Must Have Mud Room Accessories and Furniture Ideas

There are many reasons that you might want to have a mudroom in your home. Mudrooms are a true necessity with multi-purpose functionality. They used to be a place where muddy boots and shoes were stored, but now they have evolved into highly featured areas of your home that can help you stay organized year-round.

You might be wondering who we are and what qualifies us to give you advice on designing your mudroom. Let’s break it down for the uninitiated: HGTV features a lot of articles about all things related to cooking, home improvement projects, etc., but we decided instead to focus specifically on helping homeowners create their personalized mudrooms from scratch with little or no experience whatsoever.

Benefits of Having a Mudroom

Many people know the benefits of a mudroom, but many don’t think about how it can also be aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners often overlook some of the most important features in their home. Where you spend much of your time and should be designed to meet all your needs while looking great too.

1. Provides Greater Space and Organization

The benefits of a mudroom extend far beyond just being an entryway to your home. Besides adding extra storage space, it also can be used as the place where you change from work clothes to more casual clothing or vice versa to reduce dirtying up your house with messy shoes and coats.

2. Keeps Dirt and Clutter at Bay

A mudroom is a place of great importance to families with children. A home that has kids or pets can especially benefit from having this room because it serves as an area where they collect all the dirt and items their shoes pick up on outings before going outside for some playtime fun.

It’s also a space used by pet parents who need both food bowls and crates to feed their dogs or cats during mealtime.

3. Multifunctionality

When designing your new mudroom, consider asking a custom home builder to include extra features for more efficiency. These little extras can make all the difference in organizing and enjoying this space. For instance, dedicating an entire room to doing laundry might be excessive, but there are ways that you can keep your living space clutter-free and still have a functional mudroom.

With stackable units for the washing machine or dryer tucked away in one corner of this multifunctional area, you’ll find it easy enough to maintain order while effortlessly tackling all those dirty clothes.

4. Customizable and Versatile: Fits a Variety of Needs

Mudrooms are incredible, multifaceted rooms that can take on many different forms. The type of mudroom you’ll decide to build in your new home will be dependent upon the needs and demands of your family as well as personal preferences for design style.

If a large family lives at home with frequent visitors dropping by often, it might make sense to have a big room dedicated only to storing shoes out front near the door. If more privacy is desired or there are few visits from guests then more storage space could go towards clothing instead.

Must-Have Mud Room Accessories And Furniture

If you’re looking for a way to stay organized, save time and money in the long run, or just want a little more space in your home that is both stylish and functional, then investing in an entryway mudroom might be right up your alley.

The addition of this room into any home has become increasingly popular as it can serve many purposes without taking much floor area away from other rooms. Not only does this small investment help improve functionality but also acts as an attractive place to store shoes so they don’t track dirt through the rest of the house.

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1. Mudroom Rugs

It is important to remember that rugs can help keep dirt from entering your home. It is important to remember that rugs can help keep dirt from entering your home. The perfect way for you and your family to stay healthy is by installing rugs on the floor of every room in your house–just think about it!

We recommend Gorilla Grip’s Mud Room Rug, it is the perfect solution to keep your floors cleaner longer. It absorbs dirt and moisture from shoes, while also providing a soft surface for your feet. The rug is durable and machine washable so it can be used in any space.

Keep your mudroom clean with this easy-to-wash, durable rug that will last for years to come.

Gorilla Grip’s Mud Room Rug

2. Bench with Shoe Storage

Shoe racks are the best way to avoid the clutter of mixed slippers and shoes. They’re an easy, affordable solution for organizing your footwear that looks good in any room at all times. They are also space-savers.

This corner will help you provide seating accommodation that makes your home more inviting and comfortable.

We recommend VASAGLE Shoe Bench, it is the perfect solution for any mudroom with limited space. It’s easy to assemble and can be placed in any room of the house. With three tiers, you’ll have plenty of storage for all your shoes, boots, slippers, and more!

You’ll never have to worry about where to put your shoes again. This product will make it so much easier to find what you’re looking for every time you walk into the house.

With three tiers of storage, there’s plenty of room for all your footwear needs. You’ll never have to worry about where you put your shoes again!

VASAGLE Shoe Bench

3. Wall-Mounted Storage Space

Open shelving is a great way to maximize the vertical space in your home while also making sure that you don’t trip over anything on your floor.

We recommend Alaterre Wall Mounted Storage for the mudroom, it is an elegant and practical solution to this problem. This wall-mounted storage unit has three cubbies that can hold up to six sets of keys, sunglasses, or other small items. It’s made from handcrafted wood with a natural finish so it will look great in the mudroom.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again when they’re all neatly organized right by the front door!

Alaterre Wall Mounted Storage

4. Converted Bookshelf

This repurposed bookshelf will be responsible for housing your personalized baskets and other items. It’s a great way to add color and personality to the home without spending too much time or money. Surely, members of the family will appreciate having their own space.

We recommend Homfa 5 Tier Bookshelf, this is perfect for the mudroom. Its sturdy and industrial design will fit in with your décor, while the multifunctional shelf makes it easy to store all of your items. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and assemble!

If you’re looking for something that looks good but doesn’t take up too much room, this is the perfect option.

Homfa 5 Tier Bookshelf

5. Charging Station with Ample Outlets

Charge your devices in the mudroom and you will have less clutter on kitchen counters. This feature will also help you later when setting up your mudroom lighting.

We recommend SUPERDANNY charging station with outlets, this is the perfect solution for mudroom. It has 10 AC Outlets + 4 USB Slots, so there’s enough power to charge all your devices at once. And it has 6.5ft Extension Cord, so you can plug in and go anywhere!

This product will make your life easier and help keep you organized so you never have to worry about forgetting where you put your phone again!

SUPERDANNY charging station with outlets

6. Floor-to-Ceiling Open Lockers.

Store your outerwear and keys in cubbies or lockers near the entry of your mudroom for easy access. This will also help you to navigate more easily through this space.

We recommend Top Tier Mudroom Locker, this is the perfect solution to your mudroom storage needs. This locker comes in many different sizes and colors, so you can find one that fits your space perfectly. And they’re made from metal construction with a high-quality powder coat finish, so it will last for years to come.

It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life.

Top Tier Mudroom Locker

7. Hooks at Varying Levels.

Make your mudroom easy to use for your kids with the same organizational principles you follow. Low-hanging hooks will make it feel like they are in school and eager for their jackets, gear, etc., so put them on low-level hooks that kids can reach easily.

We recommend Franklin Brass Wall Hooks, these Hooks offer an easy and stylish solution for hanging your coats, hats, scarves, bags or anything else that needs to be hung up in the mudroom,

Keep everything organized and within arm’s reach with this functional product! You won’t regret installing these wall hooks today – they’re sure to make life easier.

Franklin Brass Wall Hooks

8. Mail Control Center

People often find themselves buried in piles of mail that never seem to go away after it arrives. You need to designate an area where all the incoming mail goes before anything starts piling up and getting lost among other things.

Two designated areas, one for recycling-bound bits of mail and one for important letters or bills ensures that party invites or (dare we say) tax information won’t get mixed up with catalogs waiting weeks on end.

We recommend Linon Hanging Wall Mailbox, this is the perfect solution! It hangs horizontally and leans against a wall, so it takes up less space than other mailboxes. With four slots, there’s plenty of room for all of your correspondence. And with its rustic metal finish, this mailbox will fit in perfectly with any mudroom.

It’s easy to install and you can even paint or stain it if you want to match your home’s color scheme!

 Linon Hanging Wall Mailbox

9. Message Board

Having a command center in your home or office is an excellent way to keep track of important appointments and meetings. To create this space, use chalkboard paint on old frames you already have lying around the house like many people are doing these days.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, opt instead for corkboards which can be used to store documents and notes as well.

We recommend this Besso Wood Framed Chalkboard for Mudroom,

Besso Wood Framed Chalkboard

10. Mirror for Mudroom

Hang a small mirror to check your look before leaving the house. Mirrors reflect light and visually expand a space. With the addition of a dry-erase marker, it can even function as a memo board for adding quick notes.

We recommend Stonebriar Round Metal Lace Wall Mirror for mudroom,

Stonebriar Round Metal Lace Wall Mirror

Advantages of having a Mudroom

Whether you plan to create a mudroom to maintain family organization or to suit hobbies, consider your personal needs. Some people consider keeping their pets organized while others desire storage solutions for garden tools.

1. Families On the Go

For mudrooms designed to keep your whole family organized, it’s vital to include flexible storage solutions. If you have space, consider a desk with a message center to keep flyers, mail, and coupons off the refrigerator. You can even use a mudroom as a family hub.

Add a writing desk, computers, and a place for mailing and bills, and you can conduct family business in one convenient area, or provide kids with safe space to surf the web.

2. Sports Fans

You can conceal folding chairs under a bench or in a locker if you live in a house with athletes. Also useful is placing a hinged seat for basketballs or footballs while you head out the door to watch your children play soccer.

You can provide athletes in your family with a mudroom/laundry room that allows them to immediately drop dirty shirts, socks, and other clothing into a hamper before walking on your clean floors.

3. For the Gardener

For gardeners, a potting sink to water plant containers in your mudroom is a great option. Choose a sink with a wall-mounted faucet, and store gardening tools, fertilizer, gloves, and extra containers in your mudroom’s cabinets and drawers.

This is a good way to combine the utility of a garden shed with the comfort of climate control. You’ll want a sink for this purpose, as well as a countertop or table, and some way to store your garden tools on either shelf or in cabinets.

4. Pet-Friendly

The mudroom in your home can solve all pet-related problems. Hooks are great for hanging leashes and collars, while bins and baskets keep pet toys off the floor. Place small containers in drawers for pet shampoos (with locks if children are present).

For a mudroom or a hallway with pleasant scents, store dry pet food in a closed container on a shelf or in a full-extension drawer. As for litter box odors, place them in a lower cabinet with a cat door.

What Makes a Perfect Mudroom

A mudroom is a place to store your shoes and coats when you come in from the outside, but it can also be so much more. A mudroom is an inviting space that says “welcome” to our guests. Also, with the right materials and design, a mudroom can act as a central hub for all of your family’s activities.

Think about your storage needs

Now that mudrooms have become a necessary feature in every home, it’s no surprise there are so many different ways to go about designing them. And sorting through all the options can be overwhelming. Often overlooked is one of the most important parts: storage solutions.

Planning for your current and future needs by getting just what you need will make everything easier – from going out on errands with an organized bag instead of rummaging around at 5 am when we get up early for work or packing last-minute items before heading off to camp this summer.

Make sure you have adequate seating and room to grow

In a custom home building, built-in cabinets and lockers create an organized environment for the mudroom. The best benches are ones that have cubbies underneath to store shoes you’re putting on or taking off as well. There should be plenty of room in every house so it can grow if necessary.

Pro-tip for Small Space Dwellers: To maximize space, hide the mudroom behind cabinet doors if you have a limited amount. Provide a place for keeping bags, shoes, and coats in a pre-existing closet or cabinet.

Make the space partitioned

When organizing your space, it is important to think about what people in the house need. Think of different ways you can divide up shelving and storage spaces for everyone – set one area aside for each resident’s items so that they have their place for backpacks or lunchboxes, while adults can use theirs as a designated spot to keep briefcases or work files.

Be creative with how you partition areas by needs- if kids live at home be sure there are shelves available near ground level where sports equipment like basketballs and soccer balls could go.

Consider adding features for efficiency.

Once you have your storage needs nailed down, then think about the extra features that can make it more comfortable and convenient for yourself. There are plenty of mudroom ideas available to help design a perfect space just for you.

Wear and tear are to be expected

Setting up the perfect mudroom for your home may sound intuitive, but many homeowners find themselves wondering what to do with their shoes and other items that should properly go there. The good news is you can build a ‘mudroom’ from scratch or use an unused corner of your house as one.

There are even pre-built options available if you want something already set up before moving in. No matter how cramped or spacious it is on the inside, every single area needs some form of organization: What better way than by having designated areas? So whether space allows for a full room custom built just or- using bins in a hallway near where people enter; either option will work beautifully when it comes time to clean them.

Some Inspirations to Kickstart your Mudroom

Instagram is a visual feast that can keep you updated on the latest trends. It’s filled with interior designers (new and established) so you’ll always be in style when it comes to your home decoration. If you’re feeling the need for new interior design, look no further than these 5 leading designers to follow on Instagram. They’ll have you scrolling through their feed in minutes – and they won’t break your bank account while doing so.

Studio McGee, @studiomcgee

The husband and wife design team Studio McGee has an Instagram account that is both stunning, artistic, and inspirational. Their feed features beautiful examples of interior designs with a perfect blend of symmetry in the mix.

Studio McGee made up their name as they went along to reflect how space should be used for different purposes – like playing or working out – which makes it unique from other home-design companies.

Emily Henderson, @em_henderson

Emily Henderson is one of the most well-known and sought-after interior designers today with over 800k followers. The author, stylist, HGTV personality also runs her blog where you can find posts about vintage design that are both chic and approachable for everyone’s budget! On Instagram, there will be plenty to see from balanced combinations of retro furniture mixed in with clean modern lines all while incorporating bright white walls or cozy woods to create an inviting space.

Sarah Sherman Samuel, @sarahshermansamuel

If you dream of owning a modern magazine home, this Instagram account is the one to follow. Sarah Sherman Samuel’s posts cover both her elegant design work and glimpses into her personal life – she highlights whites with creamy tones when it comes to interior decorating while contrasting them with warm woods for an unexpected pop in color. This Los Angeles-based designer has gained more than 250k followers thanks to a clean, sleek style that works wonderfully whether inside or out.

Grant K. Gibson, @grantkgibson

Interior designer and author Grant K. Gibson’s work is traditional in its inspirations, but he always takes a fresh approach to create beautiful rooms with classic design elements like curved armchairs or intricate molding that are modernized through stark color contrasts of black-and-white designs paired with clean accents such as glass tables. You’re also likely to find pictures of his dog Wesley on the account because who doesn’t love interior design when there’s an overlap between it and dogs?

Dabito, @dabito

Dabito is an illustrator and designer whose work has been featured on The Cut, Vogue Living, Elite Daily, and many more. On his Instagram account you’ll find cozy spaces with interesting light fixtures like those he designs from the ground up for each project; nature-driven aesthetics that brighten your feed with vivid hues; and bold color palettes inspired by his travels to places near or far away — all of which can be found on Old Brand New.

Mudroom vs. Foyer: What is the Difference?

With a home as large and diverse as yours, it’s understandable that you might not be able to keep up with all of the rooms. One way we could get your head around what is happening in each area would be by defining different types of “transition spaces” such as porch or foyer areas.

Transition spaces are those parts of our homes that take us from one location into another- whether this may be onto the front porch, through the living room doorway, or straight upstairs via an inside staircase.

They can also refer to any part outside where there is access leading indoors – for example using a side door off an outdoor terrace; these pathways still lead elsewhere but just differ slightly in design than if they were directly on the ground level.


The mudroom is a relatively small room, but its size varies from one home to the next. It is commonly much larger than a foyer would be. The mudroom can be found at the back or side of whatever house it’s in and acts as both storage space for outdoor gear like boots and coats, as well as an entranceway that leads into your larger living area.


At your front door, a small space will usually be designated as the foyer. This is typically where you’ll find stairs that lead to other areas of the home and sometimes doors leading outside from inside rooms on ground level floors.

Foyers are an essential part of every home; it offers the first glimpse of the occupants for guests and family members. When you have one at your place, it allows people to enter without being smacked with an immediate staircase or bumping into someone watching TV.

These rooms are more upscale than a mudroom, as they’re located off of the main entrance where family members typically greet their visitors with hospitality. Foyer spaces also have an advantage over other common areas because people don’t usually pass them by on their way inside or outside so these beautiful spaces get seen time and again.


These are some of the most common questions and concerns about setting up a mudroom.

What’s better: an open mudroom or with closed doors?

A closed-door offers a clean look even if there is a mess lurking behind the doors. You don’t have to worry about how to decorate, paint or maintain the back of your cabinetry because it’s hidden from view – but you need to consider that these door fronts and drawers add cost versus an open design.

How do you deal with a window in the middle of the Mudroom wall?

Window seating is a great way to work with natural light and enjoy it year-round. Windows in mudrooms are prime examples of this, but many other types can be made into window seats as well.
In the case of windows in mudroom areas, I would say you not only want to work around them but embrace them for their potential – leverage these valuable assets by creating an area that allows you to sit near or next to the window while still utilizing your custom cabinetry designed specifically for that room.

What do you do when you lack lighting?

The answer to a dark room is lighting. But what if you don’t have an outlet and want something cheaper? Motion-activated LED cabinet lights are simple, only need recharging every 3 months, and in most cases just require installation on the wall or ceiling.


Now, you’re ready to start your organizing journey. I hope this guide has helped get started and streamlining the process of decluttering on a budget. Take some time over the next few weeks to organize yours by following these steps below; we guarantee you won’t regret spending this little bit of time on organizing!

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