 

A throw pillow weight is between 3.0 to 4.0 pounds.

Also, the weight of the throw pillow depends on the filling material. Because different filling material has a different weight, but generally, throw pillows are lightweight, and you can easily carry it.

The throw pillows are being filled with feathers and down. The combination of these two materials in the right amount makes throw pillows more comfortable and softer. Also, this insert material is very light weighted.

How to select the best cover for throw pillows? 

Throw pillow covers come in different fabrics and designs. Select the cover according to the size of your throw pillow.

Companies are making different types of covers for throw pillows. It is not easy to select the best cover for a throw pillow. Wherever you go into the market, select the good fabric and durable cover. A durable cover protects your throw pillow more.


Throw pillow provides comfort and extra support to the user. Due to easy cleaning and small size, people like them more. So, we must use a throw pillow to make your home or apartment more modern and gain comfort.

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